10 Easy Home Remedies for Ear Infections


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Posted by Jp (Culver City, California) on 03/29/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Tried several of the wonderful suggestions here on an unexpected ear infection (garlic, ACV, alcohol & distilled white vinegar, coconut oil), and none of them made a significant difference, alas. Then I read a piece on Manuka --aka tea tree or jelly bush-- honey, and its powerful antibacterial effects. Fortunately, I still had a tube of Manuka from my last trip to New Zealand, applied a small amount v-e-r-y gently with a Q-tip around the perimeter of my ear canal, and voila ! Pain erased. The infection was gone by the next day.

Nature is so wise; my personal belief is that bees are absolute angels of health and well-being on our planet. One can often find Manuka honey from NZ in health stores worldwide. It's usually a very dark amber color. (And, of course, being honey, it's delicious! )