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Posted by Gigi815 (Edison) on 03/09/2015
5 out of 5 stars

I've been taking the gum spirits (1 teaspoon) every other day for four dosages, took 4 days off. Took it again for two dosages, ended up expelling a tapeworm, swiveled and rolled up the size of a golf ball. I just stared at it..not what I expected. My energy level is so much better, lungs feel cleaner. Can't tell me this stuff doesn't work. Sixteen years - 6 doctors told me it was my thyroid, yet none of the thyroid meds did anything for me. They made me feel worse. All the women out there complaining about pain and low energy levels, wonder how many have some sort of parasite?

Replied by Patrice
Washington, US

What dosage are you taking?

Replied by Cattlebroker88
Sunny Ca., US

Fascinating. Did you take the turp with castor oil or anything else?

Replied by Gigi815

I've been taking the 1 teaspoon dose. On my third dosage, though, I got the measuring spoons mixed up and not thinking I used a tablespoon of gum spirits. (I measured and wondered why there was so much turp left) Ended up taking more then a teaspoon but not quite the whole tablespoon. I ended up feeling a little drunk, but other then that, nothing terrible. I am continuing with the turp, but started a parasite cleanse and will do a liver flush. The turp also cleared up a patch of dried skin on my elbow.

I also mix the turp with peanut oil and use for aches and pains. I've given it to several people who swear by it.

Replied by Gigi815

I meant also to say that I cannot take the turp on sugar cubes or sugar. Chewing on the cubes is like chewing glass for me. I've been putting the turp into a small glass with some milk or Gatorade and just drink it down. I figure the sugar in that would carry it. I will be trying it with the castor oil but I have to put that in Gatorade too.....just can't stomach the straight sugar or castor oil.

Replied by Marcin
Toronto, Canada

Fascinating! A great success. You made me want to really try out turpentine. So it was 4 teaspoons a day every other day? What brand of turpentine did you use?

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

G: Sorry to burst your bubble of successful treatment w/ the high probability that you have not removed the entire worm as they are like segment after segment up to several feet long depending on the type (likely beef or fish and not likely pork as they are usualy around only 6").

These tapeworms have monstrous heads w/ extensive teeth or suckers for burrowing into the intestines where next to nothing can remove them.

Using a combination of veg oil & Grapefruitseed extract applied rectally once or twice daily one day I felt a pull, pull in my lower back and then a pop. Several minutes latter I passed about 3-4 ft tapeworm. It wasn't until about 3 yrs latter that I killed what appears to be the entire worm by using pharmaceuticals like Albendazole, Fenbendazole, and Prazequantil. Same thing happened w/ the pull and snap and this time passed only a few 6" or smaller segments. But this time I can report the kind of improvements you have.

It is slightly possible that you have killed the entire worm (if it was indeed a tape, could be several pin worms), but not likely from what I've read the tapes are major problem. From what I understand, the drug Niclosamide is the single most effective against the adults.

Replied by Liszt
Albuquerque, Nm

Help! I have some kind of parasite. I've lost all my energy am constantly itching and have spots everywhere I can feel it or them moving through my skin help what is the treatment you are doing? I just bought the gum turpentine.

Replied by Ksw

I've started taking turpentine oil for parasites. Initially, I took it with sugar cubes, but it intently made my symptoms (especially the itching over much of the body) unbearable. Now I'm using it with jaggery, which is somewhat better, but I would really like to eliminate all sugars for now.

Could I take it with coconut oil? Castor oil has been mentioned but I really don't think I could get it down. And how frequently can I take it. Some people say every day for a certain number of days; others say every five days. It's really confusing.

Replied by Evelyn
Jackson, Tn

I have parasites in my intestines. Can anyone advise how I should take the turpentine? When we were small, mom used to give us kids turpentine and sugar.

Replied by Jim

Some saturate a sugar cube in turps; then break it up and down it like a pill/s. Or simply take a teaspoon of sugar and saturate it; and then swallow. I personally think the method of initially combing the turps with some preferred vegetable oil (half-and-half), as I recall was first mentioned on this site by "Bill from the Philippines", is an excellent approach. I'd put the mixture in a bottle and take a half-teaspoon, or a little sip.

Replied by Janie

I did the turpentine parasite dosing, 1/2 tsp twice, with castor oil. This was over 2 weeks ago, but now I'm getting diarrhea. Not so unusual for me, but the smell is very odd. Kind of chemically? Is this normal?

Replied by Jim

Typically, diarrhea happens 12 to 24-hours after the triggering cause. Me, I'd look for something I ingested within that time-period as the culprit.

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

J: The Turpentine often passes in feces or urine which is not a problem per se. I have used T often over last couple yrs and while don't have the odor in feces do have it in urine and usually need to drink extra water to keep the Kidneys going.

