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Posted by Tiffany (New Orleans, La)
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Posted by Paula (Anywhere, USA) on 06/28/2009


Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate)  

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Posted by Joyce (Dallas, Tx) on 06/09/2011
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I have been suffering with an ongoing yeast infection due to heavy antibiotics being used throughout the year for various issues. The two remedies that have worked the best and almost instantly like OVERNIGHT are Ted's 1/8 Tsp Borax in 1 Liter of water... And another one that I think I may have stumbled on by accident recently...

While the Borax remedy helped me instantly overnight, on the three days that I did not take the Borax, the irritation came back right away...

Well, I recently came across one of Ted's posts for weight loss and he mentioned Vanadium (Vanadyl Sulfate) to help control blood suger... So, I purchased some Vanadyl Sulfate online and began taking 200 mg for 4 days out of a week and 3 days off.

Since I've been doing this my yeast infection seems to be much less noticable now and is going away... I have not been drinking the Borax either... The only other supplement I've been taking is Keto 7 DHEA... So, I'm guessing it must be the Vanadium or Vanadyl Sulfate... I'm not sure why the Vanadium is helping me... But what a neat little discovery!

Vitamin D, Probiotics  

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Posted by Miss Accel (Franklin, La) on 05/05/2018
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Getting partner treated by doctor helped cure my yeast infections. I got treated at the same time. I also took vitamin d 1000mg and probiotics. I suggest eating a mostly fresh vegetable low carb diet with little sugar.

Vitamin E, Oregano Oil, Boric Acid  

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Posted by Elizabeth (Nashville, Tn) on 05/14/2010
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I recently had a really bad yeast infection and had tried literally everything to get rid of the infection. I took diflucan (ha!), soaked in ACV/BS bath, used tea tree oil, and even inserted garlic cloves.... you name it. I've read about the powerful anti-fungal properties of oregano oil and I had some on hand. This was not a diluted brand but a 100% strength oil (so you have to be sure to dilute it well). I saturated a cotton ball with vitamin E oil and put ONE drop of oregano oil on it. I used this to apply the oil to my area, all over. It did feel warm and tingly for about a minute but after that, NO ITCHING. I was shocked. Within 2 days all my symptoms were gone and I have been good since. I should also note I also used boric acid caps vaginally while using the oregano oil to take care of the yeast inside.

Water and Kefir  

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Posted by David (Terry, MS) on 12/22/2007
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I managed to give myself a yeast infection with an overzealous attempt at home-brewed root beer. I don't know how serious this sort of infection is, but I finished it off by drinking lots of water and lots of a cultured yogurt product called kefir. The idea was to flush the yeast, dead or alive, out of the gastrointestinal system and replace/combat it with the bacteria in the cultured kefir drink.

White Vinegar  

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Posted by Erica (Lemoyne, Pennsylvania) on 07/26/2012
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I didn't beleive it at first, but I like most women was desperate. It was 2am and I was in pain like nothing before! I googled Yeast Infection treatments and Earth Clinic popped up with all of these women swearing by it! Well unfortunately I didnt have ACV but I had White Vinegar and It took the pain away after a few stinging minutes! Amazing what a simple household product can do! I finally got to sleep! TY to all who previously posted! For the non-believers this really does work! Im telling everyone about it!

Posted by Kat (Tulsa, Oklahoma ) on 02/18/2012
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Hi guys, I'm 16 years old and have been having a problem with yeast infections. Being a female teenager living with my father, you can see how discussing this topic with him is a little uncomfortable. I was so relieved when I saw this site. I've never tried ACV but it definitely works. If you don't have any ACV a good substitute is white vinegar. Itching and uncomfortable, I was in a panic to find relief. So I did some research and found that mixing white vinegar with some water and using a damp towel to apply to the area. If the infection is external. Mine is. I found instant relief! My itching and burning is gone! I plan to continue this method for a couple days just to make sure the infection leaves for good. Thanks to all of you who shared your stories!! You helped so much!!

Yeast Infection Prevention  

Posted by Bethany (Phildadelphia, Pa) on 10/12/2013

Yeast Infection Prevention:

I took antibiotics for pneumonia. I always get a yeast infection with antibiotics ever since taking tetracycline as a teenager. Since the antibiotic didn't really seem to work for my lung infection, I continued several home remedies. These didn't seem to help my lung infection, but they prevented a yeast infection -- at least temporarily. About 2 weeks after I stopped all remedies I got the dreaded yeast infection 2 days before my period. Less severe than my usual, but still itchy and uncomfortable. Now I'm trying to figure out exactly what kept the yeast at bay and wonder if readers can help. Here's what I did while on antibiotics:

- Fresh pressed or chopped raw garlic: 1-3 cloves 2x/day

- Olive leaf extract (liquid form in a capsule): 2 caps 3x/day

- Cayenne tea with 1 TB ACV and 1/2 T honey added

- Lomatium extract: 10-15 drops 2x/day

- Astragalus/reishi tincture: 2 droppers 2x/day

- Jatoba tincture: 1 dropper 2x/day

- Vit C: 500 mg 2x/day

- Probiotic: expired and no consistent amount but ~5 tabs a day of 1 billion organism non-refrigerated

I thought it might be the olive leaf that helped but I've been taking it for 2 days now and still have a mild yeast infection. I realize yeast infection prevention is probably more effective than treating an active infection, but I'm starting to wonder if it was one or more of the other remedies that led to my initial escape from yeast.

