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Posted by Dmalali (Ac, Nj) on 01/11/2012
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Be careful with substance that are high in iron. MRSA lives off of the iron levels in ones blood. It attaches onto the red blood cells and feeds off their iron. Also, be careful with oil based topical treatments such as neosporin vaseline etc.. oil traps the infection inside the skin and creates a breeding ground for the infection to grow.

Posted by Ma (Co, Usa) on 06/04/2010
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Please anyone that has recurring boils, go to your health professional and get checked out. I have had recurring boils and just found out I have MRSA. MRSA seems to be more and more common these days and can be harmful if left untreated.

The turmeric was an awesome temporary remedy for my boils, but when I began to have shortness of breath and chest pains, I knew I had to get checked out.

Listen to your bodies.

Posted by Luckyseattlegirl (Seattle, Wa Usa) on 01/25/2010
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I just wanted to make a quick comment about boils. It is very important to get your boils checked out by a doctor because now days there is a huge spread of MRSA infections that look like boils but they are really staph infections. Sometimes people think that a boil is just a boil but it is really a deadly staph infection. MRSA staph infections can kill you or if the infection just looks like a boil it can really be doing a lot of hard on the inside of your body and spread and if it gets into your blood stream (and it happens fast) it could kill you or make you deathly sick. If you get something that looks like a boil or a infected pimple get it looked at and do take the antibiotics unless you don't care if you die or get deathly sick. When I was young I got boils all the time and my mom would take care of them for me. Now I am 26 and have been in the hospital from a serious staph infection that looked just like a pimple or a boil. I spent a week in the hospital once for thinking it would just go away and I try homemade treatment. Don't try to fix yourself or a pet in these situations. Go seek professional help with these. This info may save your life. Also, never poke at a pimple or boil with anything sharp or squeeze them because it may be a staph infection and could spread inside of your body and will cause a hospitalization over night. trust me. I know lots of people that thought these things would go away after squeezing them and ended up spending the night in the hospital.

Posted by Kelly (Cincinnati, Ohio) on 11/11/2009
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I would like to warn everyone about treating boils. Prior to knowing about earthclinic I had a boil on my leg that grew to the size of a grapefruit (inner thigh). I'm not a doctor, this just my personal experience. I shudder when I read someone advising others to apply heat to a boil to make it come to a head. That's what I did and I almost died. boils for whatever reason one has one, are full of infection. applying heat pulls blood to the surface and increases the risk of spreading the infection already in the boil. I was treating myself, like many others w/o insurance. I did not have the knowledge about turmeric and other home remedies then. better to use the home remedies, have patience, and if it does not clear up get to a hospital. I hate being in debt, but I think I'd hate being dead over a boil worse. If you have a store near by that sells indian groceries buy turmeric in bulk--inexpensive. Then either get empty capsules from a healthfood store and make your own (empty caps also not expensive), or to get the turmeric into you, make golden milk and drink it:

1-2 tablespoons turmeric
2 cups milk (lactose intolerant- use rice milk)
1 tablespoon honey ( I prefer molasses blackstrap, full of b-vitamins and iron) to personal taste

heat milk to warm, not boil, and add turmeric and honey. when drinking stir cup before sip as turmeric settles to bottom and you want to get it all down w/ the liquid.

Turmeric is the key ingredient in mustard, wear old clothes or handle carefully it stains. c/o topical apps here at Earth Clinic. I wish I had known about this site, I might have been able to save myself from having emergency surgery and 2 months on my back in a nusing home on a wound pump (pumping out infection). I'm only 49 years old!

EC: Thank you Kelly, great advice!