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Apple Cider Vinegar for Sore Throat Treatment

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Posted by Chris (Iceland) on 10/05/2016
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I was sick with maybe strep throat: I had a fever and a very sore throat at any rate. I read about using ACV somewhere else first that didn't mention diluting the ACV, so I gargled it straight. It definitely killed whatever was back there (my fever went away a couple hours later) but now a few days later I have no symptoms of being sick but my throat is still in quite a bit of pain. I'm wondering if I acid-burned my tonsils and esophagus? If so is there anything to do about that or just wait it out?

Posted by Leslie (Jamestown, NC, USA) on 10/07/2008
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I tried the 3 T ACV, 3 T Honey, and 8 oz warm water to cure my sore throat. This was a bad idea for me. I am pregnant, so my gag reflux is ultra sensitive. I tried drinking it first, but it really started to nauseate me, so I decided to gargle. As soon as it hit the back of my throat, I threw up.