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Posted by Stacey2016 (Santa Clara, Ca) on 08/18/2016 1 posts
5 out of 5 stars

I have been taking 5000 mcg of biotin for about 2 years. Finally baby hairs are appearing where significant hair loss has been. They are about 2" long and stick straight up and get frizzy when there is humidity.

Posted by Shary (Centennial, Co) on 09/27/2010
5 out of 5 stars

My son has had increasing hair loss due to the drugs he takes for a seizure disorder. Based on the recommendation of a dermatologist, he began taking 2,000 micrograms/day of biotin. This was about 2 months ago. He has stopped losing hair in the shower and the hair on his head has thickened. Biotin is available in healthfood stores.

Replied by Cheryl1999
Etobicoke, Ontario, Canada

I read on that people with a history of seizures shouldn't use biotin unless under the supervision of a qualified health practitioner.

Replied by Brenda
Mt. Dora, Fl

Regarding the previous post, states that a symptom of BIOTIN deficiency is seizures. BIOTIN is readily available in egg yolks, tomatoes, romaine lettuce, carrots, almonds, etc.

Replied by Mira
Strathclyde, Scotland, Uk
0 out of 5 stars

I took 900mcg of biotin for about three weeks recently for eyebrow growth. Although I got new eyebrow hair growth, I also developed itchy bumps along my jawline that started to spread to other areas of my face. Not pleasant! I have reduced the dosage to 300-600mcg a day (which I've been doing for a couple weeks) and I have experienced a few bumps here and there but no real itching. No obvious hair growth yet either.

Posted by Leelannee (Sussex, Nj) on 08/28/2009
5 out of 5 stars

YEA for biotin (hair loss)
YEA for iodine & borax (dandruff)

After the birth of my son 15 years ago, I had more hair loss every time I brushed or washed my hair than I had ever had before. I always had long, almost waist-length, thick hair. After the birth, I became so distressed over the thinning, dryness, & split ends that I cut my hair to chin-length. I kept trying to grow it long but every few years "chopped" it again due to split ends. My hair is medium-coarse and never seemed thin to people who cut my hair but I could tell the difference.

About a year ago I started taking biotin. I take 5mg per day, and I get a bottle of 300 capsules (10 months' supply) for $12, so this is a very affordable, no fuss remedy! It took a month or two to notice a real difference, but my hair loss became minimal. My hair is now so thick, and has grown past my shoulder blades for the first time in 15 years! Also, there are very few split ends--even though this doesn't make much sense, as only the new growth would be affected by the biotin, but it's true (a few months ago I bought some very sharp scissors and trimmed my split ends, but they haven't come back). And my hair is growing a little faster; it used to grow no more than 1/2 inch per month (I color my hair 3-4 times per year, and occasionally measure) and now it is growing almost 1 inch per month.

Another hair problem I had for about 20 years was dandruff. This started when I was 16. I tried many, many supplements, diet changes and topical remedies over the years with no results (except for a liquid zinc treatment for excema--this helped but didn't cure). I eventually tried a dandruff shampoo, which would give me relief for no more than 24 hours. I really didn't want to do this, but if I didn't I would actually get scabs in addition to incessant itching & painful inflammation.

A few weeks ago I bought a "liquid kelp" iodine supplement, took a dropperful twice a day in water and within 48 HOURS I had ZERO FLAKES! This is after 20 years of discomfort, self-consciousness, and not being able to wear black or use nicer shampoos! I recently found another supplement that has 150mcg iodine per drop, and I take 2-3 drops per day.

About 2-3 weeks after starting the iodine, I had a VERY slight return of the dandruff. But now I am not using dandruff shampoo at all. I shampoo, douse my scalp with a borax solution (1-2 tablespoons in 2 cups of water), let that sit for a couple of minutes, then condition. My scalp is super clean, I can go several days without shampooing (when I had the dandruff I had to shampoo every other day), and my hair seems softer & less frizzy.

Replied by Leelannee
Sussex, Nj

Okay, the iodine doesn't seem to be working as well for the dandruff anymore...still working, just not as miraculously. About a week ago I had a massive outbreak of flakes on the top of my head near my hairline. Having read that milk of magnesia is great for skin & itching, I impulsively doused that area, left it on for about 1/2 an hour, then rinsed it out--without using shampoo or conditioner, to make sure nothing else affected my "experiment". My hair felt like it was full of glue and baby powder (washed out fine the next day), but it seems that Milk of Magnesia really helps the dead skin slough off!!! I had to brush out lots of flakes but since then my scalp has been pretty clear, and much less itchy.

I also patted some Milk of Magnesia on my face and let it dry. My skin was SO soft afterwards, for days, and a couple of rough rashy patches are cleared up!

Replied by Rob
Manhattan, New York

re: your dandruff, There may be triggers in your diet that could be causing the dandruff. For me coffee is a culprit. Fairly consistent in that a few days after a cup I will have flaking. I like to make up a tea of Rooibos & Peppermint & sometimes Nettles (though nettles are a diuretic). It seems to have a balancing, & hydrating effect & eliminates the dandruff.

this from Wiki...

Rooibos is purported to assist with nervous tension, allergies and digestive problems.[6] Traditional medicinal uses of rooibos in South Africa include alleviating infantile colic, allergies, asthma and dermatological problems.[7][8]

Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario

Hi, is biotin part or the same as taking the b-complex vitamins as my doctor told me a while back only to take b vitamins for 2 weeks at a time. Also, does anyone know if biotin grows hair elswhere as one person told me it will grow facial hair. thanks

Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario

I noticed on the bottle of biotin that I am taking is 300 mcg's what exactly is this.

