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Painkillers & Acid Reflux Symptoms: Unhealthy Relations

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Posted by Sherry (Wyckoff, NJ) on 12/08/2007
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I found this very interesting.' I was recently taking percocet for a horribly painful episode of sciatica. I've just stopped taking it in the past couple of days, but suddenly I have (the past couple of days) the worst case of acid reflux I've ever had. It's so bad I've been searching the web for some solutions. Right now EVERYthing I eat seems to give me terrible acid. I completely believe that pain killers can do this to us.

Posted by Grace (Chicago, Illinois) on 12/01/2007
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I was baffled as to why all of a sudden for the past month I was suffering from severe Acid Reflux. Granted I've had various gastro-related problems (inherited IBS) and not ever exactly a person with a cast iron stomache, the Acid Reflux was entirely new. In fact, it started when I ended up in the emergency room with severe chest pains (feared it was the heart). I was prescribed Nexium and told it was Acid Reflux. I'm in my late thirties, slender and in good shape, a recent mom, and practice a healthy diet. I hate sodapop and most junk food, all with the exception of coffee and green tea, which I was drinking heavily. But while suffering rather severe throat pain and heavy acidity in my mouth recently, I was cutting down my caffeine intake and eating smaller portions of food... without much change. I'm trying the ACV and baking soda for relief... I'll report on its effectiveness soon, I hope! But going back to when this all started, I have to say I began taking Ibuprofen rather regularly (daily) for about 2 months for pain from a slip and fall accident prior to the Acid Reflux problem. For me anyway, there is definately a correlation. I plan to put the Ibuprofen away possibly for good!

Replied by Fanny
Montreal, CA
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I have been taking ibuprofen for many years for bad headaches and never made the connection till today. This morning I had a bad headache and as usual I took several ibuprofen and about midday had bad acid reflux. I couldn't understand why because I hadn't eaten anything that would cause acid reflux. So I searched online looking for a good remedie for acid reflux when I came accross this article. Man oh man, now I know. Honey helped with my acid reflux and I'm going to get some ACV.

Thanks everyone. Yay!

Posted by adri (el paso, tx) on 11/21/2007
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hello, i have migrains and i have taken so manny pills for this and different brands that i have lost count. recently i have been noticing that when i eat. i get a pain in my stomach right inbetween my brest.where the mouth of the stomach is, this has been going on for about 2 months or a bit longer, but not that bad. recently this past week i have been awaken by a pain so intence in the same spot. and to sleep on my stomach is so painfull. well to make the story short I was reading through peoples comments, about pills, and have realized that I am a hevy user of advil. advil dose wonders for my migrains. i usually take anywhere from 2-3 camp. at a time. about everyother day. my question is has anybody experienced this problem with the pain on the stomach after using advil?

Posted by patricia (Sunnyvale, Californai) on 11/14/2007
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I believe what initially caused my acid reflux was from taking my favorite painkiller ibuprofen for many years. Read the warning label, it will cause stomach problems later down the road. It wasn't until a doctor told me to stop taking it that I my symptoms subsided. Foods containing oil have the worst affect on me. I have been modifying what foods I eat to relieve the symptoms and continue to look for a natural remedy. Pleaes be aware of taking IBUPROFEN, I think it is what slowly ruined my stomach years ago.

Posted by Patricia on 11/14/2007
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I just sent a message and forgot to mention the name brand for ibuprofen - it is ADVIL. I think this painkiller is what initially caused my acid reflux. Took it in my 20's & 30's for headaches, maybe once every 2-3 weeks I think. At least every month!

Posted by Janelle (Pensacola, Florida) on 11/05/2007
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I am 19. I have had heart burn on and off (mostly on!) since I was 11. I would go through bottles of tums and rolaids with little relief. For a year or so, it all went away. But recently, I have gained about 15 lbs (yet still not overweight), I have injured my shoulder and have been taking 800mg of Mortin... my heartburn is uncontrollable. I am sick to my stomach, nausous and have a constant sore throat. Nothing seems to help. Thats why I started searching for something that would releave me of this pain. I am going to try the ACV recipe and I'll let ya'll know how it goes!

