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Kidney Stones  

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Posted by Joann (Tennessee) on 01/24/2016
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I have heard that Alkalizing your body can kill some if not all cancer's. I have been drinking what my husband and I jokingly call "BS Water", 1 teaspoon Baking soda in a cup of filtered water every morning. My Doctor swears that because my body is now more alkaline instead of acidic that it is helping with my problem of producing Kidney stones. I do not have nearly the amount of pain I did before starting this regime. Can you recomend any other ways to Alkalize a persons body quickly?? Thanx so much!! (BS Water tastes like toilet water smells and it also seems to cause a little bloat?? - Yuck!! ) lol & sigh ;)

Replied by Tan

I had a Pekingese which had kidney stones removed. Vet afterward advised she will probably reform additional stones due to her current blood chemistry balance ( ? pH.) Not thinking my dog nor my finances could go through this again... I read and read. Well, I realized the Vet had prescribed a suphur drug and an antibiotic.

The sulphur drug was replaced by me with a partial MSM. And I added sweet peas for phosphate to her meals. Also, added Sassafras (a herbal stone breaker.) This was 10 years ago with no reoccurance or issues.

God Bless, hope this helps

Lemon Bicarb, Blackstrap Molasses  

Posted by Sick (Sl, H, Kuwait) on 04/16/2013

I am gona start Ted's LEMON/BICARB alkalizing remedy and also start taking Blackstrap Molasses, but I am confused as both are to be taken empty stomach. Can anybody please advice how do I take them both daily? Thank you.

Replied by M
Somewhere, Europe

Sick: I have always taken Blackstrap Molasses at any time during the day, and with meals or without and the effect is wonderful.

It seems that only the lemon/baking soda needs to be taken on it's own, first thing in the morning.

Replied by Sick
S, Kuwait

thank you M.

Lemon Formula  

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Posted by Sunny (Sacramento, California ) on 03/11/2015

I cannot balance my pH even with the lemon/lime and baking soda. It still remains 6.0. I have recently been diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency and do not receive help from my medical doctor on how to balance minerals.

Posted by Annabelle (Nigeria) on 10/28/2013

Hi Ted, am scared! I read so much about ur alkalizing formulas but could not lay my hands on organic apple cider vinegar. I then tried the lemon and baking soda mix. In my rush I used baking powder instead of baking soda. Pls have I done myself damage? My research shown that they may be similar but they r vastly different. Pls help.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Annabelle, one dose won't harm you. Remember to drink water.

Replied by Annabelle

Mmsg, Thank u so much for ur response. I actually took it twice before I realized.

Posted by Healthminded (Montgomery) on 10/26/2013
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I am worried I took too much baking soda/lemon juice yesterday. The instructions are a bit confusing on the page I did as #4 states, but obviously completely misunderstood how to do it. I put 3 T of lemon juice in glass then added baking soda slowly and kept adding it and the foam never stopped til almost 1/4C had been added to the 3T of lemon juice. Then filled the glass half-way with water. It was VERY salty. I drank almost half of that mixture before I decided this just can't be right.

My stomach is VERY VERY bloated. No pain, just bloating. I am very thirsty also. I am not sure how to counteract this? Would charcoal capsules help here? Wobenzym N? I have many things on hand, just not sure what to do to try to undo what I've done.

I can't believe I was so stupid. I should've went with my gut and only used 1/2t or so.....hope I can reverse this. Thanks for any advice or help!

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Healthminded,

I would try charcoal. It is really helpful for bloating.

Peppermint is also healful to relieve gas. You could try peppermint tea or a couple of drops of peppermint essential oil in water.

I hope you find relief soon~

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Healthminded....Taking too high a dose of lemon lime and baking soda should not give you any horrible side-effects except, perhaps, for loosened stools or maybe diarrhea. Taking an overdose should not do any harm unless you have a malfunctioning kidney or if you lack potassium in your diet (to help balance the sodium).

The proper dose to take is as follows:

* Add 2 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice to a glass half filled with water.

* Sprinkle in Sodium Bicarbonate (baking soda) until the fizzing stops.

* Drink it down.

There are also two other alkalizing drinks that I also regularly take now. Both are a modification of the above and have been shown on this site before:

* Add one or two tablespoons of lemon/lime to a half glass of water.

* Add one tablespoon ACV.

* Add 1000 mgs(1/4 tspn) ascorbic acid.

* Add 2 grms MSM

* Add 6 drops of lugol's iodine.

* Sprinkle in baking soda until the fizzing stops and drink it down.

