10 Easy Home Remedies for Ear Infections

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Christopher on 03/30/2008
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An allergic reaction to milk doesnt have to be the runs! For me it was swelling of the throat and hours later a double ear infection.

I did feel there was a connection but did realize it till i read a french book on allergies. Ear infections can be caused by milk... same for swollen tonsils.. I have no tonsils anymore.. i wish i had been old enough to stop them from cutting them out...

Anyhow we had free cheese at work.. didnt seem to affect me then one day i wanted milk...

i dont usually cause well like cheese... it contains mucus and is mucus forming... (at the time in camp, i had to eat cheese for protein cause some of the cooks thought pasta was food)

i drank 5 tiny cups like almost those bathroom cups of milk.. then that the evening my eardrums popped. i havent touched milk since. unless to test.where as a cup of chocolate milk made my throat glands on the sides sore...

The only other thing to make my throat swell like that is mcdonalds beef burgers and orange juice.