E.C.'s Bill recommends Castor Oil with Turpentine for intestinal parasite removal. So, for paras outside the intestines you would not use the Castor Oil. But do drink extra liquids for the Kidneys.

Replied by Sharon
Yuma, Az

What brand of 100% gum turpentine do you use? Do you need to do a warm enema everyday? Thanks for your help.

Replied by Rachel

I feel like I'm having similar problems. My stomach feels much better. My eyes feel much better. But my left lung is very sore and I feel like there is an alien in there. When you say you expelled a tape worm, do you mean that you coughed it up? or did you poop it out?

Any advice you may to have is appreciated.

EC: The latter, for sure.

Posted by Om (Hope, Bc Canada) on 12/05/2014

Dear Bill --- so here I have the treasure of Georgia turpentine. I have taken it once on a natural sugar cube without any feedback and once with two tblsp. castor oil - again nothing. The way you are taking it.

As a child, I could take one half cup of castor oil without any results. The problem was emotional. Later in life, Ayurveda saved me with Triphala which I am taking forever and it is fabulous as no more constipation for years. But now I have constipation so bad and I know it is because I take a small amount of rye bread, otherwise it makes me weak and trembling with any carbs. I am allergic to wheat. My body just shuts down. But rye is rough and dry. I am of the vata constitution.

I want to do parasite cleanse and am in a fix. Can you help? I am an avid follower of your posts. Thanks, Bill.

Namaste, Om

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Om...I think that you have several ongoing problems and these are: candida/bacteria problems, constipation(acid intestines) and insufficient digestion or inadequate absorption of nutrients into your body(underweight).

Here is what Ted from Bangkok has to say about curing constipation:

"The bowel issue is one of the most complex ones, but prebiotics have more effects on beneficial bacteria than the probiotics. The one thing that will help establish these is gum arabic, 4 grams blender mixed with 250 cc of water or hot water, until all gum arabic is dissolved.

Baking soda is the common remedy to relieve it. It also is found that getting enough water relieves constipation, especially by drinking enough water during the morning hours. The bowel movement requires basically hydraulic pressure to get the stools out and this is why having sufficient liquids is necessary. The slippage is also necessary along the intestinal tract such as alkalization, having sufficient potassium is the most common problem I have seen in people with constipation. As if there is this fear against the use of potassium. For people with normal kidneys this is no problem. Having the potassium requires to take regular over a month, if the remedy requires 1/2 teaspoon taken only at night, however if a person has low blood pressure, then must always be taking with sea salt, at least 1/4 teaspoon once or twice a day to keep the sodium and potassium balance. The antidote for too much potassium is simple, take 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt if potassium is causing problem, and the side effects will be relieved in 5 minutes. In fact the effects of any natural treatment for most disorders takes generally 5 minutes, such as heart problems, muscle pain, headaches, etc to be relieved except chronic constipation. I have seen a 19 year old girl with constipation taking potassium citrate take up to 1 teaspoon after meals three times a day to get her potassium to normal to cure her constipation. I have seen ICU patients take 1/2 teaspoon every hour throughout 24 hours to get?her blood potassium to normal. So potassium is somewhat as big a deficiency?as magnesium. Magnesium also helps with constipation, but taken in a much smaller dose, such as 8 drops two times a day, but in people with constipation it needs 15 drops three times a day, not to resolve the constipation but to resolve?a deficiency. The other common problem is B6 deficiency which leads to lack of stomach acid so take it three times a day."

EC Source: http://www.earthclinic.com/cures/constipation_questions.html#Question_4666

In short, Ted is advising that both potassium citrate (with sea salt as necessary) and magnesium chloride(as magnesium oil -- 15 drops 3 x per day) should be taken for constipation issues as well as B6. Since you are also vegetarian or vegan then I would also strongly advise that you take Vitamin B12 as well(at least 1000-2000 mcg per day).

Your underweight problems may also be caused by insufficient digestion due to low stomach acid and/or low levels of digestive enzymes. That's why you should perhaps consider taking betaine HCL together with pancreatin enzymes(that should also contain papain and bromelain enzymes) to ensure proper digestion occurs so that you can put on some weight. Ted also advises that you should alkalize every day to cure the acid intestine problem(which is also tied in with your constipation and candida issues).

When I had candida I was also heavily constipated and was only having one difficult and painful(dry) bowel movement a week. I cured that problem fairly quickly by alkalizing heavily every day(at least 3 times a day outside mealtimes), taking one tablespoon VCO twice a day with meals and by taking lugol's iodine on a daily basis also helped. I suspect that it was probably the potassium from the potassium iodide in the LI was what helped me alot here, which is yet another reason to supplement higher dose LI.

