Natural Cures for Bronchitis

Baking Soda, Olive Oil Steam  

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Posted by Jerryrigged4 (Springdale, Arkansas, USA) on 01/26/2013
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I use ACV and baking soda practicly everyday for all sorts of reasons. But when I have Bronchitis or sinus issues or just feel a cold moving in, I steam with baking soda. In a small pot of boiling water with a teaspoon of olive oil that is steaming real good sprinkle some baking soda, about a 1/4 tsp at a time and sniff and inhale while the baking soda is fizzling. It is so soothing, it will move the mucus out and kill molds virus and bacteria. Do it as much as you want its harmless unless you stick your nose in the hot water.

Cabbage and Honey  

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Posted by Kristina (Pittsburgh, Pa) on 03/13/2014
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Hello, wanted to share my bronchitis remedy

I month ago I had a terrible pain in my chest, it felt like a very sharp pain, I knew I had bronchitis. After couple days my symptoms got worse and my mom recommended to use cabbage leaf with little bit of honey. Each night I would put cabbage and tiny bit of honey on my chest covered with parchment thin paper (compress) and went to bed. As I woke up I felt such a relief!!! I stopped coughing, the pain was gone and all the bad stuff was coming out of me, I would ran to bathroom and spit out some greenish mucus :( I did that remedy for about 4 days and I was so happy for my cure! Cabbage is such a great vegetable! If you have sensitive skin put very tiny bit of honey, not too much! Make sure to avoid the heart area to put honey.

I'm glad I didnt take any antibiotics!


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Posted by Terry (Md) on 01/12/2018
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Bronchitis and Strep

Red pepper sauce will also help. I currently have these terrible coughing jags and it seems a good swig of pepper sauce stops the cough for a good while. I keep the bottle on the kitchen table with a whiskey shot jigger...just pour some in and down the hatch. It doesn't burn and what a relief. It's better than any of the high price stuff that advertises your cough will be gone in so many hours.

Posted by Alicia (Birmingham, United Kingdom) on 12/02/2008
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Chest infection/ Strep throat

I came across this site when searching for cayenne pepper uses as I knew there was something pretty special about it. I have a chest infection, which when combined with asthma is pretty horrific. I haven't been able to breathe and my throat has been so sore. I tried cayenne pepper in orange juice, in the first cup i used only a few sprinkles, in the second 15 minutes later i poured loads in. The burn didn't really effect me. Immediately I feel a little more alive, and my nose is less clogged. I think this will really work if I take it every day. Miracle cure!

1 teaspoon in total in 400ml of orange juice.

Posted by Leota (Los Angeles, CA) on 01/21/2008
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ok. so the first time i really found out cayenne pepper could cure sickness was when my ex put it in tomato soup when i was really sick with bronchitis. the first day he put it in i didn't taste it and the second day i finally did. i took no antibiotics. just cayenne pepper in tomato soup. healed myself in a matter of 4 days so now, i make cayenne pepper beans and soups to protect myself from getting sick. ill eat it when i'm tired and feel like im coming down with a cold. It works, it's like it burns the germs away.

Cinnamon, Clove, and Oregano Oils  

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Posted by Karen (Columbia, South Carolina , Usa ) on 12/28/2010
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Colloidal silver and oil of oregano- 3 drops under your tongue 3 x a day and drink a table spoon of colloidial silver 1 x a day for a week. ACV - 1 tablespoon in distilled water - sip through out the day, ACV at night- 1 tablespoon in green tea with a table spoon of organic honey. I have broncites right now and the ACV in the tea has made such a huge difference at night. Sipping this through out the day has all but eliminated the cough and all the mucous is moving out! Oil of oregano and colloidial silver are huge in fighting viruses and bacteria! Just make sure to get a good CS and an Oil of Oregano that is 75-86% carvicol.

Replied by Mark
Las Vegas, Nv

Regarding the Oil of Oregano drops. YOU MUST use diluted Oil of Oregano drops. NEVER use pure undiluted or it will burn your mouth and cause damage. You can diluted it yourself or buy prediluted.

I speak from expereince I burned my taste buds off of my tongue and it took two weeks for them to grow back. It was miserable not to be able to taste anything when I ate. Never use any undiluted essential oils.

Pine Island, FL

Actually, while Oil of Oregano is very much the way you describe (it needs dilution. ) What I've done quite successfully (including treating a life threatening illness ) is put it in capsules.