I could just take everything above to try for a cure but doing all that took a great deal of effort and I smelled like garlic at work (easy to explain during the weeks I had a bad cough, but not so easy to explain now).

Any thoughts?

Replied by Dave
Fountain Inn, Sc

Hello Bethany,

You ask why the formula worked... Well your combo of 9 items?... are all anti viral/fungal. A great combo.

So you got both infections under control... for a while.

But the infection is apparently systemic. And so comes back after being pushed off the field, but it's still on the sideline and jumps back into play as soom as it can. (Can sure tell I'm writing this during football season. ) So you need something to go with for a longer period of time.

Check out nystatin. I've had experience with it and it is a great anti yeast substance. And my old stand by is colloidal silver. On an empty stomach will over months get rid of virus/fungus and bacteria.

"Nystatin" is not a statin or at least I've never heard that. And use the CS as an irrigation also. Wherever the infection is where it is subject to direct application, it is especially effective. I mean if you can get it "squirted" where ever the infection is... Do it. High PPM from my experience is best. (Controversy on that. Some think a low concentration also works... Like 15 ppm. ) Nystatin comes in a cream form and I used that plus as a powder in water and taken orally.

CS...take one tablespoon on empty stomach twice a day for four to six months. Consistency and taking enough of it are the key.

On the lung infection, you'll need a nebuliser... A steamer... And the CS goes into the pan and you breathe in deeply the CS for five min after the steam is well under way. Twice a day for a month.

Make sure you give yourself a sinus/ear canal irrigation... five or six irrigations a week for a month. Yes, it's there too. You must get the ears so that the eustacian tubes can get the effect also.

I know this is frustrating for you, and it's the long term app that will nail the problem. As long as you leave ANY in your system it will come back. What you've done so far is good and demonstrates you are onto the real problem but persistence over many months is the answer. Using the right stuff is the answer. (Make sure you take some probiotics since you will be on CS for a while. Some say long term CS can hurt "beneficial bacteria" although I've not found that to be true.)


Replied by Bethany
Pennsylvania, Usa

Hi Dave, thank you for your detailed response. Fortunately my bronchitis/pneumonia (first one ever) finally resolved, but it seems time, sleep, and my own immune system helped more than the prescription and natural remedies. Since lung infections have a way of recurring once bacteria/viruses have made their initial tracks/roads in the pulmonary tree I will keep your lung/sinus advice in mind for the future.

Nystatin is a prescription antifungal medicine (comes in both oral and topical versions). Am hoping to balance my body without antifungal meds just yet, although I do have some fluconazole (Diflucan) as a backup. I will read more about CS as I have some concerns about toxicity (especially the argyrosis) with long-term use.

Yeast-Free Diet  

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Posted by Barbara (Toronto, On, Canada) on 12/16/2009
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Yeast free diet cured me of yeast infections

I used to have recurrent painful, debilitating yeast infections. I would sometimes get a red rash as well. The treatment was a three day dose of Sulpha tablets followed by yeast infections inserts and cream. This worked but began to deplete my energy and immune health after a while. On a whim one day I decided to try giving up yeast. This was five years ago and since that day I have not had a single yeast infection. It is hard to give up yeast. Not only is it in almost all processed foods, it is also hidden. Enriched flour, citric acid, soy sauce, vinegar, natural flavor and and vitamins is how it is added and hidden in most foods. I make all my own foods basically and that is alot of work( fortunately I love to cook) but the pay off is that I am completely free of yeast infections and my immune health is so strong that now if I do occasionally eat yeast containing food I do not get infections and my body will naturally clean itself out within a few days.

A healthy (low or no sugar, salt and bad fats, preferably vegetarian or vegan )yeast free diet is the easiest way to cure yourself of this ailment and it works. I also eat alot of acidic fruit like kiwi, cranberries and eat alot of greens which helps alot as well.

For vegans- watch out for soy products (soy milk, meat, dairy) as they almost always contain yeast. It is added as Vitamin B12 or D and labeled as such or sometimes as "natural flavoring".

Also- nutritional yeast is okay but you need to boil it for 20 minutes to kill any living yeast and use it only occasionally. It is an inactive yeast but can still cause yeast to overgrow in your system. It is common in vegan food as a Vit B12 supplement and flavoring additive.