Replied by Deb
Battle Creek, Mi

Take 1 teaspoon on 3 sugar cubes, then 3 tablespoons castor oil. Rice for carbs. Probiotics for gut. Look on you tube. Also 2 tablespoons organic apple cider vinegar with warm water at night and in morning will relieve constipation.

Posted by Patricia (Las Vegas, NV) on 06/25/2014
5 out of 5 stars

OMIGOSH. What a miracle this is. Just the fact that this turpentine treatment found me is pretty mind-blowing. I've been struggling with a intense parasite infestation since I lived in Honduras more than 25 years ago. Done and done and done everything I could find.

Appreciate all the instructions and suggestions I found here…as usual, a very informed group.

Day Five: I slept soundly for 8 uninterrupted hours! Woke refreshed. Have had clean energy without caffeine all day. No post lunch nap attack.

Day 3 I got a little over confident since I was doing so well…took a full tsp of turpentine with oj in the morning. Oops. Massive herx.

The next morning I came out of it by taking sodium ascorbate and some IP-6. Have felt great since.

Used molasses and coconut oil for a carrier.

I'll report my progress next week. Amazing turn around in only 5 days. Who knew a 7 buck can of turpentine could restore your health? My Diamond G just arrived in today's mail. Switching to that for internal.

Thanks all very much.

Replied by Kimberlea H
Cold Country Usa
5 out of 5 stars

I heard if you have a very high level of toxicity from parasites or such and you neglect to make sure your bowels are clear to allow the parasites to exit you could temporarily get a black spot from the turpentine cleansing effect. just make sure you are able to expel the parasites and toxins through your bowels. warm water enemas work well for this. Parasites exist with Lyme, Candida, Malaria, Giardia, and many more conditions.

Poor Circulation  

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Posted by Anon (Anon) on 07/09/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Turpentine cured poor circulation

I started taking the turpentine mentioned in the introduction. The first time I took it after eating in the afternoon it didn't seem to do much. Maybe warmed my stomach a little. Subsequently I take about a teaspoon poured onto a spoonfull of granulated sugar early in the morning. I don't eat or drink anything with it. After maybe 30 minutes the "noise" in my head quiets down. A little while later my legs begin to feel warm and relaxed. I have used generous amounts of iodine and colloidal silver in the past and had similar effects. The effect lasts longer with the turpentine. Of the three it is definitely superior. Curry powder and garlic also have this effect. The warm fuzzy feeling from the turpentine affects more of my body also. I don't feel as tired, either.

It is not as powerful as azithromycin was, but the effects are different. Azithromycin made my stomach feel less annoyed and also eliminated my fatigue, depression, and social anxiety.

Turpentine clears my sinuses, too. The iodine makes my right ear crackle when I go to bed. It has had a little swelling in it for a while and the swelling seems to be going away. I use about half the length of the dropper, maybe 15 drops? I'm guessing the crackle is just dry skin coming off when the swelling reduces. Thank you EarthClinic and all for helping me regain my health. I would probably be dead by now if it were not for you all.

Replied by Ryan

I've been using turpentine for the past few weeks for systemic whipples disease I can't really tell if it's doing anything or not. I also take baths with turpentine in it. This infection is throughout my whole entire body. I know t. whipplei acts like a fungus making it very hard to kill. This bacteria makes my skin itch so bad all the time especially on my legs it's drives me crazy.

Red Pine Needle Oil  

Posted by Steve (Beaverton, Oregon) on 04/06/2015

Hello there!

I'm going to be trying turpentine for breaking down the intractible bio-films inside of me. Where do I get this stuff?

And may I ask... would anyone know if this red pine oil would be OK? It contains turpentine, for sure... but also chlorophyll and rutin. (Does it have to be straight turpentine?)

Here's the LINK:


EC: More info on buying turpentine here: http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turpentine-kerosene.html#type

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Steve...The Korean Red Pine Oil that you sourced costs $75 for just 2 oz which is somewhat steep and expensive.

Most people on this site are using the organic pure gum turpentine from Georgia called Diamond V. You can buy 1 gallon or 4 x 32 oz bottles of this organic turpentine for only about $70. An 8 oz bottle will cost you just $8.99.

And for anyone reading this who needs organic turpentine who lives outside the US -- Diamond V turps is flammable and therefore will not ship to other countries outside the US.

Because I live in the Philippines I have found it all but impossible to get any reliable form of pure gum turpentine because of the poor labeling standards here. So I got the next best thing. I now us the essential oil from pine needles which has worked quite well. I bought this from ebay. This form is from Pinus sylvestris and is triple distilled -- a clear liquid.

