Apple Cider Vinegar for Food Poisoning

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Posted by Louis (Riverside, Ca) on 02/17/2018
4 out of 5 stars

I ate some chicken that had stayed out too long. The next morning I had a head ache, dizziness, and later nausea. I felt tired and laid down for several hours. I suffered the day then in the early evening, I found this site on the internet. I tried two spoonfuls of ACV to a half glass of water. It didn't work immediately. so after a few minutes, I tried 4 spoons to a half glass of water. I was expecting to vomit right away. After sitting down for a few minutes I decided to walk around. That helped and I vomited a second time. After that, the head ache, nausea, and dizziness subsided but did not go away, but the ACV did help within minutes.

Posted by Hanah (Great Falls, Mt, Usa) on 06/08/2011
4 out of 5 stars

I had terrible food poisoning all night and after calling every doctor in town with no chance of getting in anywhere (apparently food poisoning isn't that big of an ailment here! ) I turned to the internet in hopes of finding something I could use that was in my house. I swallowed two undiluted tablespoons of ACV and followed with some water. Almost immediately I felt relieved, but about 10 minutes later I threw it all up (throwing up acid is terrible). I feel better, but it didn't cure me.

Posted by Tina (Hong Kong, Hong Kong) on 03/07/2007
4 out of 5 stars

My boyfriend has been visiting the bathroom non-stop for almost 24 hours now. I started looking on the internet for 'food poisoning cures' and we came upon your website and the apple cider vinegar. I then pop out to buy a bottle and after much consideration (and reading through all your 'Yea' comments), he decided to take it. At the dinner table, in front of a bowl of congee (which is porridge, but cooked with rice insteal of oatmeal), he downs the recommended dosage of two tablespoons and reaches for his cup of water when...he violently spits out the water and vomits all over the table and into the congee. I see him dash to the bathroom then hear him retching his poor, little body to death. He's now resting in bed, but I'm not sure if it's worked or not. We plan on visitng the ER later! Thanks for all your help!