Posted by Wendy (Spanaway, WA) on 11/04/2007
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I began suffering severe acid reflux and heartburn two weeks ago.' My doctor prescribed prilosec which only worked for five days. He then prescribed nexium which works better but I am still supplementing with maalox. After reading the above, I realize that my symptoms could have been caused by my recent reliance on tylenol pm to treat the insomnia associated with quitting smoking. I am also a diet cokeaholic. I will definitly reduce both and see if the symptoms subside.

Posted by Cynthia Mishoe (Thomasville, NC) on 11/02/2007
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I was recently told I have GERD.' I do take ibuprophen alot, but after reading this I can tell you not anymore. I quit taking their perscribed medication today and now am taking Apple Cider Viniger. Sounds like I need to be taking a few other things also from reading this.

Posted by Vickie (WEST BEND, Wisconsin) on 10/10/2007
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i had double bunion surgery, my doctor gave me percocet for my pain, the percocet was to strong and gave me terrible side effects, so my doctor told me that i could take acetaminiphen with the ibuprophen, within two days or so i was in so much stomach pain that i couldnt lay in my bed that i was sleeping in an upright position on my couch, i woke my husband, crying in severe pain begging him to take me to the emergency room, because i thought i had stomach cancer or something. i found out that it was acid reflux and i never had it before using the ibuprofen i was shocked that my doctor would tell me to take something that would harm my body,as of now i have very little respect for doctors.' even after this i still suffer from the acid reflux and have been on medication for years.

Posted by Adriana (Todos Santos, Mexico) on 09/28/2007
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'originally from Holland and Canada writes: "Thank you for this brilliant site. I was just enjoying the comments and all of a sudden had a revelation. I have never suffered from Acid Reflux until a few years ago when I started taking Ibuprofen instead of Acetopminophen with Codeine. I hardly take anything anymore however, I will definitely say that there is a correlation between the onset of my GERD and Acid Reflux and my increased intake of Ibuprofen, I drink lots of distilled water at the first sign and keep my meals small. I water fast one day per week (ref: Paul _____) and have cut out most dairy and meats. I am cleansing and detoxing in many ways and, I hope to never engage in any form of pain drug again. The entire world of Big Pharma is connected to Eugenics anyway. Do your homework and you'll begin to love your cold showers and ACV! Here's to health without conventional medicine.

Posted by AJ (Orlando, FL) on 09/25/2007
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Had pinched nerve.' Took Aleve every 12 hours for 3 weeks. Got acid reflux and heartburn. Still trying to find a remedy.

Posted by lawana (grayson, ga) on 09/20/2007
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I was reading the comment from Rosemary regarding the use of ibuprofen and its side effect of acid reflux. I am a 27 year old woman and I have been taking ibuprofen since I was about 15 for period cramps. I believe that you are right in that ibuprofen has something to do with my acid reflux. When I first started taking it I was younger and my body was a lot more youthful. But as I have gotten older the attack that ibuprofen has had on my body over the years has started to weaken its defenses. I am going to stop taking it but does anyone have any suggestions as what I can take for painful period cramps that won't irritate my acid reflux or cause another sympton to come up?

Replied by New sufferer
Somewhere, USA
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I've been doing the same as you and even taking Advil for headaches etc (to the point it was pretty much everyday). Then all this stuff started and no more. Anyhow, for cramps I got on birth control last year (nuvaring to be exact) and I LOVE IT! No cramps!

Replied by Angela
Tonasket, WA.

Hey, if you want my opinion, and want to see what others have said too, look up the wonders of molasses on this site. It seems to be helping lots of people including myself with very painful menstral cramps. (1-2 T. full a day is what I've read.) Much as I'm sure the birth control pills would probably work, they too are a drug! They mess with the delacate hormone balance and tend to cause estrogen dominance, leading to mood and other physical problems. Not to mention, if you're like me and want more "blessings from above", that is a really bad suggestion. No offense to the person who said it, but it just may not be for everyone. . .

EC: Click here for the molasses page.