Replied by Mary

Hi, how has the pine oil worked for you. What have you noticed? Thanks

Replied by Steve
Beaverton, Oregon

Thanks Bill...

I'm totally on it... and ordered the 16 oz. from Diamond G turpentine.

I did want to ask: I have severe systemic Candida (especially in my head/brain). How do you recommend I take it? How much? How often? For how long? With Castor Oil? Can I apply it to my head (if so, how?).

Thanks... I really want to knock out the bio-films.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Steve...As to the how's and whys of the anti-candida protocol, I would just take the protocols laid out in this doc which includes how to take the turpentine/CO protocol.

In the doc there are various teas and alkalizing combos described that contain the Gymnema sylvestre(GS) herb. GS acts to inhibit the yeast candida form morphing into the more virulent fungal form.

There are two separate living forms of candida(and aspergillus) -- the yeast and fungal forms. The yeast lives off dead organic matter, reproduces by budding, infects locally on the skin, uterus and intestines. The fungal form is a true parasite that infects everywhere in the body, reproduces as spores and this form might be what is causing your brain area EMF problems. So taking these GS teas will act to inhibit and eventually act to get rid of the fungal form from your blood, organs and tissues(including the brain). This then leaves you with the yeast form which is easier to cure. Therefore, you should take the protocol and take these GS teas as advised.

Recent research on GS inhibiting action on the fungal form of candida:



Replied by Steve
Beaverton, Oregon

Wow... OK... I'll try the Borax with the tea instead of the Borax alone.

Where do I get the GS Herb?

Also... it says to add the herb and drink. So does that mean I drink the herb (i.e., in the full drink) without steeping it first?

... and if I do the tea with the Borax, I don't have to do the Borax separately, is that correct?

Man... I just want to do this right. I've used the 'shotgun' approach to addressing my candida over the past 20 years, and I've only seriously pissed it off... and have only gotten worse. My head is terrible (13 years in the making). I'm ready to get cured.

Replied by Giugi

The right name of the pure gum turpentine you are referring to is not Diamond V but Diamond G (Georgia).

It's the best!

Replied by Bob Smith

dry fasting cures everything, but it's tough to do. I'd fast and then after four days take some pine gum spirits for awhile. That and then smart diet choices.

Scalp Infection  

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Posted by Janie (Michigan) on 12/31/2016
3 out of 5 stars


I tried the turpentine protocol for parasites and had no reaction at all; no diarrhea, lousy feeling, nothing. So, I'm thinking no parasites. So I thought I'd try the turpentine on the bumps on my head (scabby bumps that start out as a swelling, then scab over. get bigger and spreading over time). I apply once a day with a q-tip, leave on overnight and then shampoo. Seems to help some, but still have these bumps coming up. Maybe not the right thing to try? I also take turmeric daily, about 1/2tsp of the powder.

My questions:

1. will applying turpentine to my skin cause problems?
2. what else can I try for my scalp bumps? Thanx

Replied by Anon

My scalp breaks out less if I wash my hair every day. I have oily scalp, dandruf, and itchy bumps like acne. I have tried using Borax to wash it, baking soda, apple cidar vinegar, white vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dandruf shampoos all in a variety of ways. I also get excema on my arms when I eat ice cream, and the two rashes are very similar - weepy, itchy, bumpy, scaley, flakey - so probably a yeast infection. The Dr.told me the rash on my arms was from lack of sunlight after an allergy test was negative. It occurs only on the part of my arms that actually touched the desktop when I sat at my desk at school, so I'm thinking it is a reaction to the cleaning solution used on the desk. That was many years ago and it still developes there, but only when I eat ice cream. Try avoiding dairy and sugar and the rash may go away.

Replied by Mj
Washington, Mo

Try using heated sea salt wrapped in a cloth that's bearable to the touch heat-wise. Heat the salt in a pot until it starts to crackle like rice crispies. Then wrap it in a towel and saturate it a bit with turpentine and hold it against the bump/abrasion. The salt will help to penetrate the abscess and it will draw whatever is in there out. Could be something from all the chemtrails they're spraying in the air, in your skin or a skin parasite. Either way, it's healing for the skin among many other things.


Posted by Conner (United Kingdom) on 09/12/2014

Hi, recently, well today, I've came across Turpentine for Candida. Would this be safe for an 18 year old to consume and if so how much should I take? Here is what I have, which may or may not help:

  • white tongue
  • psoriasis on scalp/forehead
  • brain fog
  • strained eyes / losing vision!
  • on my left leg, by the shin, I get muscle spasms
  • irregular BM
  • very tired

Thank you so much.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Conner...Canada Turpentine or Canada Balsam(Terebinthina Canadensis) is well known in old western medical pharmacopia and is derived from the fir tree. See this description. I prefer to use the pure gum spirit of turpentine from the pine tree.

