Natural Cures for Athlete's Foot

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by Steve L. (St. Louis, Mo.) on 09/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Re: Athlete's Foot(AF):

I used a whole tube of OTC AF'S medicine. Minimal results. I have persistent and reoccurring AF between toes and on the bottom of my feet. I used ACV and it eliminated the AF until next time. The key is to use it and saturate the area over and over again until you feel relief. I do this in one sitting and than again the next day. It works better than anything else! Keep on it! Don't waste money on OTC stuff.

Posted by Chris (Dighton Ma) on 07/22/2016
5 out of 5 stars

The vinegar any type will kill the fungus. I use it in a spray bottle. 2-3 days and it is gone. I continue for a week. Sprayed the inside of my shoes too.

I have used garlic oil too, it also works.

Posted by John (Gainesville, Florida ) on 04/13/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Rarely have I found a home remedy more effective than prescription medication, but in the treatment of athletes foot apple cider vinegar is much more effective and inexpensive. In spots that are about the size of a coin I tear paper towel patches to fit, then soak them in vinegar and place them to cover the spot. Leave it on until it eventually dries, which is about half an hour. Two treatments a day for two days will usually stop the fungus in it's tracks, depending on how deeply the fungus has penetrated the skin layers. Vinegar is an acid of just the right strength to kill the fungus without causing tissue burn, as does clorox. I use the bleach solution to soak my socks in and spray the inside of my shoes. Afterward, allow shoes to dry in the sun. Works like a charm.

Posted by Thomas (Salem, Oregon) on 12/18/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have found Apple Cider Vinegar to be very effective to eliminate athlete's foot. I soak my feet in 100% full strength, undiluted ACV for one hour whenever the athlete's foot gets active. One or two soakings makes it go away. Daily soakings for an extended period of time might eliminate it altogether. The athlete's foot comes back when my feet don't get enough air. The worst thing is winter sleeping under synthetic (polyester or acrylic) blankets. I have to use cotton-only bed linens and blankets to allow my feet to "breathe." And I use 100% cotton socks.

Posted by Lana (DC, US) on 12/12/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had a case of very itchy AF between my toes that I just couldn't kick - it had gone on for months. Lamisil was keeping it under control - sort of- but not eliminating it. I read about using vinegar diluted with water and tried it a while ago, but it seemed even less effective than the Lamisil.

Then the AF took a turn for the worse - the itching was waking me up several times a night, and was at the "want to claw your skin off with your fingernails" level. So I went back to the web and saw the posts about undiluted vinegar. I was worried that it might be too harsh on my skin, but was getting desperate it this point so I was willing to risk it.

I didn't have ACV in the house, so I used distilled white vinegar at 5% acidity. I put it in a Tupperware container elevated on one end so it mainly covered my toes. I also followed earlier posters' instructions and let it air dry without rinsing it off.

As some others have said, the results were amazing. The itching went away during the first soak. On day two, I soaked my foot twice. Since then I really haven't had any itching. But at this point (3 days after the first vinegar soak) I am continuing with daily soaks of 10-15 minutes until I'm confident it's all gone.

I also haven't noticed any ill effects from using the undiluted vinegar.

And one final thing -- I also started using antifungal powder between my toes when I need to wear shoes/tights/hose. That seems to help too.

Very happy with the vinegar!

Posted by Cj (Auckland, New Zealand) on 07/05/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Tell your son to bear it or he will have to live with AF for years it doesnt even sting that much and its worth it! ACV works like a miracle.

Posted by Suzy (Eugene, Or) on 07/03/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I found this site back in April. I swim 3 times a week and even though I wear flip flops I am very prone to athletes foot fungus and have been for 34 years ie.. Since high school gym class! A few years ago I even was prescribed an antifungal -- which did clear it up for a few months. But it has always came back. I had used with some success a mixture of garlic and lavender oil. But the smell was somewhat offensive. I began soaking my feet in ACV a non organic type. I must have a high tolerance for pain or it just felt better than the itch and burn as I can soak for 30 minutes. Just stick my feet in and sit back and watch the BIG BANG. I also began taking at the same time internally (once a day) ACV but the organic type with mother. 2 Tablespoons with about one half teaspoon of organic raw local honey. (I also have allergies and asthma and thought this might help). My athletes foot (toe type) has completely cleared. I am very careful and wash my feet daily with DR Bronners peppermint soap and then blow dry them. I did not treat my shoes or socks... Although I did buy 20 mule team Borax with this intent. I still have an issue with some ugly cracked heels, but the there is no burning and itching between my toes and no skin sloughing off.

I am certainly looking at other information on this site and have been doing the mini beet protocol but will post later regarding my results with that. Thank you EC.

