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Posted by Rich (Boca Raton, Fl) on 12/05/2008

MRSA is apparently staph infected amoebas:

Ted: In one topic, you said borax kills amoebas. Other natural insecticides are Selenium and Sulfer and Organo-phosphates and neo-nicotines(B vitamins?)

Seems like you use a lot of this stuff for many ailments. Perhaps Borax should be required in a staph treatment?

ps. How long does it take to kill an ameoba in a test tube with borax... and what concentrations?

Replied by Ted
Bangkok, Thailand
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Actually amoebas can manifest itself as a brain eating amoebas such as Naegleria fowleri, which enters through the nose and goes directly to the brain eating up the brain thus killing you. It's also amazingly resistant to heat, and can survive at 122 degrees Fahrenheit, low iodine and chlorine levels can't kill them easily, and many are now resistant against may forms of antibiotics. What is most interesting is some amoebas carry with them MRSA, it makes for a symbiotic existence. This also seems to occur even with viral cancer and fungus, as well as other symbiotic relationship that science barely studied. Anyway, there is some evidence that amoebas are most effectively killed with ozone better then chlorine.

"The ozone treatment is automatic and is supplemented with sodium hypochlorite and hydrochloric acid to a residual chlorine level of 0.5 ppm. Research has indicated that ozone treatment is more effective against amoebae than chlorine treatment. "


As to what is best to kill amoebas and MRSA, the answer is likely to be a mixture of iodine, sodium chlorite mixture, with milk of magnesia solution. The milk of magnesia is a magnesium hydroxide that kills MRSA directly, the iodine and sodium chlorite solution mixture is mostly geared to killing the amoebas. An alternative remedy is seen with the mixture of milk of magnesia (8% solution of magnesium hydroxide) in 1: 1 with hydrogen peroxide 3% solution, where peroxide is used to kill the amoebas, and the milk of magnesia to kill off the amoebas. The hydrogen peroxide is not compatible with sodium chlorite solution, but it's is compatible with an iodine solution, such as a 3% or 5% potassium iodide solution or perhaps sodium iodide.

As to the borax idea, I don't know about that one. That I haven't experimented. Although dehydration is essential to killing them and that's why milk of magnesia and hydrogen peroxide is used. They have a dehydration effect. A sea salt or salt is too painful.

What worries me is what happens if these amoebas enter our nose from infected swimming pools. Currently there is no cure for this and doctors are likely to try antibiotics which haven't quite worked out at all that I am aware of.


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Posted by Jake (Chicago, IL) on 02/25/2008
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For Amanda from Terre Haute, Indiana. I had something festering on my leg and think it may have been MRSA - from a workout room where my shins touched a piece of equipment. I immediately put cayenne powder on it and stopped the bleeding and it healed up over the next week with that one application. I think it might be worth a try to rub cayenne powder on it to see if that might not do it.

Colloidal Silver  

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Posted by Smithsurfermom (Huntington Beach, Ca) on 07/08/2012
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I love colloidal silver for sore throats but when they are accompanied by nose ulcers and that awful rawness at the very back of your nose where it meets your throat, I use virgin coconut oil on a Q-tip. I put it up my nose and also, after I spray the silver in my throat, I use a seperate Q-tip to apply to the back and top of my throat. Anywhere I can reach that feels raw and sore. It is immediately soothing (after the initial pain of touching that area and possibly gagging a little bit) and I sleep so much better and the raw soreness is so much better in the morning.

Posted by Chrystal (Apple Valley, California) on 02/10/2009
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MRSA Experience--- We beat it!

On May 14th 2005, my 26 Yr old son noticed his thumb was getting very sore. No wound was visible. By Wed. the 19th, his whole hand was swolen and pulsing with pain. He went to a doctor and the doctor threw him into the hospital and they opperated that night. It was MRSA, and it was spreading from his thumb, through his palm towards his wrist. They took out a huge chunk of his thumb... about 1" square and 1/4th " deep, and ran tubes down towards his palm to try and squeeze out the rest.

I found out about it Saturday morning (the 21st) and called the hospital. They hadn't gotten all of it. He said they either had to take off his hand or he would die.