It seems, from all your symptoms, that you probably do have candida problems. The muscle spasms you are having are probably due to a lack of magnesium and/or a lack of potassium in your diet. To confirm whether you have candida for yourself(since doctors are so hopeless at accurately diagnosing candida problems), you should take this free questionnaire online(which is based on Dr William Crook's questionnaire for diagnosing andconfirming candida):

Candida Questionnaire

You also stand a good chance of having low thyroid or hypothyroid condition due to the effects of candida waste toxins in the blood. So your immune system will also probably be impaired.

Since you live in UK, I would simply use the Myland's brand of pure gum turpentine which is made in UK. Just do a google search on "Myland's Turpentine" to find UK vendors.

You can also use Kerosene to help get rd of candida:

Kerosene: The Universal Healer

If you do have systemic candida, I've posted my full protocol here on EC. See this link. I've also written a book which is sold on EC and amazon.com that goes into much more detail about candida as a pathogen and also provides and describes a more focused multi-protocol to get rid of this disease. The point I'm making here is that systemic candida can be extremely hard to defeat. So taking just one thing against serious candida issues usually will not cure this problem -- the candida either never goes away completely or it just keeps comes back. That's why you really need to follow a more focused multi-nutrient protocol to get rid of this disease. You will need to use other candida killers such as lugol's iodine, borax, alkalizing etc as well as following a special diet with lifestyle changes for a successful outcome.

Turpentine and Breastfeeding  

Posted by Jaime (Calgary, Ab) on 06/05/2015

Does anyone know if it is safe to take turpentine while breast feeding?

Replied by Timh
2115 posts

J: To my knowledge there is no current exact science as to the degree of permeability of T in the body (cells). It is always supposed to work very well especially in the digestive tracts; but there is evidence that T goes all over the body as I and others have found positive relief from T bursting biofilms in infected bone tissues. I also have needed to do Kidney support or cleansing fallowing taking T as I experienced much die-off symptoms.

So, it appears the T will indeed find it's way into the breatmilk. If you have a good sense of smell you may be able to detect any T in a container of fresh milk. As for directions, it is simply a matter of moderation, although T does not seem to be toxic or harmful.

For more info read the E.C. page on T here http://www.earthclinic.com/remedies/turpentine-kerosene.html

Turpentine and Gut Flora  

Posted by Elandreya (Edinburgh) on 04/15/2017

Hi guys. I have been following Dr. Jennifer Daniels turpentine protocol for a couple weeks and getting some amazing and um.. shocking results. I am keen to continue with the treatment however I am concerned about the effect that turpentine may have on friendly bacteria.

Does anybody know if turpentine has a negative impact on gut flora?

So far my internet research is coming up with next to nothing. No tangible evidence being presented either way. I have read that it is important to take probiotics during this treatment. But I'm wondering what's point if I'm wiping them out every time I take turpentine? My gut and I would greatly appreciate any light that anyone can shine on the matter. It seems like this could be a serious drawback of the turpentine cleanse.

Thanks! 😊

Replied by Chris
Midwest, Usa

I heard Doctor Daniels say it doesn't harm good gut flora. In fact she said it causes the optimum balance of good/bad bacteria in the gut.

Replied by Mark

Bonjour my freinds, I recently read about some French research into the turpentine, long story short, pathogenic organisms, (viruses, fungus, bacteria )have thinner cell walls than benificial organisms, the turps weakens the wall further and thus kills enemy, I'm sorry I don't have cross references. My family have used turps for Candida and skin health spray a small amount into a hot damp flannel and massage your skin rinse often and refresh the turps over your whole body and face your skin will become clearer and smoother blemishes and wrinkles fade completely away and small warty spots go, add the turps to liquid soap and shampoo and one drop onto your tooth brush as well instead of mouthwash, spray into smelly trainers and rugs its multi purpose around the house we just use the cheap stuff from the brico depot called Terebinthe.

Turpentine Bath  

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Posted by Fleur (San Franciscco, Ca) on 03/09/2017
0 out of 5 stars

Help: herx, arthritis pain after turp bath.. The article says it can increase arthritis systems. I did one bath and have had really bad arthritis pain along with a bunch of other awful symptoms. do you think it will get better, the arthris pain? I didn't have any before I did the turp bath. also, how long will this herx last. I did 30ml (2 tablespoons) in my bath.

Replied by Turpentine User

You are going through detox symptoms as the critters that are causing the problem are putting up a fight. There are spaces between joints that they accumulate in these areas. Anything that lives has to poo . The amount of infection and food to continue feeding them overwhelms the cleanup crewing idea the body..read protocols on diet that can be causing the problem in the first place.