Did anyone ever have side effects from Biotin.I have taken it for a month now and nothing. Thank you

Replied by J0hnn
Toronto, Ontario Canada

This reply to Laurie from Sudbury...

I used a combination of Biotine, Vegitil Silica, and Chelated Zinc to stop hair loss and regrow natural coloured hair on my head last fall.

A couple of points...
1...the Biotine I used was capsules of 5,000 mcg each. Possibly your 300 mcg caps are not enough for this purpose. Has the hair loss cause been removed?

2...the hair on the crown of your head grows an average of 1/2 inch per month, so if the rest of your nutrition is adequate, you should start seeing some fuzz on the previously bald areas at the 4 to 6 week point.

Hopefully this answers some of your questions.

Replied by Labrat
Burlington, Nc, Usa

My husband started using biotin, silica and zinc for hair loss. But after reading about zinc toxicity, I am concerned about the doses in the protocol I got from JOhnn in Toronto's post. 100mgs 3x/day for first 3 wks. Did I interpret that right? and is chelated zinc, zinc gluconate?

Replied by Johnn
Toronto, Ont, Canada

To Labrat from Burlington, Nc, Usa. . . Yes, that is the dosage I used. However, if you are concerned with the zinc, reduce the zinc amount only. I have never seen or experienced any problems with this dosage of chelated (organic)zinc and have taken zinc supplements for decades. It is almost always below optimal in older men(prostate issues). I think you can still get the hair results without as much zinc as the zinc in this protocol is for getting the hair to grow in with your natural hair color. Hopefully this answers your questions and you see the same success I had. Regards, Johnn

Replied by Jay
Toronto, Ont, Canada

To Labrat from Burlington, Nc, Usa. If you are using regular zinc glutonate, only 15 percent of it is absorbed which means only 15 mg of the 100 mg ingested is actually absorbed by your body. Therefore 3x100 mg only nets out at 45 mg actual that your body can use per day. . Again, as I said in my other post, the extra zinc is mostly for the hair color and can probably be reduced without affecting hair growth. Regards, Johnn

Replied by Karmala
Templeton, Ca
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Good news/bad news regarding biotin. It worked great at growing hair.... I actually had eyebrows for the first time in years! But, I wound up with severe migraines. I have tried different brands and different strengths, but ended up with migraines each and every time. Just to let you know that some of us get negative side effects from biotin. I suffer from multiple chemical sensitivities.... not sure if this has anything to do with it or not.

Posted by Tasha (Los Angeles, CA) on 02/10/2009

Is it true that Biotin can promote fast hair growth?

Replied by Deborah
Saint Augustine, Florida

I understand that it helps to strengthen hair and if you are deficient that deficiency can represent itself in hair loss. I have also read that it can help maintain your color, slowing down graying hair. It is also good for strengthening your nails to prevent cracking and splitting.

Blackstrap Molasses  

Posted by Hisjewel (America, New York) on 12/12/2015

Each morning after I read my Bible I like to take a look at the Earth Clinic pages. I just love to read them so that maybe I can have an answer for someone who has tried everything else.

This morning I decided to look in the Anemia section. For years I have suffered from anemia. But I often forget I am dealing with it because my doctor gives me iron pills for it. They block me, and after one or two days, I don't take them anymore till I feel faint. And I may not take them then if I remember how bad they blocked me. When I learned a only couple of years ago that blackstrap Molasses had Iron in it, I began to grab a tablespoon of that instead.

As I was reading the anemia healing stories I began to wonder if that could be why I am having such a time with hair recovery. So I did some quick research, and sure enough there was an article on WebMD that said, "Hair Loss? It May Be Iron Deficiency. "

With that info in mind, I will look into some of the remedies that build Iron in the E C Anemia section, after giving it a reasonable time I will let Earth Clinic know if my hair has regained normal grow flow.

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

HJ: Many nutrients are needed for hair growth, and do know that hair loss is a sign of disease. Tips. Take Vit-C with the Iron pills on the occasion. Raw Liver Tablets or cooked Liver is considered a "superfood" dense in nutrients. A good broad-spectrum multivitamin/mineral supplement will help along with extra Biotin.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , , you have referenced liver several times as superfood and that is almost the only meat I ate as a youth. I still love it, but I'm spooked due to all the hormones, steroids, antibiotics , etc. We only buy local calves liver from the our nearby meat processing plant. What still scares me is that the locals buy their corn and it has to be GMO for certain.

My question to you is where can you get safe liver?

Your Tenn neighbor.


Replied by Timh
2115 posts

-ORH- Don't have an answer for that one except liver from only organic fed livestock. Many of the Raw Glandular or Raw Organ extracts advertise from only "organic raised" livestock usually from Argentina or New Zealand.

So find a distributor that sells the organic Liver extract as this "raw food" will be more beneficial in comparison to the local market liver for cooking as a meal.

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca

Hi Timh,

I have seen you mention desiccated liver many times here on EC and while researching its benefits, I decided I would like to give it a try but because I am a post-menopausal woman, I wondered if it might contain too much iron for me.

As you know, too much iron = not good!

Any thoughts on that?

If anyone else here has any thoughts, I welcome them too!