You can also substitute sodium thiosulfate (6 drops) instead of the lugols iodine if you want a stronger heavy metal or chlorine detox. And never mix sodium thiosulfate with lugols iodine -- because each will neutralize the other's beneficial effects.

The second one is similar but uses humic acid. I take this one if I suspect a viral problem in my body:

* Add one tablespoon ACV to a half glass of water.

* Add the juice of one lime or lemon(2 tblspns)

* Add 3 granules of humic acid -- until the water in the glass is a golden brown(not black!! ).

* Add 6 drops of Lugols Iodine.

* Sprinkle in baking soda until the fizzing stops and drink it down.

You can also add 1/4 tsp(1000 mgs) of ascorbic acid to this formula if you wish.

Posted by Andy (Colombia) on 05/06/2013

Concerning lemon and bicabonate juice: Hi, just wanted to know aprox how much ml or oz of water you mean by half a glass.

Replied by Joe
Miami, Fl

Hey Andy, According to what I understand and found in google, 1 glass may be the same as 1 cup, which is around the 240 ml mark. Hope it helps.

Replied by Namaw

I ran out of lemons and limes for my alkalizing drink. I did have lemon essential oil, so put some drops of that into my glass with baking soda, then added water. I drank maybe 4 oz an hour ago. Do you think it will do the same thing? If so, then I'd rather take the oil (more portable for me).

Replied by Mama To Many

Dear Namaw,

That is an interesting question! If lemon essential oil could be used for alkalizing, it would be so convenient!

I am just not sure that would work. Lemon essential oil has some wonderful benefits, but because it is only the oil part of the lemon, you may end up missing out on some of the properties of the non-fat soluble nutrients and enzymes in the lemon.

Perhaps you could just monitor and see if you seem to get the same benefit? Using pH test strips using either method would also give some useful data.

Let us know if you come to any conclusions!

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Namaw

I've done a bit of research and several sites said 1 drop lemon oil in 1 cup of water, swish it in your mouth a little and swallow, drinking the entire cup. The theory is that saliva + lemon oil triggers stomach acid to stop producing and then, whatever acid is in the stomach, will be neutralized. It's also supposed to help cholesterol, blood pressure and inflammation. I think it's worth a try, but it may take a week of good effort to be able to tell. I can get my ph in the neutral range but it gets acid over the next 4 hours, so I will have to do this every 4 hours or so. I'm hoping I can use it for my gastritis.

Posted by Mary (Regina, Saskachewan) on 04/30/2013

Hi,I am having a difficult time alkalizing. I would like to know if anyone has a solution to the acidity of RO water. I have been using baking soda and mineral drops and still cannot get my ph up at all. It is really low. My salivary first thing in am is 5.5. This is with the baking soda/lemon juice remedy 2x daily. I am very concerned. Any help is appreciated.

Posted by Ash (London, England) on 11/28/2011


What is the best recipe to drink Lemon and Bicarbonate Soda in Water? How much Bicarbonate Soda, Lemon and Water and how many times is it safe to drink?

Thank You and God Bless

Posted by Diane (Ottawa, Canada) on 04/05/2011
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I took about 3 times a day, organic honey and lemon, water and cinammon to help my cold, after a week, my underarms became very itchy and small pimples. I think it was too much lemon but not sure. I stopped for a while and it went away.

Replied by Francisca
Michelbach-le-bas, Alsace, France

You should be careful with cinnamon, I learned on this site that it contains a component that might harm your health but I have just looked on Wikipedia and they said nothing about it!

Posted by Suzyq (Washington Dc, USA) on 02/02/2011
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So... I've done the baking soda and lemon before... But it seems, and this has happened before, you have to wait some time before eating. I think I ate about 10 minutes after drinking my tspn with the juice of half a lemon. My bowl of lentil stew did NOT stay in me, no sir, very bad. Three trips already and now I'm waiting to make sure I'm settled so I can eat again bc I'm hungry now... Any tips on how long one should wait to eat after drinking lemon bicarb??

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Suzyq... Whenever I take any of Ted's alkalizing remedies, I take them at least one hour before meals and/or two hours after eating a meal. Doing it this way will make sure that both your stomach as well as duodenum are empty with minimal acids present(causing upset), and which also will ensure maximum absorbtion of the alkaline salts directly into your body.

Replied by Carly
Seattle, Wa

I did this last weekend! I drank about 4 glasses of lemon and bicarb water, and then ate a salad.

Lets just say this... I had NO IDEA that lettuce could exit the human body that fast! :-o It was SHOCKING. It looked as it did when last I saw it on my plate one hour earlier. Sorry if TMI.