Replied by Julie

I notice that this post is dated back to March and I was wondering how you were doing? If you kept up with the turpentine therapy and I was thinking that it would be a good idea for you to take the turpentine internally. I do it with a cup of honey half a cup of turpentine and a half a cup of apple cider vinegar with mothers. Shake it up and keep it in a glass bottle with a plastic lid. I start with one teaspoon for about 4 days and then I get to a tablespoon. I go 2 weeks on and two days off. When I got to 4 days off and got sick again I went back on it because I realized I was not completely cleared up. I hope that you will update us and I hope that the moderators pass my response on to you.

Replied by Wade
Tucson, Az

To get rid of arthritis, try MMS.

Posted by Gigi815 (Edison, Nj) on 03/01/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I tried the shot glass of gum spirits in the tub. Soaked for about 20 minutes, felt good. Came out, my skin is so soft it's unbelievable. Will continue at least once a week in a bath. Also started to take internally. No problems, had some slight burning around the heart area. My doctor told me one of my values were a little thick, but that was "normal" for someone "my age, 55". (Didn't like that) Anyway, thinking the gum spirits is working on the area that needs fixing. Will continue with 1/2 teaspoon and build up. Will see how it goes.

Replied by Joeboo
New York, US
3 out of 5 stars

Better But With Side Effects

I've tried turpentine bath 2x a week for 2 weeks now. It has good and not so good result for me. Yes, there was a tingly feeling on the inner thigh area every time I bathe, but it's not a biggy. Definitely, alleviates my lower back pain and relaxes my whole body, no doubt. Feeling very clean and removes all the crap out of my skin. Will continue doing it...

However, every time I bathe, after a couple of hours, I got flaky scalp. Not sure if it's too strong for the scalp or my head develops the flakes/dandruff fighting the bacteria/crap. Well, I was hoping that turps bath will heal my dandruff issue instead of getting more… Any other thoughts from people who has same issue? Thanks Bill for this helpful information.

Replied by Sdl

Re: Turpentine bath. How did things go?

Replied by Redtulip

It is VERY important to use only special tonics on a base of vegetable turpentine (not a turpentine itself). These tonics were invented by Russian doctor Zalmanov over 60 years ago and the method is very popular in Russia and Europe.

They are two types of tonics - white and yellow. The white one increases blood pressure and the yellow one decreases. And also you must follow the procedure and schemes.

Do search Google for turpentine bath procedure or turpentine bath tonic.

Replied by Collcarm

In my experience...The dandruff flakes are generally from microscopic mites or fungus, or yeast (which is fungus too).. the turpentine is killing one (or both) and you are experiencing that.. Don't give up.. fungus flakes off when it dies, like ringworm does.. (it's a fungus too) Notice your feet clearing up too .. :))

Replied by Plam

You're not supposed to soak the head when you're taking turpentine bath.

Replied by Pri

I believe the increase in flakes is the die off of your dandruff issue caused by fungus or other parasites. Keep up the baths and follow up with coconut or castor oil.

Replied by Buck
Atlanta, Georgia

Dandruff is your body getting rid of excess toxins through the scalp and fungal growth. Avoid drinking tap water, washing with hot water, using shampoos. My remedy is sweat 20 minutes in sauna per day and wash with ACV water solution followed by castle soap.

Posted by Johnboy (Arkansas) on 12/24/2013
1 out of 5 stars


Much too strong a reaction. Very unpleasant. If used, only use a very small amount. Two thirds of a shotglass produced a very itching, tingling and burning reaction on my legs. I used coconut oil to calm them down. I cannot recommend this based on my unpleasant reaction.

Replied by Redtulip

You had this reaction because of the incorrect way of using turpentine for bath. It is not soluble in water so you must use a special emulsion in a gum turpentine base.

Also it it a special procedure not just laying in water with turpentine.

This is a link which may be useful.


Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

I can't have a bath where I live because everyone prefers showers in hot tropical countries like the Philippines. So I don't have a bath in my house.

So how I do it is to have a shower and just mix some drops of turps in with the soap in my hands and then wash my body down like that. The turps becomes emulsified by the soap into tiny droplets when you do this and it mixes in more thoroughly with the water and soap so it spreads better over the skin.

But just pouring a shot glass into a bath is also not really recommended. Better to add ordinary pine oil bubble bath into the bath first -- or add some soap to the bath water -- that will emulsify the turps into tiny droplets that will actually help to spread the turps around in the bathwater more thoroughly.

If you don't use the soap, the turps just tends to sit and tends to concentrate on the top of the water anyway because it is so insoluble in water. So it doesn't really spread down into the bath water where you want it to be.