But NOT all essential oils need diluting. That is not true, so I wanted to clarify. I have used plenty without any dilution quite effectively (and I am pretty sensitive actually). You just have to know which ones are safe to do so.

Replied by Dina
Boston , Ma

Hi what do you do if Apple Cider Vinegar bothers you? I have candida and I feel lousy when I drink the vinegar any ideas? Thanks, Ddina

Replied by Jecati
Westfield, Nc

Dina, you feel lousy after taking ACV cause you are experiencing a die off reaction from it killing the yeast, just try to detox more and start with smaller doses of Apple Cider Vinegar at first.

Replied by Unreadsign
Ann Arbor, Mi

ACV can certainly cause fungal flareups. Just stick to the lemon juice and honey, and herbs that are good for the lungs.

Replied by Karen

ACV does not flare up fungus overgrowth. It's recommended to help with it. Regular apple cider vinegar or white vinegar is not to be used if you have yeast/fungus overgrowth. You must use pure ACV. It has lots of natural healing properties that come from the "mother" vinegar found.

Replied by J In
La, US

I LOVE this site! Ever since two yrs ago when I too, stumbled upon its remedy of ACV w honey for an upper respiratory & sinus infection- very sick. The illness was working its way through all my students and faculty. Day one - I made the tea sipped and breathed in the steam from cup as prescribed. Throughout the day, I continued to drink ACV w water to thin the mucus. Day two- my symptoms were GONE!

Unfortunately, this time I waited too long to take ACV w water(also did not do it often enough) so it would not fight it off.

We are in LA for two weeks w our first grand child's birth. So I broke down and went to doctor to be prescribed augmentin - did not phase my bronchitis ( I think I contracted it on my flight to LA bc I am rarely sick anymore). Doctor prescribed augmentin. By day three no improvement. Doctor then prescribes biactin, now day three you would think I would feel better - woke up w a coughing fit.

So back to Earth Clinic - just drank the recipe here - which cleared most of the phlegm and cough has subsided. Now I can go back to bed and get some rest. I will continue to drink this remedy and pray I have eliminated the cough for the remainder of my stay.

Thank you again Earth Clinic and it's many followers for your feedback.

Posted by Ellen (Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Currently livin) on 01/07/2009
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Essential Oil Inhalation cure for Bronchitis, Sinus Infections, Pneumonia

I regularly get sinus infections due to a deformity in one of my sinuses. Until a few years ago when I found this cure I had regular bronchitis and lastly in 2005 I had serious pneumonia. I opted out of health insurance years ago so I had to take responsibility for my own health.
I got onto one of those $39.95 sites with the magical cure but this one WORKED! So here it is for all of you.

The following essential oils are 89% antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal. Cinnamon, Clove and Oregano. First, get the best quality you can.

These oils work magic together BUT, you can use just one or a combo of two if that is all you can get. Put 2-3 drops of each oil in a steamer or a steaming pan of water. BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET THE OILS ON YOUR SKIN...They burn. Cinnamon and Clove burn. (Cinnamon Oil is the main ingredient of all those lip plumpers :-) Now, inhale the steam with your eyes closed and take it in as deeply as you possibly can, breathing through the nose and the mouth alternately. When I did this with my pneumonia, I felt a kind of crack in my lungs after three or four breaths and everything started to come loose. I coughed up all the guck and was completely well in 5 days. I was so sick that I had bruised my ribs from the coughing and I was very, very weak. Now at the first sign of anything respiratory, I do this. I have never had a reoccurence of bronchitis or pneumonia and very seldom get any sinus trouble anymore. How happy I am that we can all share these wonderful old rememdies with each other! Thanks to this site and all of you.

Replied by Lorraine
Duncan, B.c. Canada

Could you share how often you did this to get the results that you got? Did you use fresh essential oils each time you did it or just add to the existing oils in the pot.

Replied by Jp In Southern Maryland

Thank You for posting, Ellen. My lungs are damaged, I just got thru a bronchial infection and I'm learning to treat myself via Earth Clinic and was happy to see your recommendation. I just tried the essential oils you listed after making sure I ordered the purest available and after breathing in the stream or hot vapor I feel better, calm, my breathing is less labored. I used a few drops of each with only a cup and a half of water and I'm breathing better immediately and I only inhaled it for about 10 minutes too. Thanks again.

