Natural Cures for Athlete's Foot


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Posted by Vsherry9 (Detroit, Mi) on 07/01/2016
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I used my own urine to stop athlete's foot fungus, I also had a variety of fungus on the bottom & sides of my feet. I used my own urine in a bucket while sitting on the toilet every morning for about 5 days. I started using the urine in the morning, then at night used vapor rub at night with socks, then next day I used the urine in the morning, and the vapor rub at night without the socks (I have a hard time wearing socks at night). Each time I took a shower in the morning after soaking with urine, I would dry off & rub Peroxide all over my feet with a cotton ball until they dried naturally. I did this for a week & all gone. I've had this problem since 1998 & I am a real person from the Detroit area. Don't let anyone tell you this doesn't work, especially a doctor - because it does & I am proof. I've tried everything imaginable & was never able to get rid of it, until just recently. Doctors will tell you there is not enough Urea in the pee to cure it, but that is just down right false. What is it going to hurt to just try it & see for yourself. Good luck!!!

Posted by Farmer Rose (Athens, Ga, Usa) on 12/06/2011
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I haven't had althlete's foot since I was a child & I am 40 now so I was very surprised to find it creeping back in...!!! But I do a lot of hard manual labor in boots all day & let my shower get too dirty one time & there you go. So, I cleaned my shower and bleached all my floor mats, & put a bowl in my shower. When ever I got in I would pee in the bowl and add Hydrogen Peroxide to it. I like to take long showers, so while I was in there, I soaked one foot as I bathed and then the other & so on. After bathing, I dried the fungus area and put Calendula cream on it & put powder in my shoes. I ate lots of garlic, took a few epsom salt baths, stopped drinking alcohol & eating sugar/wheat and changed my socks several time a day. What plagued me my whole childhood, was gone in a week!!

Posted by Naturo (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) on 02/08/2010
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Urine as a cure for athlete's foot is the most economical, safe, and timely remedy known to me. I tried tea tree oil, aloe, black soap, coconut oil, Burt's foot cream, all of the former offered little to no resolve. I had a serious case of athlete's foot known as "trench foot" which was a name gained from the soldiers of many wars where moisture would collect in the boot or shoe, creating the necessary conditions for bacterial growth. My condition was so bad that the epidermis was cracking and in areas of the foot - primarily the ball of the foot, there would be lesions that would bleed. The cure is simple, apply urine (fresh and warm) to the infected area allowing it a minute or so to absorb into the skin; this is best done prior to sleep. Repeat this day after day until you see desired results. Note, although the symptoms may subside i.e. itching and cracking, the actual bacterial infection may not be gone. Thus, one should continue daily treatment for at least 1 week beyond the epidermic symptoms remediation.

Tested and true.

Posted by Kin (Auckland, New Zealand) on 06/09/2009
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Urine for Athlete's Foot

Saw quite a few latest Posts regarding Athlete's Foot, so decided to post my experience. Urine works well for Athlete's Foot. I have Athlete's Foot for about a year, tried AVC, Tea Tree Oil, Lavender Oil, Grapefruit seed oil, they all work to certain degree but Urine is the best cure. Iodine works well too but urine is the most effective.

I soaked my feet in my own urine daily for about 15 minutes in a leak proof plastic bag; let my feet dried off before I had my shower. I saw improvement within days and after about a week or two, it was almost 100% cured. It's free and easily available. Pee on your feet method did not work that well for me. Wonder if urine can be used externally for face and hair?

Posted by Rob (Robertsville, MO) on 05/02/2009
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i had athlete's foot so bad i would pull large chunks of skin and my feet would bleed my cousens girlfriend told me her grandpa told her brouther to pee on his feet when he first got in the shower then wait till last to wash them i started doing this that night and it took about 2 weeks its been about 4 years cince ive had any problem with my feet

Posted by Scott (Anaheim, CA) on 03/04/2009
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I tried everything OTC and nothing worked well. Literally everything. I am even put VICs on my feet before sleeping for 1 month. It cleared up the nails, but it came back really quickly after stopping. The nails started to get dark again. I did vinegar soaks and that didn't help either.

Finally, I decided to PEE on my feet twice a day (morning pee and night). I remembered a few years back, I had this bad headache that wouldn't go away and I ended up drinking my own morning urine for a week after trying everything else. It fixed that headache. Its really amazing, but it cleared up my feet in a matter of days, not months or 1 year. Don't believe those that say it doesn't work. Urine has thousands of nutrients, many of which can't be detected with our equipment. It literally cleared it up in 1 week. I also resorted to spitting on my feet and rubbing in the SALIVA letting dry. Remember dogs and cats always licking their paws? Its Saliva they are spreading and used to clean their paws.

Posted by Rosy (Orlando, Fl) on 12/23/2008
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This is going to sound nasty but it works. I got athletes foot once from a pair of combat boots I bought at and army navy surplus store. What you want to do is pee in a paper cup and then poor this over your althetes foot. Let it set for a few minutes then wash off. I used to do this in the morning and evening. It cleared up in about a week.

Posted by Jonny J (Woodland Park, Colorado) on 07/25/2008
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YES! I also have been using urine for athletes foot and have ALWAYS had complete success. Just Like the post says, Just pee on your feet in the shower and it'll kill it dead. Don't be grossed out either. First of all you ARE in the shower. Secondly, If you read up on urine its not as bad as you may think. its even used (fresh) on the face in some cases. (I personally will use soap for that one though!)

Posted by Steve (Plano, TX) on 05/08/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Urinating on Foot cures athletes foot. I know this sounds foul but it works and is free. I learned this in the Army since athletes foot is pretty common. Your first morning's urine is best because it will have the highest concentration of enzymes. So when taking a shower in the morning, try this procedure and you should see the fungus die off pretty quickly.