In older times, the doctors regularly advised turpentine/water enemas. But they would always advise that you mix the turps and water with a little bit of soap because it helps to emulsify and spread the turps into the water as tiny droplets, making the enema much more effective. Same principle for taking a turps bath.

Replied by Lola

No, taking shower with a mixture of soap and few drops of gum turpentine is not the same as taking a turpentine bath.

The volume of water in a bath works as vacuum cleaner helping to clean the body through your skin. After having a turpentine bath you must have a rest about 1 hour in warm bed. This is a procedure protocol.

You must use only special tonics on a base of vegetable turpentine (not a turpentine itself). These tonics were invented by Russian doctor Zalmanov over 60 years ago and very popular in Russia and Europe.

They are two types of tonics - white and yellow. The white one increases blood pressure and the yellow one decreases. And also you must follow the procedure and schemes."

Replied by Hale

Did u get better? I'm so sick from the bath..

"Help: herx, arthritis pain after turp bath.. The article says it can increase arthritis systems. I did one bath and have had really bad arthritis pain along with a bunch of other awful symptoms. do you think it will get better, the arthris pain? I didn't have any before I did the turp bath. also, how long will this herx last. I did 30ml (2 tablespoons) in my bath."

Posted by Fiona (Tustin, Ca) on 10/29/2013
5 out of 5 stars

5 years ago, I was in so much pain and as soon as I started coffee enema, pain was gone, but it was very difficult to increase my natural energy. I got pure gum spirit of turpentine. I put about 100 ml in a bath. Please start with a shot glass. It can get very hot. Turpentine is very very potent. I felt all my cells and muscles start pumping like earthquake. I mean that was strong pumping. even after coming out of the bathtub my body cells were pumping one more hours.. I think this is much stronger than getting a strong body massage.

I did this 2 days in a row and I have this tremendous eneregy that I had not felt in my entire life.

A few things that I added DMSO, Auarium salt (superior salt I can't complement enough) Magnesium chlrorite, methylene blue, on top of turpentine. First day I only used turpentine and the second day I added them. I felt much less discomfort with the second day.

Please be cautious of the turpentine amount. Very very potent. Because it was my first try I got scared whether I used too much or not. It turned out I was fine.

I felt so great afterwards. I also did this. I had pine essential oil. And I used several drops for half liter of water and aquarium salt and I did enema. Great. This is a very mild solution. Absolutely great. There is some magic power in pine oil. Oh, just only 2 days after, my flat belly is even more flater and smaller waist line. I mean I don't understand why every woman is not having a turpentine bath.

One more thing. Be prepared to sweat. Because it will make you! I love love love turpentine bath. and it is so cheap. a quart is less than 7 dollars from home depot. Pine essential oil is a little more. And this quart of turpentine includes potent, very potent healing power.

I mean it makes sense. Illness is so widespeared. If you were God, wouldn't you also make ths cure accessible everywhere? such things like pine trees?

From my experience the cure is not from rare or expensive sources. which is a very good news for humanity.

Replied by Lola

It is really good to see that people are interested in turpentine bath. It is a really good remedy which you can use in many cases.

But you must use only special tonics on a base of vegetable turpentine (not a turpentine itself). These tonics were invented by Russian doctor Zalmanov over 60 years ago and very popular in Russia and Europe.

They are two types of tonics - white and yellow. The white one increases blood pressure and the yellow one decreases. And also you must follow the procedure and schemes.

Replied by Redtulip
New Zealand
5 out of 5 stars

Recently we took a video instruction on how to take turpentine bath in correct way.

It is in Russian at the moment but we will add English titles soon. Anyway it will give you an idea how the whole procedure looks like.


Replied by Marsha

I love your question/comment about God, brilliant!

Replied by Lil

Hi! I live in Nz and I' m keen to take the turpentine to get rid off the anoying candida, do anybody know which is the correct kind of turpentine and where can I get it in NZ? Thanks!

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Bill, Thanks for the link to the book. Fascinating! After reading about your using turpentine for a toothache, I tried it myself. I have been having some pain in a molar. Clove oil or a tiny charcoal poultice were helping for pain. But I decided to try turpentine. I put a drop on my finger and rubbed it on the area of discomfort. I did this 3 times in two days. I am no longer noticing the pain. Thanks for all of you teaching on this and everything else! ~Mama to Many~

Turpentine Carrier Oil  

Posted by Marcin (Toronto, Canada) on 03/10/2015

Hi Bill,

Since I have a gallbladder problem and are unable to digest fats (any fatty foods cause instant diarrhea and terrible abdominal pain) I am a bit concerned about taking turpentine with castor oil. Is there any other carrier I can use? I am also wondering why do I have the gallbladder problem. Scan has shown that I have a small cyst in my gallbladder, but I am sure it is not a stone because I have a good low-fat diet. However, my gallbladder function is definitely compromised, it seems like it does not produce enough bile to digest fatty foods.

