Natural Remedies for Children's Ear Infections and Ear Pain


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Posted by George (Pittsburgh ) on 03/05/2017
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Ear infection in child: I warmed up a slice of fresh garlic and put 3 drops in his ear twice, 6 hours apart. At bedtime, I put 1 slice of garlic in his outer ear wrapped in a small piece of paper towel which I moistened with olive oil. I put a piece of cotton ball on top of this and secured his ear with gauze to keep it in his ear overnight. I gave him alternating doses of children's motrin and Tylenol every 6 hours as needed to control the fever.

By morning, the ear pain was gone. Mind you, this was after trying over the counter ear drops for ear infection for one day with no results. Also, we have taken our child to the doctor previoysly during this allergy season for previous ear infections and we know that there are not any other issues going on with our son's ears.

Thank you Earth clinic community! This was really helpful.

Posted by Provident Mom (Lake Jackson, Texas) on 02/25/2012
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Wow! This works fantastic! A crushed clove of garlic mixed with some olive oil and stirred together. Then sifted out any garlic pieces. Used it on my kids and myself- huge improvement!!!

Posted by Karen (Cooroy, Qld Australia) on 12/18/2011
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I just tried a clove of garlic (chopped into 4 pieces) warmed in some coconut oil and then a few drops of this placed in my daughters ear with a q-tip. She has had the flu for three days and had an earache since last night. We tried hot rock salt for the pain, which helped only a little bit. The garlic in oil worked within 5 minutes! Her ear is not echoing or hurting anymore. Hurray for this site!! Thanks to all who post their findings on here.

Posted by Karen (Sealrock, Oregon) on 11/08/2010
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A capsule of garlic can be punctured & the juice inside of it squirted into the ear (people or animals)then put a large ball cotton in ear to keep juice inside & provide warmth. - there are immediate results. Even with infants immediate results - no more crying & pulling at the ears & no more infection after 1 to 2 times of dosing.

Posted by Patti (Nowhere, AZ) on 06/15/2009
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This is for all the mothers out there that have a child with an earache. Get one garlic clove crush it in a garlic press mix it with one tablespoon olive oil then gently warm the two ingredients together in a small pan. Next use a Qtip to drop three drops into ear then cover with a cottonball. Apply 2 times a day. My kids want me to add that it takes about 10 minutes for pain to subside.

Posted by Tara (Marlborough, MA USA) on 01/07/2009
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I saw comments about garlic oil working for ear infections. A few weeks ago, my 4 yr old son was very lethargic and his ear was bright red and burning. He said it hurt. My husband chopped up one clove of fresh garlic, put it in maybe a couple table spoons of olive oil in a small cup and warmed it up in the microwave. He strained the garlic out, let it cool and put a dropperful in my son's affected ear. I gave my son some painkiller and a cold compress and he fell asleep for the night. By morning, he was fine!

Posted by Robin (Ladera Ranch, CA) on 07/22/2008
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I was told if my son was breastfed he would have a stronger immune system. Now I wonder what time of immune system he would of had if I didn't breastfeed him! He had constant ear infections from the time he was 4 months old until about 6 years old. He was on numerous bouts of antibiotics, sometimes both ears twice a month!!! I spent soooo much money on doctors appts and antibiotic prescriptions. His immune system got worse from what I think are the vast amounts of antibiotics. Finally, a guy at work told me to go to this natural store. I went and a man came out and sold me a bottle of ear oil (mostly garlic oil with a couple of other things) for 2 dollars. I brought it home, tried it when my son had an infection and I was BLOWN AWAY!!! About 2 days worth and it was gone. What's amazing is, it came back once or twice after that for about the first year and he hasn't had one since. I wish someone would have told me sooner!!!! Yeah he smelled like garlic and he was mad about that but no more expensive trips to the doctor and these crazy amounts of antibiotics. I've seen these bottles of ear oil since then and given them to my friends with kids and they said it worked for them too and they were amazed. The sell them at like whole foods and trader joes. Doesn't hurt to try right?

Posted by Rita (Markham, Canada) on 05/11/2008
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My four year old had a severe ear ache after a year of having ear aches every few weeks. I was tired of giving her antibiotics, therefore this time I wanted to find out a natural way to cure this pain. I tried the garlic cure and it worked. Although she did complain about the burning in her ear and she wanted me to clean it out, she ended up falling asleep and slept through the rest of the night. When she woke up she did not have an ear ache any longer. Whereas before putting the squeezed drops of garlic into her ear, she would dose off for a bit but then the pain would wake her up and she could not fall asleep. The crushed garlic juice in her ear really worked.