Posted by Manangel (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) on 04/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've used full strength, undiluted ACV on my chronic athletes foot. After trying every over the counter pharmacuetical antifungal cream, I finally did some research and decided to try the ACV. I applied it just with my finger twice a day for one week. I noticed a significant difference after only one day. By the 3rd day my long standing chronic athletes foot was almost completely gone. I was shocked at how quickly it worked. I continued applying for one week and I haven't had a reoccurance in over a year.

Posted by Steve (St Louis, Mo) on 03/26/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I've had Athlete's Foot in various forms for years. I used the usual topical ointments designed for this. Usually, I had success after a period of 1 to 2 week usage. I tried ACV full strength on my foot (a soak in shallow pan or applied directly with cotton). This is a "miracle" cure for me... My Athelete's Foot disappeared in one or two applications course it always reappears in different areas or the same... I apply ACV immediately not only treats the AF but stops the itching burning. Highly recommend ACV!

Posted by Terry (Cola, Sc) on 02/27/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Apple cider vinegar has cured my husbands awful feet!!! I decided to try it after reading posts here. I purchased a gallon jug at local grocery store for about $4. He has been to doctors, tried multiple Crees none of which were effective. For past two months he soaked his feet in a plastic tub of apple cider vinegar. Let them air dry. That's it!! The mochas sin type look is gone. The great scaly heels, cracks and bleeding between his toes. All gone! Feet are now soft and pain free. This has been a miracle- anyone out there that will listen- seriously 4 bucks and nightly soaks for 30 mins- unbelievable results!!!

Posted by Liz (Indianapolis, Indiana) on 11/30/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Re: ACV for althete's foot, I used a spray bottle of undiluted ACV from the regular grocery store 3-4 times a day and had complete relief of the cracking and peeling skin within a week. It's now 4 months later and the skin of my foot is still perfectly clear.

Unfortunately, the ACV did not help with my toenails. It also did not help the red cracked and peeling skin behind my ear. Still hoping for a solution as simple and fast for those as the ACV was for the skin of my foot.

Posted by Sharky (Pacoima, California) on 11/21/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I too have had this Problem for about 2 months.

Before I tried the A.C.V my foot was scaly and the fisrt layer of skin was completely off from the toes to the middle of the bottom foot it also got really swelled up I could not walk very painful. I was trying all the O.T.C medicine but it did not work my foot was completly soaked with wetness and a gooey type wetness I gauzed up my feet but it still leaked through I was wearing sandals because my foot inside a show would get too wet and skin would just keep falling off my foot it was red and swollen I seen this article about A.C.V so I went to the store and purchased a gallon for 5 bucks at Ralphs I inserted the foot in complete A.C.V just to get the entire foot submerged mind it is going to be painful to do this but you have to once the burning and stinging stops soak in a 50/50 water and A.C.V and soak for 30 min you can put the remainder of what A.C.V is in the foot tub just add water it will continue to burn my foot was like it was on fire it did not stop burning for 30 min so in reality a foot dunk in complete A.C V then a 50/50 soak which can be a total of 45 min do it at night and wrap your foot in a dry towel overnight, soak again the next morning before you shower then I used Vaseline and Aquafor you can get these at Target it keeps your feet lubricated and from drying which can be painful to walk.

I did this for 5 days and my foot came back to normal all the skin fell off that was dried and cracked and the skin came back fine a new skin layer was completly there in about a week but keep on using it till you have no more athletes foot- it's the best thing I am glad I read this website its wonderful to walk in shoes again but be careful- it can come back as it did to me on one toe but A.C.V nipped that it the but real quick so I hope this helps anyone out there suffering from this ailment A.C.V is the truth

Thank you, Sharky

Posted by Howdy1242 (Emery, Utah, Usa) on 08/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

As a diabetic I must keep a close watch on my feet. In a 13x9 " baking dish, I shred 1 medium potato and 1 cup apple cider vinegar I soak each foot for 30 minutes twice a month. It has been a cure for athletes foot, as well as other fungi, It works well for me.

I also keep a spray bottle with 2 tablespoons of cider vinegar as a after shower body spray , for itchy skin.

Posted by Bonnie (Campton, Ky) on 07/17/2011
5 out of 5 stars

My feet had been giving me a great deal of pain for a long time. I used the ACV for about 2 months and my feet are no longer itching, cracking, bleeding and no more blisters. I have had it for about 20 years. I threw all of my old shoes away. I soak them for 30 min. a day in ACV that you can buy at the dollar store by the gallon. Also I use vaseline on my feet at night to keep them from being dry. I am so thankful for this site!!!!

Posted by Sonya (Melbourne, Fl, Usa) on 06/20/2011
5 out of 5 stars

This completely cured my boyfriend's horrible athlete's foot. He had been using OTC creme for over a year and it did noting. He was itching all the time and his foot looked awful. I finally got sick of it and insisted he soak in a solution of ACV and a little water every night for 20-30 min. After about 1 1/2 weeks the fungus is gone and no more itching! Highly recommended!