I told him to get out of there and get to my place as soon as he could. He took off with security after him!

I soaked his hand in 10 ppm Coloiodal Silver for an hour and we cleaned it out as best we could, then spread it with Bee Propolis and wrapped it up. I had him take 2oz of Coloidal Silver at 5ppm every hour and continued the daily soaking and 2oz every day. For good measure, I added 1 tsp food grade H2O2 per quart of water and had him take 4 oz of that every two hours and 2000 mg of good Vitamine C 5 times a day.

(Lets face it.. MRSA scared the s___ out of me. I was going to throw everything I could at it! I believed in the silver, but I was not going to take chances with my son's life!)

That first night he slept without pain for the first time in a week.

We continued the same treatment daily. By the 23rd, the hand swelling was gone and the thumb was already starting to fill in. It was still sore to the touch but no throbbing.

On Friday May 27th, the hole was less than half its width and very shallow. No swelling at all. A week later, he went to another doctor and the doctor refused to believe he had had MRSA or that he had the opperation any later than the 4th of May. He wrote it so in his report.

One week later he went back to the original doctor from the hospital, (the one that ordered his operation) and shocked him good. All that was left of the surgery was a small 1/4" scratch with a small band-aid on it.

Don't think he really believes what we did to cure it! My son was back to work fixing cars on June 10th. Absolutely no sign of the infection then or since!

NO bad infection can stand up to this kind of attack. Medicines may fail... but this won't!

God Bless,

Replied by Desert Mom
Desert, Az

Okay. I truly believe in h2o2 35% food grade. So, what's the best way to treat mrsa with nose ulceration?

Originally, my twin sons and I contracted this when hospitalized at Phoenix's Good Samaritan/Banner Health and Phoenix Children's Neonatal Hospital. I was told, after about a week hospitalized, that: "How do you feel that you entered the hospital completely healthy except with risk of carrying multiples to now have staph?". Clueless, I said I felt okay at the time, I was just exhausted-who wouldn't be-3 months bed rest was a pain!

Well, all the rounds of antibiotics I was aware I had was one thing, to learn my babies had rounds as well (I found out by re-reading discharge papers) shocking. Yet, a year with challenging health issues with them as well as keeping up with our 8 year old...well, left me overwrought-flat out TKO'D (totally knocked out). To this day, from at least my nostril, I have ulceration. I had no I idea that it's eating at my brain-maybe explaining my brain fogs-I get seizures but don't use meds bc they seem to increase for some reason.

I noticed one son doesn't like crusty nose and picks @ his nose and I spray it with my nasal wash (2 1/2oz good water, 2T mineral salts 1 1/2 oz h2o2 food grade). I've stopped redness & bleeding in mine. Though he doesn't like me to, I squirt his as well as our ears.

What should I do?

Desert Mom

Replied by Eve K
Houston, Tx


I also have trouble with nasal ulcerations, though it has not been diagnosed as staph or anything else.... When these pop up (about twice per year), they are very stubborn.

What works for me----in the shower, I wash my face (and hence nose) with pure local raw honey (if you mix with water it is kind of lather-y and easy to wash off); twice a day, once after shower and once before bed, I use a saline rinse. A Neti pot is good but for convenience I use the one that comes prepackaged (the same brand makes a saline wound wash); lastly, take a cotton swab covered in antibiotic gel and swab it liberally in the nasal passage---coat the area really well.

The scabby nose clears up within a few days.

Replied by Erica

I just had a bout with MRSA in my nose and armpit. Doxycycline took about three days to take care of it and I will be on it for twenty more days. This is the third round in my armpits and I will be trying the milk of magnesia for this in the future.

Replied by Denae

How much is the max per day of 10ppm?