I went online and found out I pretty much did a colon cleanse without my consent. lol.

I will say that I did feel great the next day! I wouldn't eat again until morning if I were you.

Good luck!

Posted by Catherine S. (Seattle, Wa) on 09/07/2010
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A couple of weeks ago (after checking my urinary ph, which was highly acidic), I started on Ted's Lemon and Bicarbonate formula. I found that it took only about a teaspoon of lemon juice and a pinch (estimating 1/8 teaspoon) of sodium bicarb to get my pH to an alkaline state, which is much less lemon juice than what Ted recommends. The first week taking the Lemon Formulas was fantastic, no problems. However, last week when I drank the formula I felt my blood pressure rise dramatically. I don't have a device at home to measure BP, so I don't know how much it went up, but I felt odd enough to stop drinking the formula. So others, be forewarned that the high sodium content of baking soda can affect your BP. Instead of baking soda, I am now finding that juicing veggies and adding dark greens like kale or spinach once or twice a day is even better at alkalizing urinary pH. Adding cabbage (purple or green, either one) is also great for alkalzing, but gives me intense stomach pain (gas, I guess).

Posted by Kathyw (Seattle, Washington, Us) on 09/03/2010

I have been struggling to raise my urine PH for purposes of following a cancer protocol. I take the lemon/baking soda 3x daily and sometimes middle of the night hoping it will reduce pain. Since I cannot seem to get my levels up very far I was looking for solutions online and came across these articles: http://www.quackwatch.com/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/DSH/coral2.html


Has anyone here addressed this yet??? I am no Chemist, but the rationale here seems logical.

Replied by Tom
Regina, Sk

Here is all you need to know about the disgusting FRAUD who has been running quackwatch all these years:



Yes. The "Quackbuster Conspiracy" was started shortly after the American Medical Association (AMA) lost the court battle to the Chiropractors in a case begun in Federal court in 1976. The Federal judge ordered the AMA's covert operation shut down - and leave the Chiropractors alone. The AMA files, library, etc. , ended up in Stephen Barrett's 1, 800 square foot basement in Allentown, PA. Barrett, and his minions, had the common sense to stay away from criticizing Chiropractors for quite some time. Barrett has since abandoned that common sense. ---------------------

James Carter, MD's authoritative book "Racketeering In Medicine, " published by Hampton Roads, carefully explains the "Quackbuster Conspiracy. "


"Alternative Medicine" is defined as any protocol, action, or therapy that isn't "drugs, radiation, or surgery oriented."

Posted by Deb (Chicago, Il, Usa) on 08/30/2010

Can you mix a batch of the lemon, baking soda for the week? My daughter has done the shots etc. Nothing has worked. She has had this since she started school-5 yrs. old. Back then product worked, now nothing is working and she is almost bald.

Replied by Tdt
Vancouver, Bc

I have achlorhydria... No stomach acid at all. I started taking the lime/baking soda mixture once in the morning and once at night along with calcium/mag supplement and a multivitamin. I started to burp a little bit throughout the day. I"m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad one? Is this a sign that I'm starting to make my own stomach acid? or what does that mean?

Replied by Mike
Montreal, Quebec

Have you considered taking BETAINE HCL instead ? When the body produces stomach acid it should not cause you to burp. You are probably burping because you have swallowed air during a meal. If you burp too frequently after a meal then that is not normal.

Posted by Kdbruce (Asheville, Nc) on 03/16/2010

I have been doing fresh sqeezed lemon with baking soda till it stops fizzing then 1/2 glass of water twice a day for two days morning & night. I have acidic problems and Candida and was hoping for help but both nights I was up all night and couldn't sleep at all!! I thought the alkalizing would have a relaxing effect but it seems to do the opposite! Can Ted or anyone else tell me why this the case and what I should do differently?? I really want to continue but I am exhausted from lack of sleep :(

Thanks Ted for all your wisdom and knowledge!! I trust your words but something is not right...

Love this site!!! :) it's the best!!
KD Bruce

EC: Hi KD,

Re-posted as a question, per your request. Sorry about that!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi KdBruce...I had candida and took all the BS based alkalizing remedies that Ted recommends. I also had frequent episodes of racing heart after taking my favourite lemon plus baking soda remedy. Sometimes I couldn't sleep either. And I also used to wake up in the middle of the night with bad leg cramps sometimes. So here's what I did:

I determined that my own problem was magnesium deficiency. I could also have been missing other important minerals in my body related to my problems. So everyday I would put a litre of fresh water in a bottle, add 1/2 tspn organic Epsom salts (magnesium sulphate) or you can equally use crystals of Magnesium Chloride instead. Then I would also add 1/4 tspn borax (1/8 tspn for women) and 1/4 tspn natural sea salt to the litre of water. And I would drink this throughout the day.