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Missmymom (Folsom, Ca) on 01/12/2018
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Organic cold pressed Coconut oil saves the day again! I started taking a heaping teaspoon of it a day for bronchitis that had no productive coughs. By day two I had productive coughs after months of just dry coughing! By day 8 my bronchitis was completely gone!! Stuff is a miracle worker, love, love, love it!!

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Le (Colorado Springs, Co) on 02/19/2017
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I had bronchitis for a week and finally used colloidal silver in a nebulizer and it knocked it out in 20 min. I did another 2 follow up treatments and it was gone. No more coughing or pain in my chest. I praise God for it.

Posted by Cheekio (Ca) on 08/25/2014
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I had pneumonia in the first week of May 2014, took 1 round of antibiotics and the fever and pneumonia was gone, but I had a bad dry cough which started with a tickle in my throat and swelling and tightness uncontrollable coughing lasting about 30 seconds. The tickle/uncontrollable coughing fits were asthma attacks per the doc. Doc said I had bronchial inflammation (bronchitis) and treated me with a nebulizer to inhale 2 rounds of prescription drugs while I was there. Said it would open up my bronchial tubes and bring the phlegm out. Prescribed me $300 (even after insurance) powder inhaler and asthma inhaler and gave me prednisone. The same night I started having a productive cough and it was a pale yellow color. Kind of like the color of french fries. For 2 weeks I had this heavy productive cough and it didn't get any better. The asthma attacks got worse as if my body got used to the inhalers. I called the doc and they wanted me to go for more testing. I was tired of paying for prescriptions. I googled and found that colloidal silver worked for many. I didn't have a nebulizer but had a Vicks personal steam inhaler. I put 10ppm (had in cabinet) into the inhaler and turned it on and inhaled. It gave me a slight headache so I stopped after about 30 seconds of inhaling. Then the next 3 days I did it when I awoke and before sleeping (no more headache). Then did it only before I slept, instantly, my symptoms improved. Chest heaviness gone. After the second day that tickle/cough went away. I would only feel a slight tickle and cough up phlegm. I would cough it onto a Kleenex to keep track of the color and thickness. Daily I noticed it got thinner and then became mixed some parts thick some parts clear. Since I started colloidal silver 7 days ago, I no longer use the asthma inhalers. Asthma is totally gone. The only symptom I have is a cough here and there and each time it brought up phlegm. Today I spat into a Kleenex and saw that the phlegm was completely clear, no color at all. The colloidal silver got rid of the infection and allowed my lung to clear up the rest of the phlegm. After 4 months of coughing and misery, I am finally recovering. I will continue to use it for another 7 days for good measure. After that, I will start to take it under my tongue for detox of any pathogens I may have that I do not know of ;) Magical stuff!

Posted by Dave (Fountain Inn, Sc) on 01/17/2014

Just to report a sudden infection in bronchial/and maybe lungs and how I'm treating. (OR .... will my favorite remedy work?)

Yesterday afternoon, about 2:00 pm was suddenly aware of a tickle in throat...really bronchial area. Hoped it was just too much "creamy" foods which can sometimes produce a lactose problem. I knew it was either that or an infection and I was fearing a possible infection since two people in my office had come down with bad bronchial infections in past week.

Worse as evening progressed until I was experiencing deep coughing. Finally, I admit to myself.... I'm infected. And I know what's coming; very intense spasmodic coughing, five days of recovery; no sleep; blood in mucus and possibly spread to lungs.

Immediately, I get nebulizer and pour in my good old standby ... colloidal silver into the "pan"...I am deep breathing in five minutes the soothing warm mist. Deep breathing....repeat four times before bedtime. To my relief I actually get four hours of sleep before being awakened by more spasmodic coughing. (Actually, being awakened is good as I am reminded to get more CS into bronchial and lungs.)

Now two hours later I've inhaled CS three times and as I was doing it both last night and this AM could actually FEEL the tickling relieved and could feel the congestion mucus letting go in back of throat. That was interesting because when the infection really hit, I did not have any nasal/sinus or ear problems. That's one reason I thought the bronchial issue was food related.

I can tell the breathing is much alleviated.. But it is still there. I'll re apply six or seven times again today and will report back.

In my pre Colloidal Silver days (when I knew not of CS) this kind of infection would usually lay me low for an agonizing five days to a week. I've knocked it out at least six times in the last eight years (I'm guessing) when it gets into bronchial. Did not discover the use of nebulizer for vaporizing the CS to kill an internal infection until about 8 years ago.