Posted by Amy (Austin, Texas) on 07/12/2007
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When my gynecologist told me that my lesion was possibly MRSA since I had only a month before had a boil on my face, she said that after taking Bactrim for 10 days I should start putting Neosporin in my nose, if the MRSA infection was confirmed. I wanted to do something sooner, while still taking the Bactrim, and so researched and got some colloidal silver and put either drops or swabs of it in my nose 1-2 times a day for a week, as well as applying it to the wound with a swab. I read that it would not interfere with the antibiotics. The lesion had been lanced, and when I had my follow-up, I was healing very well. I have had no more boils yet. I can't say for sure that the colloidal silver did the trick, but from what I've read, it can be very effective with short term use (10 days or so) and if I get another boil, I will apply some directly right away.

Replied by Joe
Phnom Penh, Cambodia
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Posted to give hope to those who are suffering from MRSA and considering colloidal silver as a treatment...

In April 2015 my partner was infected with MRSA during an impacted wisdom tooth removal by a dentist in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Within 2 weeks the infection had produced “clusters” of abscesses all along the gum line, right where the dentist had gashed the gum with the extracted tooth during the procedure. The whole right side of the face had swollen and all the teeth along the right jaw were loosened. She described the pain as “shooting, ” with immense pressure and heat. There were times where the pain were so unbearable for her she'd lose all reason and logic and talk of suicide to end the pain.

The situation worsened over the following months, despite taking Clindamycin and Vancomycin consistently, nothing worked, instead it got much worse. In what seemed to be a violent reaction to the antibiotics, 2 abscesses freakishly changed direction. The one at the extraction site headed towards the inner ear, creating intense pressure and pain, forcing blood and infected tissue through to the ear canal. The other abscess, which was at the site of the gash on the gum line, turned downwards in direction to come to a head near the chin. At this point, the infection had developed into osteomyelitis, where fragments of jagged jaw bone started protruding from several areas. Each had to be painfully extracted.

After 8 months, we were nearing the point of losing all hope of saving her jaw as this thing continued to devour bone and muscle tissue. By this time, we were trying combinations of antibiotics and using essential oils and extracts in an attempt to broaden the spectrum. Made no difference. Doctors and dentists now suggesting invasive bone transplant.

Our luck turned around when a friend told us how colloidal silver cleared a MRSA infection in his knee, and that there were a group of people in Cambodia researching it. So with nothing left to lose, we managed to locate and make contact - and after hearing out our situation, they said they would be more than happy to send us some to try, at no charge.

The concentration of the CS given was 60 ppm. Given the gravity of the situation we decided to use it at this full strength. 250 ml FOUR TIMES PER DAY. Right on the hour, every 8 hours. Also continued to take antibiotic cocktail, to make sure.

On day 3: Health worsened dramatically. We were forewarned about this reaction. Complained of intense body aches and sweats. So something was happening… These symptoms lasted for 8 days.

On day 15: The nasty abscess on the chin had finally stopped discharging and showed signs of regeneration. Swelling of face reduced significantly. Gum tissue infection reduced as well. Teeth are no longer loose. Ear infection clear. RESULTS.

It was by day 23 that the infection totally cleared. We then reduced the daily amount to 250 ml ONCE PER DAY to help regenerate lost tissue, especially in the gum line where the jawbone had been exposed.

Right now, all that's left is a small scar with a slight indentation on the right side of the chin- a massive improvement from the big gaping hole that was once there for 8 MONTHS.

So this is a YEA for colloidal silver, in this case combined with antibiotics, against the most aggressive of staph infections. Another YEA for the kindness of strangers who, if it weren't for them, who knows what would've happened? The recovered patient now has an unshakable belief that the CS saved her life and not one person could ever convince her otherwise.

Almost forgot to name the other things patient had taken as well as the CS and antibiotics:

Essential oils: Lemongrass, Oregano, Frankincense, Clove, Tea Tree, Kampot Pepper

Spices: Clove, Turmeric, Garlic

Other: Ice and heat packs.

Will edit and update this list if I can recall anything else.

Peace everyone!

Posted by Tony (Chicago, IL) on 03/16/2007
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Thanks for the great info on MRSA. Below is a link from the US Patent Office of a CS product scientifically tested against MRSA. Scroll down to "10" (near bottom of page) for detail. The CS brand tested is from American Biotech Labs (aka American Silver). It is sold under different labels. It is sold at GNC stores as "Silver Biotics". Because the link for the patent is a mile long, I suggest you go to the USPTO website and do a search for the patent number. Patent nbr: 7,135,195

Lastly, there is also this info: "William Beaumont Army Medical Center has proven ABL's SilverSol Technology effective at killing all three forms of leishmaniasis, which causes the "Baghdad Boils" infecting U.S. soldiers, at a concentration of just 1-2 parts per million."