Posted by Christine (Riverview, Florida) on 09/19/2007
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I had mono about 11 years ago, and to reduce the pain/swelling in my throat, my doctor said it would be okay to take up to 4 ibuprofen (800mg) every 4-6 hours. This went on for a good month or two. Ever since I have been ailed with acid reflux and gastritis. This has baffled my gastro doctor since my endoscopy results came back normal with just a little redness. To help with the symptoms, my doctor has had me taking Nexium for about 5 years now (after trying everything else)and I have basically become dependent on it. Currently, I have no insurance, so I cannot afford Nexium. I have been taking Zantac 150 which is over-the-counter atleast 2-3 times per day, with no relief from the pain of this disease. I have recently heard about the vinegar "diet" and wanted to research it on my own. I am willing to try anything at this point to "cure" myself for good.

Replied by Andrew
Okc, Ok
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When I was 12-15 years old, I was prescribed ibuprofen for what was diagnosed as "rheumatoid arthritis" from overuse of my shoulders. I was actually told by my doctor that it would "fix" it. Being a kid, I didn't know any better and just swallowed pill after pill per the instructions of the doctor. I was given prescriptions for 800 mg Ibuprofen to be taken twice daily. I was provided no advice on therapy and no other instructions other than to take it with food if it was bothering my stomach.

At age 18, I began continuous reflux. Despite following the general template for advice that GI doctors provide, I showed NO improvement.

I also have tried apple cider vinegar, aloe vera, and digestive enzymes with no success.

I began weaning myself off proton pump inhibitors (PPI) for the past year but I still have to take a 20 mg dose every 3rd day.

Now there is actual clinical data that supports D.O. theories of PPI side effects. PPI causes dependency so I'm now weaning off with Ranitidine 75-150 mg a day to extend the period of PPI intake intervals.

Replied by Bob
Naples, Idaho
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Since last November, five months, I have had a non-productive cough that would not go away, mucus in the throat and generally felt 'half a bubble off' all the time. I thought it must be a cold or the flu, maybe strep throat. A friend thought it could be a heart problem.

I avoid doctors, but did go for the first time in four years about three weeks ago. The Doc checked me over and informed me I had acid flux. Not sure if he could tell...I thought he was crazy. Even so, I took the samples of Kapidex. He said to come back in two weeks and if that works we'll get you on something cheaper. Well, I had no intention of getting on anything. I did take the Kapidex for about ten days. Still not believing his diagnosis completely I did a lot of reading on the internet and started several home remedies. Apples and apple cider vinegar seemed to help the most.

About six, seven days ago I chanced upon a connection between Ibuprofen and acid reflux. A follow up search showed a ton of people were developing acid reflux after taking Ibuprofen. One site had nine pages of posts from all kinds of people with the same story.

I had been taking Ibuprofen for a couple years for SI joint pain, 600mg every other night. The anti-inflammatory effect would allow that joint to shift back and it worked as a sleep aide. I knew it could cause stomach problems and was alert for that. Never had even a hint of stomach problem.

With this new info I stopped taking Ibuprofen about a week ago. In the morning I felt lousy and the SI joint was out big time. The following day was worse. Last Monday I got up feeling like I'd been hit by a truck. About three that afternoon I began to feel better and I was able to get the SI back in place. Tuesday I felt like a new person. My guess is I have just gone through withdrawal. The acid reflux is nearly gone. I just hope there is no permanent damage.

Here's the point of this story: Maybe I didn't read the label well enough. I had no idea Ibuprofen use could result in acid reflux. I never had 'stomach upset' problems and I don't recall seeing 'heartburn' listed though now I see it is listed last as a side effect. Should have been listed first! Even if I had known that, I didn't know that a dry cough and mucus with no fever are symptoms of acid reflux. The truth is in many cases, maybe most, the first side effect that manifests is heartburn. Apparently there are a large number of people in the same boat. I thought Ibuprofen was a God send...actually it's dangerous stuff to be taking. I did it on my own, but in many cases a doctor prescribes that much or more.

I wish someone had told me to watch out for a cough and mucus because that is acid reflux and acid reflux is often the first nasty side effect you will notice from over use of Ibuprofen. And you will be going through withdrawal after long time use when you quit. Or maybe 'do not take for more than a week or two, even if a doctor tells you it's ok'. It's not ok.

Replied by Bassbuster
Joliet, Il
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I have acid reflux for over 20 years. Recently after minor sedated oral surgery it flared terribly. One day for reasons I cannot explain I took a tablespoon of honey.... I don't usually use honey for anything except BBQ. The acid reflux symptoms quit in under 5 minutes. I have been taking 1 tablespoon before and one after main meals for about a week now and no more acid reflux.... As well as I seem to be having much less joint pain. Concidering that I have multiple broken bones and diagnosed with referred sympathetic pain this is huge! Again HUGE! Hope this helps someone.