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

Courtney: People at most risk of Iron deficiency are, as you mentioned, women during mentration, and vegetarians. From a common sense perspective, persons in either above category would prosper from regular Liver supplementation or as a food, and if not in this category and eat regular red meat, Liver as diet or food may need only occasional use. Of course a blood analysis would be a good idea for knowing how much Iron one has.

Do note a major difference in regular Desiccated Liver tablets and Liver Extract (which is up to 10x more nutrient dense).

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca

Thanks, Timh

I was interested in using liver for its other nutrient desne properties like the B vitamins and vitamin A, etc.

From what I read, you could pretty much eliminate the need for a synthetic multivitamin if you took liver supplements and ate your veggies.

I read some remarkable reviews posted by people who added liver supplements to their routine and really wanted to give them a go, but as I said, I didn't want to risk too much iron since I am post-menopausal.

As for blood analysis, that's something my insurance wouldn't cover and I can't afford to pay it out-of-pocket. My insurance will cover blood work that a doctor deems necessary, but not for those that are requested.

Thanks for your input.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , it appears that you can't get there from here as far as totally safe liver in the U.S. I would think that also applies for tablets, and how do you know they are from New Zealand or Argentina? I guess I'll just stay with my local shop and hope the GMO's don't get me.

Speaking of GMO's, my Senior Pharmacist friend latest comment was about the kids with continuous constipation. The doctors are not telling them to drink lots of water, fiber and take Probiotics. Instead, they are giving them a strong Rx laxative. She said it is probably due to the killing off all their good bowel bacteria with the herbicides contained in the GMO food. Naturally this laxative is a not a fix and must be taken until the real problem is addressed. I think this is just the start of an epidemic in the Western countries.


Replied by Timh
2115 posts

Courtney: Good to see you thinking outside the box of limiting choices and noting the other nutritional benefits of Liver other than Iron.

Liver, and all organ meats in general, are much more healthy than the traditional parts. It is even speculated that thru the long evolution and challenges to survival of the human species, that the hunters would immediately eat the raw organ meats from a fresh kill before dispatching the carcass to the remaining tribe.

Other superfoods which can reduce the need for Multivitamin/Mineral tablets are Brewers Yeast and Bee Pollen.

As for excessive minerals, the biggest risk is toxic metals like fluoride, lead, arsenic, mercury. To be safe, as you seem to be, do get an Hair Analysis every decade or so to determine if you need to do any heavy metal cleansing, and any deficiencies or excesses of needed minerals. Kits can be purchased online and achieved via mail with a trusted laboratory.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile , Tn

HI U TIMH, , , , , , , , , , , , first, let me say that I love you, but you are pissen up a rope to tell people that the liver we have now is good for you. To say to eat liver and then do a hair analysis is ridiculous and then a...... detox? Give me a break. The liver is the detox organ in all animals. It is full of toxins in every animal this day and time.


Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca


I had that very same concern when considering the use of desiccated liver tablets (from farm raised, grass-fed cows) after reading Timh's posts on the topic.

I feared that liver wasn't such a great choice, given its role as a toxin filter.

Upon further research, I found that while the liver does filter toxins, it doesn't store them. It breaks them down and eliminates them from the liver, leaving the liver itself virtually toxin-free.

I'm still researching but wanted to share that much.

Replied by Robert Henry
Ten Mile, Tn

HI U COURTNEY, , , , , , , , , , , , , with your post, I researched because we do a liver flush twice a year and always get gravel out. We also do coffee enemas to flush out what toxins we have accumulated. With that said, I figured your statement may not be valid. Here's what I found.

Our livers are like our computers..... garbage in, garbage out. Before we got into corporate farms, I figure most farmers did not feed his cattle the toxins that they are now fed.

To close this thread, I don't have a clue. We just stopped and bought a package or calves liver from our local slaughter house. I love liver, but will only eat it a few times a year.

I appreciate you taking the time to search the subject. You may be right, and in any case I wish you well.


Replied by Timh
2115 posts


I am only saying that organ meats are more nutrient dense than other meat and am very aware that our current corporate farming techniques with all the chemicals and gmo's are not good and it is best to be wary.


As for detox & liver, in the event you are a beginning learner 101. There is in humans a major detoxification system in two parts called the P-450 Phase I & II. Within these 2 phases of the P-450 are numerous specific "detoxification pathways" each with it's own enzymes & coenzymes to render harmful substances neutral.

For people seeking to improve detox, boosting Glutathione is first. Herbal combination of Milk Thistle/Turmeric/Artichoke are powerful liver protectors which boost the entire P-450 by greatly improving liver function. Other nutrients that boost entire P-450 is D-Limonene and I3C - Sulforaphane - Broccoli Sprouts.

Replied by Courtney
Granite Bay, Ca


I was referring to eating liver or taking desiccated liver supplements, not the human liver. You mentioned liver being a toxin-holder. (I assumed you meant calves liver, since that's what the thread topic was about.)

It's why I said that while doing research (because like you, I always thought eating liver wasn't a good idea since it's where toxins are filtered), I found that while the liver (calves, in this instance) filters toxins, it doesn't store them, which proponents claim make liver a nutrient-rich, toxin-free source of great vitamins and iron.

Of course, both the real thing and the supplements would have to come from the livers of grass-fed animals to reap the benefits, but I found the concept interesting, since I never considered consuming liver before, thinking, 'Yuuuuck! That's full of can that be GOOD for anyone?' :) Turns out, the toxins aren't stored in the liver. Or, so it's said.

Replied by Kay
Destin, Fl

Perhaps prunes would be a better solution being high iron and a laxative. They are tasty and nutritious, and easy to incorporate in your diet, eaten raw or cooked into a wide variety of dishes.