Replied by James
Akron, Ohio, Usa
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Two years ago I have MRSA staph infection. My left arm swelled up to double the regular size. I went to the hospital, they put my on an IV of antibiotics and the swelling went down a few days later. For a year and a half I would get reoccuring boils and swelling. I tried everything: Epsom Salts, Manuka Honey, Tea Tree Oil, etc. IT was only when I used Colloidal Silver in a nebulizer(it helps with asthma too) and externally on the boils that I noticed immediate relief from the staph infection.

I am thoroughly convinced that colloidal silver cures MRSA, though I am just speaking from personal experience.

Replied by Liljen
Ravenna, Ohio/usa

Can I ask you what brand of Colloidal silver you used and at what dosage as a friend of mine is battling this for the last year and would like to know where is the best place to get it?


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Posted by Helen (Clearfield, PA) on 07/31/2009
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People who are susceptable to MRSA and boils shouldn't use cornstarch-based body powders. Why: because cornstarch is a perfect growth medium for staph, and it is my contention that the use of cornstarch-based body powders has been a contributing factor is the rise of staph infections in general. But the more staph infections there are, the more likely one is to eventually get a resistant form, and who wants to play those odds?

p.s. Staph can cause boils without neccessarily being antibiotic resistant.

Replied by Chris
Los Angeles, California, Usa

That is exactly correct. Cornstarch fosters not only the proliferation of certain bacteria, but also fungi. Talcum-containing products should be substituted.

Replied by Charity
Faithville, Us

I was reading that boils can be treated with copper. An 18 year old girl invented copper infused pajamas that cure MRSA. MRSA is killed in 90 minutes on a copper surface. I've been experimenting with copper to overcome candida overgrowth. It also fights parasites. Interesting stuff but be careful not to overdo. If you take too much, use zinc to bring it back into balance.

DMSO, Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Enid (California) on 11/19/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Mrsa cure:

Dmso and coconut oil completely heals Mrsa within 3 days.

EC: Hi Enid,

Can you please send us more info.. dosage and application instructions? Thank you!

Replied by Jeff

I agree. Please describe the mixture and method!

Don't Use Soap  

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Posted by Kglaser (Lincoln, Nebraska) on 02/16/2016
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Try not using soap, and put nothing else on your skin, unless you have to use a natural lotion to stop itching due to shaving. I've had mild, recurrent, MRSA for years. I started taking probiotics and that helped a lot. But my skin didn't completely clear up until I stopped washing my skin with soap. Any kind of soap. A research article I found goes more into depth about the skin's natural antimicrobial lipids. When you wash away those oils, you wash away your skin's natural antimicrobial defense system. Once or twice a week, take a warm ( not hot) bath or shower. I would recommend just washing your "peri-area" and your armpits with a natural soap, and just let water wash the rest, and then pat dry.

I will post the article link below.

Drawing Salve  

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Posted by Valkyrie (Denver, Co) on 08/20/2011
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I thought I'd provide details of my experience, mainly because this wasn't available when I got MRSA and this resulted in several trips to the emergency room when I got an infection instead of an occasional inconvenience that sucks but I can handle myself.

Going to a Dr. can be a valuable step in dealing with MRSA, but even if you do this, you may still get boils. It's an anti-biotic resistant bacteria the medical establishment doesn't know how to treat. They have had some luck with sulfa antibiotics with some strains, go ahead and try - I'm allergic to sulfates, so I have had to find prevention and maintenance regimes.

Other pieces of advise my Dr's have recommended are:

Scrub with Hibiclense in bath and apply around nose frequently (bacteria can live a long time inside your nose and if you have face infections this is a sign this will especially help), bathe with bleach if you have an infection. I've tried tea-tree oil too, and have found little difference with the effectiveness of Hibiclense, but I think you do need something stronger - unfortunately Bleach is the best I found - if you have active infections to prevent spreading.