I'll report back in 24 hours on progress just to let anyone who might be interested know how effective the treatment is (or is not) least on me.

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa
5 out of 5 stars

Dear Dave,

I thought I would second this method of dealing with a bronchial infection. This week some of my children started with a cough. One of my sons, who is generally pretty healthy, gets the most awful sounding cough, and when he does, it lasts for a long time. This week I heard that cough of his start. I thought of your colloidal silver in the nebulizer recommendation. I started him on it right away. (I was only doing this 3-4 times a day; next time I may try more.) I used 10ppm colloidal silver, about 3ml worth. I did the same thing for my smaller children who were starting to cough (I may have only done about 2ml for small ones. Even my two year old can use the nebulizer.). I am thrilled with how well this worked. Usually a cough in a big family means a good bit of missed sleep for mama. My son noticed an immediate improvement in his breathing after using the nebulizer. This week, whenever I realized anyone was coughing, I would use the nebulizer on them. I do think catching it early makes a difference. They could tell it helped. Some were asking to use it!

I did pick back up on giving homemade Elderberry syrup to everyone. (I had gotten lax about dosing over the holidays.)

So, thanks for making this method known to me! It works for us, too.

~Mama to Many~

Posted by Jenny (Perth, Western Australia) on 06/19/2013
5 out of 5 stars

I was always suffering from bronchitis, to the point where my GP refused to give me any more antibiotics. I'd heard of nebulising with colloidal silver for a while but was always too chicken to do it. The stance by the GP pushed me into action, as I'd already been suffering for weeks and it wasn't going anywhere. So I poured a very small amount of colloidal silver into the nebulising container and breathed in and out deeply for 5 minutes. I began to get a headache and stopped. But I did feel a bit better otherwise. Three hours later I tried again, but this time didn't get the headache, so kept going for 10 mins. Again, felt a bit better. That evening I nebulised again, this time for 15 mins. I repeated this for 3 days. By the fourth day, the bronchitis was completely gone, never to return. That was 1.5 years ago, but thought I'd share this story seeing no-one else has mentioned the colloidal silver-bronchitis connection.


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Posted by Candyland (Brooklyn, Ny) on 12/25/2010
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Reading the website I wondered if I could get some info on what to do as the dissolving takes place from the inhalation of DMSO and ingestion of MSM. I have chronic bronchitis and as the permanent damage loosens it does not come out right way rather I go through severe choking spells both day and night, impossible to breath or expel enough to make a real difference. I also inhale essential oils 7 times a day in boiling water, almost four years now 15 broken ribs and one coughed out intestine. No relief. Am I doing something wrong or is this the process? Just wanting to know if I'm on the right track and will eventually break the bio film that holds the disease to my body. I understand, no guarantees just some helpful feedback would be nice at this point.

Fig Tree With Piloncillo  

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Posted by elpidio (Lompoc, ca) on 02/15/2008
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first thanks for the website. there is a woman that sufferd frome bronchitis for years,the remedy is:the leaf of the fig tree boiled in water together with [piloncillo] like tea instead of water for several days, this woman is just fine she tels me. Pilincillo is that dark brown sugar conelike bar sold in the market, I don't know it's name in many leaves? it takes a day I do not know.

for dust and pollen allergies I have to say that vitamine E saved me frome years of itchy eyes runy nose and lots of missery I was taking 800mg a day until I was 100% ok I finished the botle of 100 caps.I was good for like 3 years then they came back but now I know the remedy

EC: We just did a Spanish to English translation on the web and learned that Piloncillo is powdered brown sugar.

Replied by Gloria
Brentwood, Ny

Hello there! : I'm Colombian and I know what 'piloncillo' is: We call it "panela". It is a process to make sugar from sugar cane. First you have molasses, we call it 'melasa' it's the syrup or caramel from reducing the sugar cane juice. They pour it in moldings, let it solidify and that's 'piloncillo' you can get it in Hispanics Markets. After that they make brown sugar with it by using some bleaching and then it's converted in white sugar by more chemical bleaching.