Blackstrap Molasses, B Complex, ACV  

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Posted by Guest_Mother (Toronto, Ontario) on 05/11/2009
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

Load Many thanks to all who are contributing to this great site. I have been using 1 Tbsp of BSM in milk first thing in the morning for past two months,Vitamin b complex for 2-3 weeks and 1 tbsp ACV 2-3 times a week in glass of warm water for hair loss and gray hair problem. I am 29 yrs old breastfeeding mother of a toddler.

The remedy seems to work for hair loss as i have much better hair now. Gray hair problem is still there, no effect. But my daughter's front teeth have developed brown streaks. Can this be because of the treatment i am using. I do not want to stop as it is working for my hair loss. Please advise.

Replied by Caitlin
Austin, TX

Yes! Those brown streaks are more than likely because of your mixture, especially if she did not have this condition before. I would be very wary of using so much iron while you are breastfeeding your daughter. Babies do not need THAT much iron. When I breastfed my daughter, I noticed that anytime I ate garlic, she would have garlic breath. Also anytime I drank cow's milk (I'm allergic to milk protein) my daughter would have excruciating stomach pains. When I stopped drinking milk, her pain disappeared. PLEASE, be very careful of what you give yourself while you breastfeed. Loss of hair is common after having a baby due to hormone adjustment and stress. I would suggest y9ou simply eat as healthily of food as you can while your body adjusts itself; don't stress over your hair so much right now. (By the way, a good stress soother for you and the baby is stewed apples with cinnamon. Just heat 2 sliced apples in pot or microwave until soft and add cinnamon and eat when warm. I found that my baby would sigh with pleasure whenever I ate this before or while breastfeeding; we both felt calmer and it safely soothed her stomachache) Please go on line and check what excess iron can do to babies and their brains. If it was me, I would wait until I finished breastfeeding before putting such potent (toxic for the baby) concentrations into my body. Please check before going further.. Best wishes for you both...

Replied by Alessandra
Oklahoma City, Ok

The baby cannot get too much iron from the mother's breastmilk as iron levels in breastmilk are not effected by the mother's iron intake, even if she is anemic. The brown streaks could be caused by a number of things including tartar buildup, which caused significant brown staining on my oldest son's two lower front teeth. I would recommend the mother schedule an appt with a pediatric dentist for a checkup and teeth cleaning.


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Posted by Rapunzel (Chicago, Illinois) on 10/17/2012
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

May I please address this email to Ted. Ted, I found this site very informative and helpful. I have long hair and am 57 years old and over the past 3 years have noticed my hair falling out, along with seeing a scalp problem get worse and worse. I do remember that a few years ago a strange odor from the crown of my head when I scratched it because it was itching. I would sometimes be in a hurry when I washed my hair and not finish letting it dry by putting it up in a bun on the top of my head! I know that wasn't good and might have contributed to the crown area of my scalp having an odor. I have always had very thick hair until the last 3 years. I now have only 1/3 of the hair I once had.

I went to my doctor and a dermatologist and they had me on topical steroids and prescription shampoos. Which helped ease the itching but it seemed like it spread all over my scalp after that. Also the dermatologist didn't give me any explanations about what caused my scalp and hair problems. So I became desperate and came upon your website and Ted upon your recommedations for washing the hair with borax and water. It was amazing how soft and untangled my hair was after washing with it. My scalp felt very good too.

Unfortunately I began having some strange side effects right away from this such as burning in my chest area and I became very nervous and didn't do the borax solution again. I was so miserable with this burning in my chest that my mother in law suggested I take a tablespoon of her organic apple cider vinegar amish product that had some ginger and garlic in it. I took one tablespoon and had immediate relief from the burning which was probably acid reflux. I dont have a reflux problem usually at all. Could it be that the borax changed the ph of my body? It is a mystery or a coincidence that this happened.

Anyway, now talking about my present situation, for the past 4 days I have been taking ACV (2 teaspoons in an 8 oz. Glass of water) 2X a day. My scalp still feels itchy and there seems to be a slight calming in the scalp but the bumps and scales are still there, but I think my hair loss problem is slightly improving. I don't know what to wash my hair with. When I was in my 30's I took tetracycline for acne and nystatin with it. I took it over a long period of time. I probably messed up my stomach because I have sensitivity in the left side of my stomach or intestinal area I have a problem laying on that side of my body when I sleep at night. Any suggestions, Ted. Thank you so much for your time. God bless you and Earth Clinic!

Replied by Louwrence
Rustenburg, North West, South Africa

Hi Rapunzel, To treat your scalp problem I will soak it with urine which willqui ckly solve your problem it works.

Replied by Miranda
Campbellsville, Ky

Hi, I'm not Ted, BUT, you might try putting about 1/2 to 1 cup of ACV in your bath water, then taking a container and rinsing your hair and scalp with it when you're threw bathing. My sister uses ACV to soak her feet with, and I've started using it in my bath water sometimes. I'm afraid everytime could be drying. I had some itching and it took care of mine and made me feel good all over. An ACV and water rinse is good for a lot of problems, for instance, it helps with mange on animals. It's because it kills many little bitty no- seeums, mites, mange, lice, scabes, etc. All sorts, and it's healing. If afraid of a reaction, then start with a smaller amount, like the 1/2 cup. Also, if a place is very irritated, it might burn, so I would take a small amount of the ACV/water mixture and just test a small area first. Hope this helps. God bless.

