Apple Cider Vinegar for Type II Diabetes

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Posted by Kimberly (West Virginia) on 05/03/2015
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Back ground: I weighed at the time I started this just 1 week ago - 251. I am female and this is grossly obese, I know. I had been under a lot of stress for over a month. I just happened to show up at the mall during a health screening. I agreed to have my glucose tested and iron levels with a normal finger prick. It had been way over 2 hours since I had eaten anything. My glucose tested 144. She told me I needed to get it checked. I never went to the dr instead I purchased my own tester and began testing first thing in the am. And then 1 hour after and then 2 hours after each meal. I began eating a diabetic diet. I drank 2 tbs apple cider vinegar in water after each meal. Here is the first morning test was 179mg. I panicked - this was my fasting morning. Second morning a little better but still up there 143. That day it jumped to 163 2 hours after a meal. I ate very healthy all week and found myself down to 143.

I stopped taking the apple cider vinegar as it did NOTHING to help my glucose levels. I at this point was under so much stress that my back started to tighten to the point I was in severe pain. I resorted to muscle relaxants and xanax to calm down and get the muscle to relax. As well as I am all ready on 40mg of celexa that I can NOT get off of as the side effects of being on them 10 years is horrible. I also ordered chelated magnesium, b6 in 100mg, vegan vit k, vitamin d, vitamin b2 100mg. I have been taking all this about 4 days now and I see results in my levels. Yesterday morning fasting reading 107 today morning fast 108. I am not sure if the lower levels are due to the stress is gone and I was deficient in the vitamins or the loss of 9 lbs. I am sure I am pre-diabetic so I am going to continue on this program I started and walk 30 minutes a day. So I really don't think apple cider vinager works for everyone but there are things that do work.

Posted by Nikhoward53 (Silver Lake, Indiana) on 07/15/2008
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HI ALL! I read the positive feedback on avc for diabetes, i take metformin and actos and it does not do nothing -- one metformin day and night and actos in the middle-- i can not see any diff for me on avc i do the 1 tsp in half glass of water morn and night or with meals and it shows no change with my diabetes 2. any suggestions i am open too

Posted by Janet (St. Andrews, FL) on 07/02/2008
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I am very bummed out. I have diabetes and after reading of all the wonderful success that others have had, I started using the ACV. I take 2 TBS in 8 oz. of water 3x a day. (I am also on the prescription drug Metformin 500mg 2x a day for the diabetes). Anyway, I haven't seen any difference in my blood sugar readings nor in my BP readings. I have even switched to an organic ACV. Now in some ways, I am feeling better-more energetic and less nasal congestion, but why am I not seeing improvement for the diabetes or BP? It has me feeling truly sad.
Thank you for any advice.