As far as how to handle existing infections, I've really had to do this on my own. Here's what I found:

Immediately bandage any suspected infection with a fabric bandage and ichthammol ointment - about 20% strength usually petroleum jelly or lanolin filler, often labeled "drawing cream", sometimes with some other sulfates added, at rite-aid, online, or can be ordered from most pharmacies. This drawing cream was used on staph infections and boils prior to the advent of antibiotics, and is still effective after the use of antibiotics stopped working with MRSA.

It's important infections are constantly covered, as soon as you notice a pimple that starts to feel sore - if it was just a pimple it will go away quicker too. It does stain fabric and is messy and somewhat musty smelling. But this treatment will allow boils to swell to a head and drain much quicker, so they do not get as large and painful and risk infecting lymph nodes, etc.

Once an infection has started to drain, you should squeeze the infection. In the emergency room this is done by placing one hand in a circle around infection while squeezing from the outside to the inside with the other hand. This is gross, but will eliminate the infection quicker. Usually a hard pus 'seed' needs removed or the sore will reinfect. Sometimes tweezers are necessary for this. Occasionally, if a infection grows too large - lets say 2 inches of swelling- , or is close to a lymph node or other sensitive area, like a spine or throat - this should probably be done by a Doctor in the emergency room. They will have to treat you even with no insurance, mention MRSA you will get a room very quick, say you're homeless and have no ID if you have to but do go to the emergency room. Although how to lance is somewhat self-explanatory, sterilization is nearly impossible and it's extremely painful and would be really hard for a person to do to themselves. If you are able to drain your own infection, immediately wash with a lot of bleach. Now wash the sink, floor around you and entire area with bleach. Now go shower and scrub with bleach. This will help prevent other infection on yourself - or worse, infecting your family.

After you think your infection has drained, it still needs to stay under a ichthammol fabric bandage. Otherwise reinfection of the sore is common. Leave a bandage on for one more week, change daily and squeeze opening for any remaining discharge, if you get more pus restart your week.

I have started taking Turmeric in addition to my other supplements after looking through this site which has further decreased infection frequency I think.

Elecampane Extract  

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Posted by Seth (Morton, Wa.) on 08/24/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Hi, I've had Mrsa for years in my kidney. very painfull. recently I stumbled apon a website with an article about elecampane extract being 100% effective against mrsa colonies in tests. So I bought some. I think it's only the extract that works, not the tea. My first dose was a triple dose. I felt a very significant pain relief in my kidney. I knew right then this was going to work. I've since uped my dose to about 24 times the recommended dose. Elecampane is pretty safe. The worst that can happen is nausea and vomiting if you take too much.

I'm taking it 3 times a day. I'm no longer sweating out at night and feel totally strong and healthy. the pain in my kidney is gone. going to keep taking it for a while to be sure. what a relief. Hope this helps people. I read on a forum that elecampane cured someone else too, so it's not just me.

Replied by Seth
Morton, Wa
0 out of 5 stars

I wanted to update. I jumped the gun. My kidney was still hurting. I was feeling so much better I just wasn't paying attention. I increased the dose a number of times. Once I took about 8 oz, equivelant to the Hawaii pharm elecampane extract, ive been making my own though. it drained a lot of pus when I took this much. I could feel pus release and move. also I got nasea, so this is the max I can take. this is a lot of alcohol but the extract was only sitting for 2 weeks. if you let it sit longer it gets stronger. I thought it would be over with soon at this dose but I suspect the mrsa might have become a bit resistant.

Then my fingers started getting numb which im pretty sure was hypoglycemia so I stopped taking it and switched to food grade h2o2. Elecampane has insulin in it so at high doses it's bad for you. I also gained a lot of weight and was hungry all the time. I still think elecampane could work for some people. due to the pus I had built up the infection just keeps coming back. I cant even think about being cured until its all drained. so, bummer but the h202 is working for me.