Brushing Technique  

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Posted by Kindee (Southbridge, Massachusetts) on 09/23/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I tried this brushing technique for hair loss and noticed a difference within a couple weeks. I really had my doubts, but truthfully I feel that nowadays I have less hairs falling than I ever have.

I always had really thick hair which I took for granted but over the past few years it had been shedding at a more and more rapid pace. It began to look thin, and I had a handful of maybe fifteen hairs nearly every time I ran my hand through it. Naturally I was panicked and self conscious at the age of 23, but was reluctant to use certain topical drugs and other unnatural "remedies." Since starting this technique once a day or every other day, along with decreasing my shampooing to two times a week (three max), my hair has looked great! Shiny, full, and I've had several unrelated unsolicited comments from people I know about the difference they noticed.

All I do is flip my head over and use a boar's bristle brush over all my hair until it's brushed (sometimes this requires pre-combing if it's knotted), making sure not to put pressure on the scalp, and I can feel the follicles being stimulated. Flip back over, brush it all down, and viola, treatment over.

No more clogged drains, no more hairy brush. I also quit eating beef; I wonder if this had anything to do with it? Either way, now I'm grateful for the hairs in my head, even though they're turning gray. Thank you earth clinic.

Posted by Shirley (MO) on 03/06/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I would like to share this with earth clinic and Ted. I found this on the Internet but sorry I don't remember where or I would give them the credit for this simple stop hair fall out remedy.

This person said to use a soft bristle brush such as a boar bristle brush and bend forward at the waist and brush your hair toward the floor. Do not push brush into the scalp but just start at the scalp and brush to the tips. (I use the other hand to hold the hair against the brush) No certain amount of times to brush. When you have all the hair brushed this direction, stand up and now you push the brush against the scalp and brush your hair towards the back or sides with constant pressure on the brush. Again this doesn't have to be done for any certain amount of times, just until you get the hair all brushed.

You can then style your hair. They said to do this 3 times a day.
I only do it twice, first thing in the morning and before I go to bed.
Their statement was this: Your hair WILL stop falling out. Not maybe or should stop.
So that's what convinced me to try it.

I am 65 years old and I have been losing hair constantly over the past few years. I tried a lot of diets, meds, shampoos and even one of Ted's remedies, with no success.
So when I read this article, I thought that's easy and cheap to try. I can do that.

I expected it to take a long time to show up if it was doing anything. To my surprise the hair fallout was stopped the first time I did this technique.

In the past, after each shower, I would have to clean the hair out of the drain or it would clog up.
The very first time I did this brushing there was nothing to clean out of the drain. I was so shocked because nothing had ever worked that fast to solve any problem I've had in the past.
I have been doing this for about 2 months now. The balding spot on the back of my head is completely gone. The thinning part on each side of my head is full again.

I didn't want to tell anyone until I knew for sure I wasn't imagining how well it works.
This person said as we get older we loose something on the scalp but that it's still on our hair, it just won't stay on the scalp. (I'm sorry I can't remember the word he used for that, but I'm sure Ted would know.)
The first brushing we are collecting this and the second brushing we are depositing it back onto the scalp where it is needed.

While getting my hair cut the last time, my beautician told me that my hair was very healthy and so was my scalp. I never had anyone tell me that before. I hadn't mentioned doing this to her. So it's noticeable to others.

Thank you

Replied by Sad Ger

hi mdm, i would like to try your technique but forgive me, i do not really get what you meant. do i brush the scalp out to the hair tip in both direction? is that what u meant?

Replied by Shirley

Response To 08/19/2008 Sad Ger from Singapore:

I hope I can to be clearer about the way this brushing should be done. When you start to brush your hair while you are bent forward and have your hair toward the floor, you start at the scalp but do not put pressure on the brush at the scalp. At this point you don't want to be brushing the scalp but just the hair. From the scalp you brush your hair down to the tips.I use one hand to push the hair into the brush and brush all the hair starting from the back of my neck down to the ends.

When you're finished, you would stand up straight again. Let you hair fall back away from your face and brush from the forehead towards the back or from the crown down the sides. When you begin this brushing, you hold the hairbrush firm onto the scalp and beginning brushing from the scalp with pressure on the brush, and brush the hair towards the back, sides or whatever feels right for your hair.

Hope that explains it more correctly. If not you may send me an email for more info.

Replied by Norma
Austin, Tx

I found the brushing technique quite interesting and am anxious to give it a try. I am 67 years of age and have started losing some hair, so hopefully this will help. Thank you for the info.

Replied by julie
Sydney, Australia

Just to clarify - when I lean forward I hold my hair in one hand, start at base of scalp and kinda glide the brush through the hair to tips. Do I go round the side and front as well? So I'm not really touching my scalp with brush more like feeding my hair into brush at this point with not much pressure at all. More like I want to wipe my hair through the brush. I do this from base down to tip back, side and front. Then I stand up and apply pressure from front to back tips side to back tips and base underneath to tips. Is this correct? Thanks.

Replied by Shirley

Reply to; Julie from Sydney You have the idea, I think. There's nothing different about the way you would be brushing your hair anyway. Except you brush the underneath hair first without pressure on the scalp. Then you stand up and you will start to brush your hair as usual only with pressure being applied to brush at the scalp.

