Natural Cures for Brain Fog

Coconut Oil  

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Posted by Christopher (Fitchburg ) on 05/06/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Hey man I just wanna say your like a message from the holy spirit bro I have been suffering for over 17 years brain fog confusion, memory loss, fatigue, u name it I had it!! I would cry my eyes out all the time!!! But last night I read your testimony and I tried it 5 minutes after I was finding peace man and I couldn't believe it I was just so amazed?? What the heck!!! Please contact me bro thanks

Posted by Cat (Austin, Tx) on 02/15/2013
5 out of 5 stars

This may help because it helped my brain fog. I found that a small teaspoon of Virgin Coconut Oil ingested each morning immediately gets my brain sharper for the day. I was having foggy, muddled, almost lethargic thinking and getting very slow recall of names, events, and rememberances of just "yesterday." Since eating that tsp of VCO, I'm a lot sharper. I can recall a name at the drop of a hat. A small tsp at night, before bed gives me the best rest I've ever had; I wake up feeling wonderfully, well-slepted. However, being allergic to most nuts in various degrees, one symptom has arisen since taking VCO: my nose skin peels and around my chin and nose folds, it is slightly rashy. I'm not sure if this is a fungus/candida detox or allergic symptom. I did read that many people are allergic to the actual coconut protein and not allergic to the oil. I will monitor this for the next month. However, my brain IS sharper since taking this small amount of VCO every morning and before bed. I note that many people have stated the same, but, also advocate starting with small doses of VCO, say 1/2 tsp, particularly if you have candida, allergies to nuts, or get heart palpatations. Starting small, avoids massive detoxing of your organs and skin.

Posted by Dottywine (Dallas, Texas) on 08/07/2011
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Just wanted to add that whenever I cook my breakfast eggs with UNREFINED coconut oil, I have a noticeable increase in mood and alertness. I have no explanation.

Posted by Cathy (Villa Park, Illinois USA) on 02/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I have been using Extra Virgin Coconut Oil since April of 2008. One tablespoon per day. I have Hypothyroidism and was having a lot of problems with brain fog. I was having difficulty doing my job and sometimes would forget where I was going when driving home for a few seconds. I am a creative person but was totally unable to express my ideas in artwork or my writing. I could not organize my thoughts. I could not make decisions or remember what I was supposed to do. This on top of all the other symptoms of hypothyroidism. 2 weeks after I started taking it the brain fog totally went away. I am very dependent on the coconut oil now as I do not want to go back to not knowing what I was doing. As for my other symptoms such as totally lost my sex drive which is destroying my relationship and sleeping too much and low energy etc. it has not changed any of that. My thyroid has gotten worse and I have had to double my thyroid medication (Thyroxine). I am working with a Naturalpathic doctor which was a very wise thing to do. She told me to keep taking 1 Tbsp of coconut oil per day. I just wonder if I should take more than that since I have heard of other people have been able to go off the thyroid meds when taking 2 Tbsp per day. She is also treating me for Adrenal Fatigue and cervical dysplaisia and fibrocystic breasts. I guess I'm a mess right now and just want to be well again. I am a big fan of the coconut oil because it is the one remedy that has made the most difference for me. Also I want to add that the doc specified I should use the solid coconut oil instead of the capsules which I started out on because she said that way you can tell if it has gone rancid. But I still use the capsules for backcountry trips and road trips for convenience.

If anyone knows a way to bring back the sex drive I would be grateful.

Posted by Brynne (Irving, Texas) on 12/17/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I listened to a nutritionist last night who reminded me that the brain is mostly fat, and when we aren't sleeping well, feel irritable, can't concentrate, or even have headaches, our brains may be crying out for fat! As we add the coconut oil to our diet, our brains may find greater balance and we feel the soothing nature of the unctuos coconut oil internally as well as externally. This all happened when I recently took only 1 TBS of Coconut oil per day for 2 days and then started my cycle without the usual 4 aspirin cycle was so peaceful. I felt so quiet and easy throughout my body; there was no struggle to have my normal cycle.