Natural Prevention and Treatment of Colds in Children

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Natalie (Mesa, Az, Usa) on 01/13/2012
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My 5yr old son and I had caught a nasty cold tht has been going around and has taking most around a month to kick. He had the worst chest congestion and cough. I gave him a 1 Tbs of apple cider vinegar and put it in 8 oz of apple juice he drank it with no problem, but he said mom I think this juice is rotten; haha, I added I little honey he couldn't tell the diff. it worked so well it was the only thing that would stop the cough no otc was helping..

Posted by Piper (Toronto, On) on 09/21/2010
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Daughter aged 6 had a cold, so I put ACV and water in a mug (1:1) with tsp of honey. About 1/4-1/3 cup of liquid in total. Warmed in microwave. Gave to her on tsp as much as I could get her to take. Next day cold much better, so a bit more and the next day the cold was gone. Other daughter, aged 8 caught the cold. Same mixture but I gave her the dose with the squirt syringes you get with medicine so I could give her a bit more. Next day there was no cold.

Posted by Donna (Corona, CA) on 12/05/2006
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My 9 yr old daughter was sick and out of school for a whole week. I was giving her cough medicine, cough drops wasn't working so I took her to the DR. and they gave her some stronger cough medicine and antibiotic's. It wasn't working neither. It got a little better after giving her the entire bottle, but it wasn't completely gone. After sending her back to school for two days, we had a wind storm and it got really cold so she got back sick at school playing outside in the cold. The bad cough and cold came back so this time I went and got $25.00 worth of over the counter cold medicine and a vapor risor, multi-vitamins with extra C etc.. She was still coughing non stop after all this medication and I decided to go online and see what kind of home remedy I could find. God as my witness, it was like a miracle when I gave my 9 yr old the vinegar (2 tble spoon Heinz Apple Cider Vinegar) and water mixture she stopped coughing after about 30 minutes. She was coughing so bad I felt helpless and didn't know what else I could do. After only1 dosage the cough stopped for about 4 hours after that it started back a little and I gave her some more and she's been fine and back to school without any problems. Thank you for a very valuable site! It's amazing I have another story about my son who later that evening got food poisoning from McDonalds and I came to the site for more advice. I gave him 2 tble spoon of vinegar and he's 11 year old. He was fine after that and went to sleep without throwing up or being up all night. The next morning he ate breakfast without any problem. Before when he had food poison it was a night mare I'll never forget. I was up with him all night and he was constantly throwing up. I wish I had of found this when my first child which is 19 yrs old now was born.