Replied by Pamela
Houston, Texas
4 out of 5 stars

I don't know if this brushing technique will grow hair back. But, I gotta tell you I have been doing it for 3 days now and I am hooked on it. It feels so good to me that I look forward to doing the brushing. I don't have a lot of hair loss but some thinning on top thought I would give it a try. Will let you know if my hair thickens up. Thanks

Replied by May
Portland, Oregon
5 out of 5 stars

I want to thank you for posting this, and affirm that this really worked for me! As another poster mentioned, it may not be a hair growth remedy, but it sure does slow or halt the hair shedding. This regiment should be a must for anyone with a certain length of hair. I saw a dramatic decrease in the amount of hairs that I shed while washing my hair, and it is now down to 1 or zero! I had read about brushing with a boar bristle brush on a Long-Hair web forum, in order to decrease the shedding and clogging in the shower, but they did not list this technique and I only tried this after reading it here on earth clinic! Thank you so much!

Replied by Ana
Linden, New Jersey, USA

i have one question...ive heard about this technique and i really need to try something new for my hair loss,,,,but i have curly hair. Theres no way i can brush the curl...what is a subsitute for brushing?

Replied by Kamy
New Delhi, India

Hi, I am 58 years old. I am losing my hair rapidly about 60% hair loss, specially from the crown.. Every time I touch my hair, I get two or three in hand. Do you think brushing technique will be of any help? Please Help. I am so worried.

Replied by Marcus
Shreveport, La
5 out of 5 stars

Yes! It will work for anyone because it stimulates the scalp!!! There have been many reports of this method regrowing many many years of hairloss. This, along with scalp massage WILL 100% regrow your hair.

Replied by Shoesan0
Bath, England

Hi, can anyone tell me what sort of boar bristle brush to use? Flat, round etc? Many thanks!

Replied by Fox

Marcus, can you share with the guys on here what your brushing technique is? How long do you brush a day? How long until you saw some progress? Thanks! I started brushing and my scalp LOVES it. Can't believe I didn't think of doing this. It's always the simple things....

Replied by Erin

I would say give yourself a head massage. I'd bend over while messaging and massage from back of your head to front.

And then stand up or sit up straight and massage front to back.

I'm just guessing but I think you'll have less and less hair loss as you continue to massage your head and give your scalp some focused attention.

Hope it works for you

Replied by Denise
16 posts

I brush my skin like this too and it feels so darn good! I think it wakes it up. What worries me is that I then shower in fluoridated water. Isn't fluoride just a most wicked thing to put in our water? Why do we accept this at all?

Carrot Juice Applied to Scalp  

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Posted by Doris (Santa Ana, USA) on 04/15/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: Lustrous thick healthy hair.. Through my younger years in professional career, many were spent car-pooling. The Spanish women I knew all had lustrous spectacularly thick raven hair. Then, marrying, my own Spanish-American Indian origin mother-in-law also did. She said 'well of course all natives of her vicinity, New Mexico and that nearby So Amer region, boiled their cattle's beef bones till the bones were softened, and the water was marrow filled. They'd add a bit spoon or two of home pressed olive oil and use it as a hair treatment, as we do in salons today. What a difference in my own hair in those years. Also, rubbing cold pressed carrot juice, for the vitamin A, fully restored a male friend's hair from total baldness. Took one year, with substantial overall body health occurring, freckles disappearing, muscle and skin tone restoring, then year 2, a baby fine regrowth of skull hair, then by year 3, totally restored youth-level full head of hair.

Replied by K


Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario

Hi how are you, I was wondering how often and how much carrot juice you use as you dont really specify. Also exactly what is carrot juice where do you buy it and is there a certain kind? Thank you.

Replied by Peggy Leblanc
Beaumont, Texas


Replied by Erviola
Larisa, Greece

Hi! I just want to ask if carrot juice applied daily or weekly in scalp? Who is interested for the cattle bone I know the recipe I have don't try that by I heard that it is very good for bald spot. another cure is created with 300 grams of ox bone marrow, 300 grams of paraffin oil. The insert in a small pot and this pot insert in a larger pot filled with water sodden in the fire, so that those who have entered into a small pot, do not come in contact with the plate heat Sobest, but only in contact with hot water, so that within a small pot to form an ointment having contact only with the heat wave. With this recipe put in your head every night for 1 month in a row, and that within this month will see the results, as will hair begin to emerge in countries that have fallen or thin. hope it will help you.

Replied by Lou
Tyler, Tx

Couldn't you just use a double boiler?


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Posted by Saichic23 (Rsa) on 11/08/2016
5 out of 5 stars

A few years ago, my hair used to fall out very heavily - often in large clumps. There would be fistfulls of hair in the shower drain. I was left with very thin and and bald patches, which then drove me to cut it all off! It's not something I ever want to go through again. It was only Edgar Cayce's remedy that had cured me - more specifically CARROTS! I would eat a raw carrot a day.

It did take a long time (almost a year and a half), but regrowth happened and my hair is so much healthier and stronger now. I do notice a difference if I miss consuming carrots for a few days in a row - the fall-out begins to happen again. I have never tried this with cooked carrots though. I do juice them and try a variety of different ways to consume them raw. I have no idea what unknown compounds there are in carrots, but thank God Edgar Cayce was able to recognize them because I now have hair!

Edgar Cayce did recommend other remedies for hair loss, but this is what worked for me. I am not saying his other remedies didn't work - I had not tried the others. A carrot a day was the most affordable treatment for me at that time.

