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Posted by Hbbrazil (Vancouver, Washington, United States) on 11/28/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I just want to thank everyone here for recommending ACV for Athelete's foot. After MANY years of using Lotrimin and other types of of over the counter remedies, this technique worked hands down.

I thought I had a severe case, but from looking at images on line, I'd say mine was low. I did have cracked and open skin, always moist, nothing seemed to work. I did the full ACV (straight no dilution) for three days straight and the symptoms went away within two days. I also, soaked my flip flops in ACV for 45 minues and soaked some socks, just in case, then washed them normally. The shoes I'm wearing don't have good ventilation, however, using ACV in the morning works. Now that I did the treatment for 3 straight days, I do a spot check every day, use a cotton ball to get in between the toes. I can say that Athelete's foot is gone.

Thank you to all and for sharing your experiences. I'm a true believer in ACV.


Posted by Ameer (Barcelona, Spain) on 12/28/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Oregono oils is great, keep using it. if you like do a combination treatment. the key is do not wear socks. it will go away faster if it is aired out. fungus grows in warm damp places. the best way to get rid of atheletes foot is to buy open toed sandals and wear them until the fungus is gone. this is difficult to do in the summer time. if it is really cold in your country then make sure you take off your shoes and socks as soon as you get home. also if you are going to an event or party or will be at a place for a long period of time put on the oregono oil with foot powder and salt in between the toes to keep it as dry as possible. take a pair of sandals with you and change into them in the bathroom when you are in from the cold. if it is warm just wear sandals till they are gone. they professional looking sandals if you have to work in a professional atmosphere. it only takes a minute for this discusting parasite to grow back.

Posted by Jonna (NYC, NY, USA) on 07/27/2008
5 out of 5 stars

1:30am, Saturday Night: I read AC from West Midlands, England's post about using Garlic for Athlete's foot a few days ago and was eager to try it. I have had athlete's foot on and off for years. I also have deeply etched cracked heals which I understand is possibly a fungal infection. And then recently the skin around my right big toe started to peel and looks nasty as can be. I tried the best OTC for Athlete's Foot, but with limited success. Takes 5 days to go away and then comes back a couple weeks later.

We had just run out of garlic, so I opted instead for another powerful anti-fungal, Wild Oil of Oregano. I use OO for coughs and sinus infections and had about 15 capsules left. Before going to sleep, I punctured a capsule of oil and rubbed it over both of my feet, especially concentrating it on my big toe, in between my toes where the athelete's foot itched and the cracks on my heals. I put socks on so the oil wouldn't get all over the sheets. It doesn't smell bad at all -- much better than garlic for sure!

Just like AC reported, there was dramatic improvement by the morning! The infection around my big toe was 50% better... The blisters in between my toes had disappeared. The cracks in my heals have started to seal and are unbelievably soft... (I had been rubbing shea butter on the cracks every night, which helped, but not to this extent).

I did the Oregano oil 3 morning and night for 2 days, took a day off. The infection around my big toe is all but gone. No more peeling skin. The cracks on my heels continue to slowly improve. Tonight I switched to Grapefruit Seed Extract and my feet, normally cold, warmed up right away. This may be a great remedy for those suffering from cold hands and feet. My feet are still tinglingly warm 2 hours after applying the GSE.

I have the feeling that the GSE will work just as well as the Oregano Oil. I also am trying the GSE on my perioral dermatitis and will report back any improvements. I can tell you that the itchy postules around my nose have disappeared. I had to wash off the GSE after about 20 minutes because it started to burn.