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Posted by Haipai (Singapore) on 03/06/2015

I have always had what I now realise are low level yeast infections during my periods, usually when I didn't have time to run to the loo and change my pad. They've always cleared up within a day or two though, so I've never really had to look into the symptoms until now. Not sure if it's true for everyone, but another user mentioned avoiding flavoured condoms. And I can trace the start of this to before my period when I tried them for the first time. No more, thank you. The yoghurt works. I had a teaspoonful in my palm, went to the loo and put fingerfuls around the outside and inside. Stuffed my underwear with toilet paper, and went about my business. In fifteen minutes, I noticed that the burning and itching is gone, and has been for a while. Will rinse thoroughly though in a bit, because I always heard that dairy wasn't good for infections either.

Posted by Tammy (Newville, Pa) on 02/01/2013
5 out of 5 stars

3 days suffering from vaginal yeast infection. First tried Hydrogen peroxide - no relief. Next ACV. Made me raw. Desperate, I bought Monostat. DO NOT USE MONOSTAT. It was inside of me about 3 hrs. I was terribly uncomfortable, burning & itching worse than before inserting the Monostat. I Flushed/wiped it out of my v-jay as best I could. Husband went to grocery store for plain, active yogurt for me (thats luv). Used the syringe method with 10 ml. Instantly soothed the burning. No itching. Thank you all. I will apply again before bed the next 5 days as recommended here.

Posted by Danielle (Houston, Tx) on 01/03/2011
5 out of 5 stars

WOW! After a very long awful battle with antibiotics my body was all out of whack. I had been on azo for awhile but even that wasn't working for me. I get on earthclinic and tried apple cider vinegar, absolutely did not work. I ate 1.5 cups plain organic yogurt, and my yeast infection was gone later that day. I've kept it up for awhile but I'm feeling MUCH better. This is the only thing that's worked the best for me.

Posted by Rachel (Palm Bay, Florida) on 12/14/2010

The first time that I'd ever gotten a yeast infection it was a result of antibiotics. Ouch. It seems that I've battled them ever since. My vaginal discharge used to be clear and now even when there is no itching or burning it is whitish. I will try the plain yogurt overnight. I also noticed that I usually use a fake sugar with my coffee in the mornings. The past two weeks we've been out of fake sugar so I used real sugar. BIG mistake, turns out high blood sugar increases the amount of sugar that is in the vaginal fluid... Now the yeast is feeding off of that sugar and the infection is so bad that it's all up around my anus. I've douched with vinegar and it was clear discharge for the first time since the car accident. But the yeast came back with a vengance. So I bought Vagisil which only treats the symptoms and not the cause. I didn't have enough money to get monestat!

Tonight I shall get some plain unsweetened unflavored yogurt and insert it. I've been eating it but cannot consume the plain stuff, Azo Yeast Tablets were working great. But the discharge wasn't clear and sometimes they'd make me throw up! I believe that all of these symptoms are pointing to pre diabetes. (I'm 25 and experiencing numbness and vericose veins in my legs too)Type 2 runs in my family and I'd like to get checked. Type 2 is resolvable through diet and excercise. I've eliminated a lot of my real sugar intake and switched to organic when possible (health food stores don't take food stamps! ) but I may have to cut the sugar out completely if the test comes back positive. No exceptions ever. Please ladies, if you battle with yeast infections make sure to eliminate diabetes as a cause as diabetes does worse things to a body than making your vag an ideal sugary environment for growing candida. I will be sure to read the labels on the foods I buy more carefully now. No Autolyzed Yeast in my diet either!!!

Replied by Jas
Greensboro, Nc

@Rachel from Palm Bay I'm not sure if you frequent the website anymore, but I wanted to tell you that health food stores do take food stamps. I am unfamiliar with the Palm Bay area, but I do know that Fresh Market and a few Organic Farmer Markets accepts EBT.

Replied by Sm
Chicago, Il

Try just eating better - you don't need to go to a health food store, just go to a regular grocery store and cut the crap out of your diet. 25 and type II is terrible. Exercise!

Posted by Kim (New York, Usa) on 09/17/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just wanted to confirm (for any doubters out there) that after two cool, soothing applications of plain yogurt, my burning yeast infection is definitely gone. I applied one more teaspoon for good measure this morning. I used plain, organic Greek yogurt with five live active cultures. And one more observation: only loose clothes for me from now on, mainly skirts instead of trousers! Yeast loves the warm, airless places that tight trousers provide. No more!

Replied by Christina
Denver, Colorado, Us

Hello I just found this website today and I think I might have a yeast infection so went out and bought some cream applied on the outside of the v-jay and it almost feels numb but is still irritated. I went out to buy some yogurt after finding this site but was'nt sure of what type of yogurt to buy. Organic? or any type of sugar free plain yogurt? can someone please help?Thanks