Castor Oil  

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Posted by Alicia (Syracuse, Utah) on 09/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hola, yo estoy tratando aceite castor, cerca de un mes y he tenido resultado impresionante, mi cabello ha dejado de caerse, y lo bueno de esto es que hace que te salga mas cabello, tienes que comprar el especifico para el pelo. Claro que lo dejo en mi pelo como por una hora con una toalla envuelto y despues le doy como cuatro lavada para que todo el aceite se salga, los resultados son maravillosos, no mas caida de pelo. Espero que esto te ayuda, puede buscar aqui en Earth Clinic, ay mucha gente que lo usa yo supe de esto por Earth Clinic.

[Google Translate:] Hello, I'm trying castor oil, about a month and have had amazing results, my hair has stopped falling, and the beauty of it is that makes you more hair out, you have to buy the specific hair. Of course I leave it in my hair for about an hour with a towel wrapped and then give as four washed so that all the oil out, the results are wonderful, no more hair loss. Hope this helps, you can find here on Earth Clinic, ay many people that I knew of that used by Earth Clinic.

Replied by Shannon
San Antonio
5 out of 5 stars

Hola Alica por favor podras decir si usas aceite nego o blanco? Refinado? Cuanto usas? Estoy sufriendo de caida de cabello a causa hormonal y no se que hacer. Gracias en anticipo.

EC: Translatation: Hello Alica: please, can you tell me if you are using black or white oil? refined? How much do you use? I am suffering from hormonal hair loss and don't know what to do. Thanks in advance.

Replied by Marvin
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I'm using castor oil for about 1 year and still no luck for stopping the hair fall. But still I'm hoping for a good result, so I still using it. Now I can see my hairline is higher of 1 inch the normal I had before.

Replied by Nadine

Hi, I have been using Black castor oil since March of this year but I think the results are good. my hair has gotten fuller, I have mixed in a bit of olive oil into it as it makes the consistency less thick.

Cayenne and Vodka Scalp Treatment  

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Posted by Aine (Melbourne, Australia) on 07/22/2008
5 out of 5 stars

re: female hair loss: Hi all i have been suffering hair loss for quite some time and in some parts you could see my scalp, for 3wks now i have been mixing cayenne pepper and vodka together in a jar and massage in to my scalp it is very messy and don't get it in your eyes as it stings, i cannot get over in the short time i have been using it that i have new hair growing i am so excitied over it and shall keep use up to date on how its goin but so far its great. I use cayenne from supermarket mix it up the way you like it i put half cayenne in and half cup vodka then mix it up massage it in then i usually massage more cayenne just by its self your scalp should be tingling and quiet hot after that i put bit glad wrap over hair and put a woolen cap on take it of before you go to bed and put a towel around your pillow as it is messy in the mornin before i wash my hair i rub alot of it out then wash it do keep eyes closed. I do believe this as it is workin on me just to see new hair growin is amazing i am so happy give it a try and would love to hear if it works for others. goodluck. cheers.

Replied by Lana
Melbourne, Australia

Can you please tell me how often you use the cayenne and vodka treatment, is it once a day, once a week etc....Thank You

Replied by Juan

Does anyone have some pictures before/after that can share with me? I tried minox, it helped a little bit, but the side effects are really bad, thanks.

Cayenne Pepper and Aloe Vera  

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Posted by Vinny (Atlanta, GA) on 05/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Not only does Cayenne Pepper & Aloe Vera prevent hair loss and help in it's growth, it also SUBSTANTIALLY diminishes and/or gets rid of acne where ever it is applied. I would suggest not to use the household cooking spice (if you can help it) only because I believe the Cayenne Pepper tablets are much stronger. I mix Cayenne with Aloe Vera and put it on my face and after application, I get more Cayenne Pepper to mix it in just to make sure there is enough C.P Be cautious that it does not go in your eyes as it will burn! In fact, after application, it will burn but you have to be strong! I usually keep it on my face for about 20mins so I try to leave it on there. It will burn but after you rinse your face with COLD water (carefully making sure it does not go in your eyes), you will be glad you did. After an hour or so, you should see a huge difference, if not right after your rinse.

EC: Vinny, can you please tell us how you apply the cayenne and aloe vera to prevent hair loss? Measurements, application process, etc. Thanks!

Replied by Robb
Charlottesville , VA
5 out of 5 stars

I've been using this liquid cayenne (in a dropper) for about 3 weeks now and my hair feels a lot thicker. I have diffuse thinning in the front, not very badly tho. just enough that i can notice and that i want to do something about it. anyway, i've been using it and i've noticed LESS hairloss. DHT covers and suffocates the hair follicles from blood and all the nutrients in the blood (vitamins b, a, c, e, etc etc). the cayenne helps BIG time with circulation. all i know is that it is def. helping!!!

Replied by TA
Orange County, CA

Do you apply the ceyanne directly to your scalp or do you take it internally?

Replied by Laurie
Sudbury, Ontario

Yes please tell me how it worked on your hair, thickening it that is. how much aloe and pepper did you use, how often and how did you mix it? Thank you.

Replied by Nannette
San Antonio, Texas

Please tell me how cayenne pepper and aloe vera worked on your hair, how much aloe and pepper did you use, how often and how did you mix it and what was the final result? Thank you.

Did you use the regular gocery store cayenne pepper and fresh aloe vera, mixed in a blender or what. Please give more detail.

Replied by Vinny
Atlanta, Ga

Hello, I apologize for the late response. The first week, open one capsule of Cayenne Pepper, wet your hair a little, empty the capsule where you want hair growth and then add Aloe Vera on top of it. The amount of Aloe Vera will depend on how much hair you have. You will want to use Aloe Vera to "spread" the pepper. The gel also helps to prevent hair loss as well. The first week will be painful. Keep in hair for about 20mins, rinse it off with cool or cold water, and do not rub your eyes with your fingers as your eyes will burn.