Replied by Emerica6708
Austin, Tx Usa

Link between painkillers and acid reflux. Eight years ago I never had a problem with acid reflux, then I shattered my knee (top of the tibia to be exact.). The doctor prescribed me Norco 10/325mg for about four months (same as Lortab with less Tylenol) after that I had a horrible addiction to pain pills, six years later and I'm snorting six or seven 80mg OxyContin pills a day. Through that whole time I had acid reflux problems, every hour of everyday my throat burned, I drank alkaseltzer constantly and it would help for about an hour then it would come back. Anyway I've been clean for almost a year now and I still have acid reflux problems, I never knew that other people had the same problem after painkillers, but now I'm hoping that one day it will subside. Until then I'm gunna try raw ACV. Thanks for the tip.

Replied by Wayne
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I have been on 20 mg prilosec OTC for 18 months. PRescribed by an ER doctor after a trip to the ER thinking I had a heart attack and it was heartburn. I thought the Prilosec was like an antibiotic and would cure and then one could stop. I had no acid reflex but after 2 months I experienced it I refused to increase my dosage and in light of new report of PPI I am weaning myself off of it. I am now on 10 mg of Omesparsole every other day after 3 weeks of tapering down. Any suggestions. I have the DGL lozenges and will try the vinegar drink plus the honey. PPI have reduced my B 12 and must take supplements so have to get off the PPI. Any suggestions would help. Think twice before starting on PPI when a lesser treatment might work. H2 inhibitors have side effects as well but are more tolerable. Wayne

Replied by Skipple2
Adelaide, Australia

Hi everyone, I am an acid reflux sufferer and ACV with baking soda works like a dream. I think it's really important to keep an eye on what you eat, for instance coffee can cause reflux problems and also greasy, fatty foods. I also take Aloe Vera juice and ginger root capsules.

Replied by Suzie
Waco, Tx Usa

About 9 yrs ago, I went through a health crisis that left me with a myriad of symptoms which 4 medical doctors could not explain. I was weak, rapid pulse, could hear my heart beat in my ears, eyes sensitive to light, joint pain, trouble sleeping to name a few.

The reason was finally discovered: I had lost over half of my blood due to daily aspiriin use for sinus headaches for a period of over 20 yrs. I had a blood transfusion and felt like a new person!

I had to undergo a colonoscopy and endoscopy as the doctors wanted to find a bleeding site, which they never did, but 3 days after the endoscopy I suffered my first episode of hearburn at the age of 61. It felt like a heart attack, major pain in my chest, jaw and back. My Dr admitted that I could have sufferred damage from the endoscopy and confirmed my thought as to the cause of the heartburn.

I decided to eliminate all foods that could trigger heartburn, eventually finding out about ACV, a special Amish recipe that included garlic and ginger juices and it helped a lot. I also have been taking licorice root extract, (with the glycerin removed as it can cause high blood pressure). I also take a digestive enzyme. My last episode of heartburn was in January. I feel sorry for anyone who struggles with this sometimes very painful condition but want to encourage everyone to keep seeking a natural cure and don't get discouraged if one thing doesn't work. Keep on keeping on. Blessings to all.

Posted by Sara (Calgary, Canada) on 08/30/2007
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I have been taking 3 Advils, 3 times a day to relieve Sciatic nerve pain. I Started treatment on Sunday and on Monday I had my 1st stomach acid symptom in the middle of my cheast. On Tuesday, the pain was unbarable. I looked up my symptons and it was possibly acid reflux. I have chewed 4 Rolaids which eased the pain. It is now Wednesday and i'm afraid to eat.. I've been drinking water all morning and searching for some answers online when I discovered I'm going to try the Yogurt remedy as Rosemary's reasoning makes sense to me.

Posted by jodi (kingston, ok) on 08/24/2007
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I had a toothache that started about 4 weeks ago and I have been taking ibuprophen everyday for it.' I started having acid reflux within a week. I have been fighting it everyday not knowing why. Now that I have found your site about this, I feel better and I am going to try and cut that out to see if it makes the difference.