Replied by Bill
San Fernando

Hi Marcin...If you are wary of the castor oil in the turpentine remedy then just take the turpentine with sugar or molasses. Take a teaspoon of sugar or molasses into your mouth first then add the turpentine and mix them together. Then swallow it and chase it down with some water.

Since you have a suspect gall bladder problem, I would also take Chanca piedra(CP) tea 3 or 4 times a day. CP will help to dissolve and remove any gallstone or kidney stone. CP also acts to reduce calcium in the blood. Cysts always contain calcium which is usually due to high calcium levels in the blood and body. CP will also help to reduce calcium levels in the blood. It will also reduce blood sugar, blood pressure and blood fats. I would also try and reduce dairy(excess calcium) in your diet which always tends to promote cysts and stones in the body. Taking magnesium citrate (250 mgs twice a day) should also help to regulate your body calcium back to healthier levels again. Lugol's Iodine(50 mgs per day) will also help to get rid of cysts and tumors but I think that you are already taking this one.

Replied by Marcin
Toronto, Canada

Thank you for the advice, but I just realized I had made a mistake in my post. What I have in my gallbladder is not a cyst, but a polyp. But I guess that CP might still be of help because of its bile duct relaxing properties.

Replied by Serlinia
Capiz, Philippines

Bill, Where can I purchase Lugols iodine in the Philippines?

Replied by Gratitude
Northeast, Usa

Hi Bill,

First, that booklet "A Cure for a Penny" by Frye was such a wonderful read. I hope many take the time to read it; so inspiring!

What else can I take turpentine in? I know castor oil is recommended and why or on sugar but what other options? In juice? In almond milk?

Thanks in advance!

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

Hi Gratitude...There are many ways to take turpentine and it really depends where you want it to act as an anti-microbial in your body. If you take it with an oil like olive oil or VCO then generally it will act partially in the intestines as well as in the blood. But its better to use castor oil in my opinion because CO is also a laxative so it travels through the intestines quickly -- carrying the turps with it from end to end. This is a good way to disinfect your intestines if you have problems there like candida.

I'm not quite sure why Dr Daniels only specifically recommends taking turps with sugar cubes of a specific size. If, as she insists, the old US slaves of that period used turps as an all-round remedy then I'm pretty sure they must've used either cane syrup, molasses or honey in combination with the turps. Cubed sugar wasn't invented and mass produced until 1873(by Tate and Lyle), which was some time after the US slave period.

I have also used a teaspoon of turps with a tspn of honey or molasses washed down with some water and used a tspn of turps with about 1/4 glass of plain water to help kill pathogens in the blood. I have read in the US Dispensatory(1847) and in the British Pharmacopia(1914) where turpentine was commonly used as a steam inhalant with boiling water and was also used as an enema together with a small amount of natural soap(not detergent).

Also found an interesting passage in the Merck Medical Manual of 1899. Here's an extract for turpentine:

Chian, Turpentine, Merck.

Thick, tenacious, greenish-yellow liq.; peculiar penetrating odor; Uses: Extern. cancerous growths.

Turpentine. Canada -- USP

Balsam of fir. Uses chiefly extern. -- Dose 5--30 grn., in pill.

I also found many entries for Sodium Borate(Borax), Iodine, Potassium Iodide and Hydrogen Peroxide.

Replied by Sue
St. Jospeh, Mi

Hi, where can I find the book, A Cure for a Penny?

Replied by Bill
San Fernando, Philippines

He Sue...You can find the book by Dr Charles Oscar Frye here.

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Bill, you quote from Merck: Uses: Extern. cancerous growths. Have you ever heard of it being used successfully this way?

Replied by Sue
St. Jospeh, Mi

Thanks Bill

Turpentine Contraindications  

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Posted by Hypnomac (Durango, Colorado) on 09/16/2017
0 out of 5 stars

Taking turpentine after or before you've taken advil is a bad idea.

My ex girlfriend took a small dose of terpentine of 20 drops with sugar cubes and just before she took that she took a couple advils (I think) and that had a very bad reaction. The two react with each other. I confirmed this with my nutritionist. She was in a lot of pain for half the day if not more.

Replied by Ryan

You shouldn't take anything 2 hrs before or after taking the turpentine. I've been using this for systemic whipples disease which causes me a lot inflammation. Recently I've noticed after taking the turpentine that it's causing me to have more inflammation. I did some research and found when injected into animals it causes inflammation in that tissue. So Idk if it's herx-reaction or if it's making the inflammation in my body worse than it already is. Can anyone shed some light on this for me please!