Natural Cures for a Bee Sting


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Posted by Lover Of Truth (Bloomington, In) on 08/07/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I recently took my mother's truck to the gas station to be filled up. It had been sitting in the field unused for some time so when I went to open the gas tank I hand no idea there was a mini wasp's nest inside. It literally was a second or less before I was stung after opening the hinged lid. It was the most painful sting I've ever had and went super deep inside. Unfortunately it was a half an hour or so before I could treat it which may have contributed the the reaction. My hands over a 5 hour period swelled up like balloons and stayed that way for days. It was so bad I could not fully clench my hand nor see my knuckles. At any rate I tried everything I knew. I tools lots of MSM and c. I took benadryl. I took lots of bromelein on a empty stomach. I took apple cider finger internally and topically. I also tried bentonite clay. Nothing seemed to help. Now so could say it was just time but when I put the first dose of a gel made for stings on my wound at night by the next morning the swelling had reduced by 80-90%. I was so impressed I kept putting it on my hand till by the next day it was totally healed. For those interested some of the ingredients included arnica, calendula, echinacea, hypericum, ledum, and pyrethrum. This site in my opinion is like a science test so if others experience something similar I'd be interested to see if it works as a general rule or was just an isolated incident.