Natural Cures for Brain Fog

Vitamin B Complex  

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Posted by Terry (Wi, Us) on 08/06/2013
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I've had brain fog for well over a year, so bad that I had a ct scan done. It gets better at times but always comes back, doctors told me it could be my allergies and cfs, I have trouble with memory concentration and always feel mentally drained. I've tried vitamin b complex with little success. Any ideas?

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Terry, I have been stupid all my life. My sister and I ate exactly the same foods. As kids our mother gave us the two c's, koolaid and ice cream for snacks. She ended up being a winner who always won. She married a genius who supervises a chemistry lab for a company that cleans up toxic wastes. Her daughter is an astronomer. I got poor grades in school. I did menial work. I watched some raw food videos on youtube and decided to try some of the recipes. I got some organic baby leaves and grinded them up in a blender with some water. Then I ate some organic strawberries. I felt better and thought smarter. Then I got some black chia seeds and stirred then up in some water and took them. Then I took some coconut oil. Then I soaked some organic nuts and seeds in water for a while and took them. I feel better and think smarter than before.

Replied by Ed2010

May be fluoride poisoning. Check whether your municipal water has fluoride. Detoxing fluoride will increase mental clarity. Read through Fluoride poisoning in EC. Borax, Tamarind Juice can help. Good Health.