Eliminate Sugar, Take Acidophilus  

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Posted by Kristi (San Diego, Ca) on 04/10/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I have had 2 cases of a MRSA infection where the doctors didnt know anything, gave me antiobiotics, and then cut and drained them. I haven't had one in 1.5 years after cutting out the majority of sugar from my diet. I take acidophilus in the morning, try to eat limited processed foods and as little as preservatives and sugars as possible. No soda, candy, chips, ect. I havent another infection and feel alot healthier.

Replied by Worried
Columbus, Usa

Do you drink acidophilus as a probiotic capsule or drink as milk?

Epsom Salt Baths and Oregano Oil  

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Posted by Sherie (NC, US) on 11/29/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have found with MRSA the most important thing to eliminate pain and to promote healing is to get the boil opened up as soon as possible. The best, fastest and cheapest way to do this is by taking regular soaking baths in epsom salt. Also, take oil of oregano 2 or 3 times a day. I usually take 3 to 5 drops in a half a glass of orange juice. The juice masks the taste of the oil. I prefer to use DoTerra Essential oils as my trusted brand of oils. They have many other oils that you can use as well but Oregano has always done the trick for me.


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Posted by Aftermath431 (Mountain View, Mo) on 08/04/2012

Hi. I have a MRSA infection just above my elbow. I have been on antibotics for about 2 months and its just about gone. Its a closed wound but doesnt seem to want to go completely away. The area is also pretty much flat just light red in color. Ive been applying silver gel to it for about 1 month, but dont know if its doing any good since the MRSA wound is closed up. So last night I applyed garlic I crushed and apllyed it to the Mrsa wound for about 8 hours. When I woke up and removed the garic the wound had indentation on it where the garlic was applyed and now the Mrsa wound is bright red almost like a burn, and slightly raised. Can someone please tell me what happened?

Replied by Naomi
Chicago, Il

Hi Aftermath, you've probably figured this out by now but it looks like a burn because it is a burn-(that is it's a type of chemical burn. I think that's the right term, I'm not exactly sure). I did something similar a few weeks ago, I've been on antibiotics for a month trying to cure a staph infection and tried some garlic topically on the infection for about two hours. Decided it didn't feel right and took it off, it was raised and red but within a few days scabbed up pretty regularly. Garlic burns can be bad, and after I did it (put fresh, crushed garlic on the site) I looked up how to make a proper poultice and they said no longer than ninety seconds of application to avoid burns. However, I did it for 30 minutes in a second application, and did not receive any burns. Tried it again for 50 minutes, and it was iffy so now 20-30min is my limit. Also, the garlic seemed to help the first and second time but not the third for whatever reason. I should try it again but am going to try colloidal silver first. Also, I'm not sure what kind of silver solution you are using but there is apparently a difference between colloidal silver (silver particles suspended in a colloid) and some other silver products- I have one that contains silver chloride, but it didn't do anything for me and I've found out it's not as effective as the other. Hope this helps. Thank you all for the wonderful website! My appreciation is beyond words.

Replied by Aftermath431
5 out of 5 stars

Update- after using garlic I crushed and applied with a bandage Several times a day. The MRSA sore went completely away after doing this for a few days or so. It did leave a burn mark but the MRSA went away. I can't say I'm a 100% sure that the garlic got rid of it but that's what seems to be the case.

Replied by Jennifer
Forked River, New Jersey

I'm suffering, yet again, from mrsa. I thought if was a bug bit but went to the doctors and they told me it was staph. Yesterday, 10-2-2015, she drained it. Today it was much worse so I went back and she switched me to clindamyacin, from doxy. I heard garlic and turmeric are great to get rid of mrsa. How do I use these though? Can I take a garlic supplement or use fresh garlic in a smoothie? Also, if these do not work when should and how do I apply garlic to the wound? It's still very sore and open. Picture attached. I would really appreciate anyone's stories and help!

Posted by Prosperity (Tampa, Fl) on 08/29/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I went to the hospital last week for something that I thought was an insect bite. My result came back MRSA. Strong garlic pill crushed in coconut oil is working for me. I'm on a pillician also. I prayed to God for His help and He has answered. Thank you Lord