Replied by Shanon
San Antonio, Tx

Just know that piloncillo looks like a brown candy corn. In Mexico we use it for many remedies and for some reason it works better than using brown sugar. It also tastes differently so please, don't confuse it with brown sugar which is more processed. It comes in a cone shaped wrapped in clear plastic packaging and is dark brown in color and the way you use it is by cutting off a piece and boiling it with tea leaves. Mexican candied fruit like candied pears (peras en almibar) can be made this way and are delicious!

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

PILONCILLO - PANELA: is the raw brown sugar obtained from boiling sugar cane juice.

Indian Name - Jaggery(english), Gur (hindi), Bella, Vellam

Replied by Ed2010
Oakville, Canada

The title is misleading, the original title was Fig tree leaves tea. I just mentioned other names for piloncillo. In fact, I have used colombian panela which is more tasty than Jaggery. Thanks

Flour, Dry Mustard and Egg White  

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Posted by C (Atlanta, Ga) on 11/22/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Cough and congested chest remedy. Three teaspoons of flour, one teaspoon of dry mustard and an egg white. My mom has a great remedy for a cough and chest cold. Three teaspoons of flour, one teaspoon of dry mustard and an egg white. Make a paste of theses ingredients. Then you should spread it on a white hankerchief or something very light weight and I assume dye free. YOu then should rub your chest with vaseline. (The paste is exothermic and can burn your chest.) After that you should place the hankerchier (with the paste foled inside) on your chest. Every so oftern chekc to see if you need to apply more vaseline (to prevent burning). Dress warmly when you rest and I promise when you wake up , you will be cough and chest-congestion free. My mother always did this for my nephew and I just did it for my 11 month old. He had congestion for a week, and the night I did this (after over the counter medicines) my son no longer had congestion or a cough. Try it. It really works.

Replied by Melissa
Houston, Tx
5 out of 5 stars

I used this flour/yellow mustard/egg white technique on my two year old the other day to help with his severe chest congestion. I made it up, held it on w/ an elastic bandage, then went to researching exactly how long I should leave it on. There were extremely conflicting opinions - everything from "don't ever do this to a child" to "it's okay to leave on overnight." Well, I didn't want to do any harm, so I left it on about 45 minutes and then removed it. Within 5 minutes, he coughed up more mucous than I've ever seen in my whole life. So much, it made him throw up, but there was definately a ton of chest gunk everywhere. sorry...I know that's totally gross! but really, it was amazing and I can't be convinced that it wasn't the paste that did it. He still has some congestion, but I'm using alternative methods, as I have yet to decide on how safe this one is for children. However, it was incredibly effective for that one time - he was having very productive coughs for the rest of the day.

Replied by Wendypape
Blah, Canada

Avivia Romm has a book Naturally Healthy Babies and Children and she gives step by step instructions for mustard plaster, a picture and times etc Hers is different from this one. You might be able to google her name and this book, sometimes it takes you to a website that lets you 'view' the book.

Replied by Jessica
Edmonton, Ca
5 out of 5 stars

My family has been using mustard plasters for generations. Not only do they relieve chest congestion associated with a productive cough, but are also amazing when used in conjunction with a steamer for turning a dry caugh into a productive one. We have used them on children 3 years and older with amazing results! Until now I had never heard of mixing it with egg whites, as my family has always mixed it with hot water.

1tsp mustard powder, 3tsp flour, and enough hot water to make a thin paste. I find that a peice of old flannel bed sheet (double wrapped) works the best. Lay it on your chest for no more than 45 min to 1 hour at a time, less for sensitive skin.

CAUTION:I recomend checking skin every 15 minutes to ensure you don't burn. A little bit pink from the warmth and moisture is ok, and you should be able to feel a bit of heat from the mustard. If it gets uncomfortable, or if skin starts to go red take it off and wait until skin returns to normal. If it takes skin more than 30 minutes to return to normal, do not continue.

I hope this helps your family as much as it has helped mine! :)

Replied by Janetk
Clarksville, Tennessee

What if you don't have flour to make a paste? What else can you use?

Replied by Maya
Shohola, Pa
5 out of 5 stars

I used to use this remedy. Few days ago I needed it and forgot about proportions. So I used about 2 or 3 tablespoons of mustard seed with 1 eggwhite, no flour. I could hold it for about 20 min. because it was burning, but it helped.

Next day I put flax seeds and mustard seeds in a coffee grinder and grind them. I put a lot of vaselina on my chest. Added warm/hot water to flaxseed and mustard seeds and put it on my chest in cheese cloth. I liked it better b/c it was already warm. Maya