You could also create drinking water containing magnesium bicarbonate from soda water and Milk of Magnesia(with no aluminium). See the remedy here:


I also used to spray my body after showers using an 8 oz garden sprayer containing 3 heaped tablespoons of Epsom salts(Mag sulphate). I would let this just dry and be absorbed into my body transdermally. You can also take a hot bath and add 3 cups of either Mag sulphate or Mag Chloride crystals to the bathwater. Stay in the bath for at least 1/2 hour for the magnesium to be absorbed. Do this 2-3 times a week. Bye the way, this is the fastest and safest way to raise your magnesium levels.

This cured all my insomnia and cramp problems.

Read about Magnesium supplements here:

Read about Transdermal Mag Therapy here:

So there are plenty of magnesium options here for you. The citrate and chloride forms of magnesium are the better forms to use as an internal supplement as Ted says. But I'm limited with my own options because I can't find any magnesium citrate or magnesium chloride in Philippine chemists or herbals at all. I even had to get my son to send me some Phillip's Milk of Magnesia from UK because ALL forms of MoM contain aluminium in the Philippines. I have the same problem with trying to obtain lugol's iodine (I use foot-painting with iodine tincture now) and with obtaining potassium in its bicarbonate, citrate and carbonate forms(I now use potassium gluconate instead). I simply had to adapt, no choice, but I got there in the end...LOL.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi KdBruce...Forgot to add that I am assuming that you have no renal or kidney issues. The kidneys are what help filter and balance the minerals in your blood. If there was a problem with your kidneys, this could also cause your insomnia as well as symptoms like racing heart through possible sodium/potassium imbalance issues.

Replied by Kdbruce
Asheville, Nc

Hi Bill, thank you so much for your response!! I will try everything you mentioned...makes sense to me since I have always been deficient in magnesium. I have ordered more of the magnesium gel for transdermal and have epsom salts for baths and will try the MOM(milk of magnesia) recipe too. I have been drinking 1/8 teaspoon of borax in distilled water for the last couple of weeks but will add 1/4 tsp of seasalt as you mentioned. One more question should I add the potassium bicarbonate Ted mentioned in his formula's? And is this the same as Cream of Tartar?

Thanks again for your answer and support!
Very much appreciated...

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Kdbruce...By all means add the potassium bicarbonate to the lemon/lime and BS remedy as Ted advises -- this will satisfy the most parameters in your body and is completely balanced and safe. This also avoids all the problems with just using sodium bicarbonate only, as some people seem to be sensitive to this form through their own sodium/potassium or renal issues.

As to your question on Cream of Tartar, I would avoid using this, for all the reasons that Ted states here:


I would just use potassium bicarbonate with sodium bicarbonate instead because it's both tried and tested and is quite safe.

Replied by Joe
Wpb, Fl

Attention Bill: you answered response 3/24/10 to latest post to an email that using lemon, BS, and potassium bicarbonate this will satisfy the most parameters in your body. What parameters are you referring to?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

Hi Joe...Sorry for the confusion. By 'body parameters' I meant body homeostasis -- ie maintaining proper alkaline/acid balance(pH), electrolytic or mineral balance, salinity balance, enzyme operation, proper endocrine and lymphatic operation etc.

To simply maintain the optimum physical/chemical conditions for the inner body terrain to generate optimum health.

See this link:

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Luzon, Philippines

So by taking the BS, lemon and potassium bicarbonate remedy you would therefore increase your body pH and alkalinity as well as help balance your body electrolytes(that's sodium and potassium).

The sodium and potassium citrates formed from this remedy are also beneficial for increasing energy(citrates are used in the cell energy cycle) and because your body alkalinity is increased, your immune system is therefore improved, and oxygen is exchanged more efficiently at the cellular level. Lemons also contain Vitamin C which also benefits your body.

Posted by Lyndal (Sydney, Australia) on 10/11/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have just started to use the lemon juice/baking soda formula.. Already my heart burn has gone (after one day).

I have annoying varicose and spider veins and feel very self-conscious about this. Will this alkalinising formula have an effect on my veins, and is there a specific way I should be going about this in order to target the varicose and spider veins??? Thanks, Ted!!

Replied by Debra
Kansas City, Mo

Is the remedy for spider and varicose veins lemon and baking soda? I didn't quite get the answer to the lady who asked the question. Thank you

EC: Sorry, no one answered that question!