Natural Cures for Carpal Tunnel

B Vitamins  

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Posted by Sarahumbrella (Lethbridge Ab) on 05/16/2016
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I started a new job back in January and I spend more time at a computer than ever before. My wrists started hurting so badly to the point where my whole arms and hands would ache. I bought a wrist brace but that didn't seem to help. I've never written a review on EC before but I signed up to say that b vitamins do really work for those suffering from carpal tunnel syndrome. Within days my wrists stopped bothering me and I was able to work without pain.

I made sure I bought a b complex that has at least 100mg of b6 as I had heard that was the vitamin that helps. What a relief. I was starting to think i would have to quit my job!!!!

Posted by Suzanne (Ohio) on 01/23/2016
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I wanted to come in to say thank you for suggesting B-50. I took your suggestion and bought it along with Castor Oil (suggested on here as well) it was used as an ointment but I couldn't find it and bought the capsules instead. These two things along with a tablespoon of ACV daily and not sleeping with my hands under my head at night has done the trick. I am very excited because I didn't think it was going to work but it did. I hope others reading will try it.

Posted by Jo (Lutz, Fl, USA) on 09/22/2008
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I am a Registered Nurse who does holistic medicine. Tell Walking Tumeric to take B6 along with B-complex 50 mg. 1 B6 200 mg. and 1 B-complex 50 mg tablet daily until the pain subsides in his carpal tunnel it usually works for most people. Hope it works for you.

Posted by Yonela (San Diego, Ca) on 03/17/2008
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Hi first of all i just wanted to Thank God and congratulate you for this magnificent website that is a real blessing for many people that are looking for an alternative to modern medicine prescriptions. This is to the person named Mary that suffers from carpal tunel syndrome i apologize for any words mispelled i also had this problem and i did not want to go thru surgery for this problem so i started looking for a natural cure i came across an article of a doctor that had researched for the cure of carpal tunel this doctor however i do not remember the name said that after many studies he came to the conclusion that drinking 100mg of vitamin b-6 and 100mg of vitamin b-2 once a day for 3 mos can cure carpal tunnel syndrome if this is a problem that has persisted for a long time he suggested taking these vitamins for up to 6 mos on a daily basis well to not make this story any longer ive been drinking these vitamins for 2 mos now and i can truly say i have not had any more pains on my wrist and hands i can move my fingers with no symptoms whatsoever ..i really dont remember how this works but its wonderful to know im taking a natural product without any secondary effects and i feel great . Ted if you can advise me of anything you know about vit b-6 or b-2 i would greatly appreciate it thank you, God bless you!

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn) on 03/13/2008 512 posts
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To Vanessa 3/12/08 Hi Vanessa, For that carpal tunnel problem you need to get some Vitamin B6 - get 50 mgm tablets and start with l tablet twice a day - if no improvement noticed after 5 - 7 days increase to 3 times a day - if no improvement then start taking 2 tablets 3 times a day - You can keep increasing until you get improvement and hold it at that dosage for several weeks - BUT DO NOT take more than, 6000 mgms (6 grams) per day. I have read that some adverse inwanted side effects occur at that dosage.