It will burn for about 15-20mins later after you rinse off. Put on your hair for 2-3x/week. Week 2 should be not too bad as it will not burn as much. In about 2-3 weeks, you should notice some hair growth if you do it regularly. Also, on week 2 or 3, increase dosage to two capsules and keep increasing it to however you can handle. I hope this helps. My hair has helped a lot due to this remedy!! It forces blood to your scalp and cleans whatever it needs to (like Acupuncture except this remedy is a little painful at first).

EC: Thanks for the update!

Replied by Rkm
Springfield, Va, Usa

I would like to know that when you say the aloe vera/cayenne pepper mixture has to be rinsed, do you mean just with water or rinse it by shampooing the hair? Because I have been shampooing my hair after putting this mixture on.

Cayenne Pepper, Olive Oil  

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Posted by Bulbultuk (Bangalore, Karnataka, India) on 09/09/2010
4 out of 5 stars

Today at 58 years of age I am very happy to say that after many years I have succeeded to grow hair on bald areas of my scalp. I have Male Pattern baldness from at least 10 years. I tried all treaments including Minoxidil etc. But to no avail. Finally desparately I started searching the NET for natural cures. I came across The Cayenne Pepper E V Olive oil and started using it on 15th August. Today its 24 days and I can see new hair sprouting. Maybe I have to wait for a longer period, say 3 months to see a noticeable growth. The new hair is thin and looks almost transparent or colourless you may say. I want to know how this new hair can be nourished to thicken and grow longer. I request readers to suggest a remedy for this. I shall update about future progress as things change. Also I will guide anyone on this cure. Please email me your queries. Thanks. Bbtk.

Replied by Baldev
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
188 posts

I would like to know as to what protocol you followed, whether application on the skull or you have been taking internally. Also I would like to know as to where in India you got the cayenne pepper. Thanks

Replied by Bulbultuk
Bangalore, Karnataka,india

Mr. Baldev, Mumbai, please call me on 09343158575 and I will guide you fully. No amount of words will be explanatory enough bcoz what I can explain on the phone will take a lot writing to do. Please tell me about your lifestyle as you may have to adjust and alter a lot if you want HAIR to grow. Its worth a try. All the best. Bbtk.

Replied by Bulbultuk
Bangalore, Karnataka, India
5 out of 5 stars

It is exactly 30 days since I started using the Cayenne Pepper EV Olive oil treatment for growing hair on my balding patches. (Male Pattern Baldness). Am happy to say that the following formula has given encouraging results. (This is the proportion I have used to make a potent infusion of oil to concentrate it. No side effects have been seen).

You will need:-

1. 50 grams of Powdered Cayenne Pepper of highest scoville units (Buy strongest red chillies and get it powdered in the CHAKKI. Avoid readymade chilly powder like Tikhalal, MTR etc as they may contain preservatives and salt).

2. 100 ml of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Figaro.

3. 1 glass bottle with a tight cap.

4. 20 grams of black Pepper powder (kaali mirch).

METHOD to prepare the OIL. Pour all the above ingredients in the bottle and after shaking the mixture store in a cool dry place. Shake every day for 2 minutes so that the peppers dissolve their potency into the oil. After a week you may start using the oil on your scalp. 1 TEASPOON will be sufficient to cover a bald head.

HOW TO USE. Before applying the oil you have to apply juice of half an Onion 2 pods garlic on the bald areas rubbing vigorously for 2 to 5 minutes. Wait 15 minutes for scalp to dry onits own and apply the OIL infusion evenly. Mildly massage scalp till it absorbs the oil. Cover head with a WARM cap or shower cap or monkey cap. Go to bed with cap ON. Shampoo in the morning. Apply pure coconut or mustard oil on scalp during bath as is usually done in Indian hoseholds.

IMPORTANT.... Take care while washing your head as even the water flowing down the face can burn eyes though its harmless. FREQUENCY..... If applied daily results can be seen within 2 weeks. Queries are welcome on my cell no. 09343158575. Between 9AM and 7PM IST.

Replied by Butterfly

Dear Bulbultuk,
I wanted some information regarding this remedy. How much olive oil should be taken, 100ml or 500ml for 50 gm of cayenne pepper.

I am Indian and wanted to know the Hindi name of cayenne pepper. Is it simple 'lal mirch' we use at home. Can we use castor oil along with olive oil, or combination of both since I have heard that castor oil encourages hair growth. Also, please update your progress regarding the growth of hair.
Thanks and regards

Replied by Diane
Berkeley, Ca

Yes, cayenne is lal mirch.

Replied by Kumar
Hubli, India

1. 50 grams of Powdered Cayenne Pepper of highest scoville units (Buy strongest red chillies and get it powdered in the CHAKKI. Avoid readymade chili powder like Tikhalal, MTR etc as they may contain preservatives and salt).

2. 100 ml of the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil like Figaro.

3. 1 glass bottle with a tight cap.

4. 20 grams of black Pepper powder (kaali mirch).

to ensure I get hair growth, do I have to stop smoking?

Replied by Kamy
New Delhi, India

Hello, I am Kamy from Delhi.. India.. I want to know that is this remedy useful for ladies as well. I am 59 years old female, losing lot of hair. Please help, I am really worried.