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Posted by Jacob (Butler, Pa) on 04/18/2011
4 out of 5 stars

So I have had a sore throat for about a day and I work tech support for the Local cable company and was looking for a quick fix for my sore throat. Saw this page and low and behold I happen to have a packet of Devil Sauce which is made with cayenne peppers. (Yes we tech support people have random things like hot sauce packets sitting in our desk) So everyone was saying do it with water but being stuck on a call and without water I opened the packets and downed the entire thing. Within seconds the lump that was in the back of my throat was not as bad and the pain was minimal to almost none. I can say that I still feel said lump but not as bad so I will continue with this treatment until tomorrow and see how it goes.

Posted by Krista (Merced, CA) on 04/07/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I have to admit, I was skeptical like a lot of peoples testimonies that I read were. I have acid reflux and I get colds quite often due to a low immune system. When I get bad colds, I get really bad sore throats. Today I have had a sore throat for two days straight, and when I googled natural remedies for a sore throat, this site came up. I read some testimonies that seemed scary but most were positive so I tried it. Keep in mind, spicy foods do NOT agree with me and I have a weak tolerance for it. But I used the 2 tbsp of honey, about a 3 second squeeze of the "real lemon" juice, and 5-6 shakes of cayenne pepper and heated it for 20 seconds and gargled it three times. I tested the taste with my finger first to make sure I could handle it and it was fine, so I gargled it. The cayenne was not too hot for me, but the honey was a bit sweet for my taste. My sore throat isn't gone, but it does feel a little better. I probably didn't do it long enough due to my gag reflex I don't tolerate gargling well, so tomorrow I'm going to try 1/8 teaspoon in my broth soup and see how it does if it still hurts tomorrow. Thanks for whoever first posted this, I will definitely recommend this to whoever has a sore throat.

Posted by Alicia (Tokyo, Japan) on 02/12/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I am a radio dj, singer and I MC for weddings. I have had a killer sore throat, and my voice is really husky, close to laryngitis now! This weekend, starting tomorrow, I have a 2 hour radio talk show, then right after that, I head straight to my wedding job.

I actually have 3 weddings this weekend, Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Great job and great schedule yes! But with my voice the way it is, I am so afraid I have to cancel all gigs! That would cost me over 2000 dollars of income! I saw this site and started with the cayenne and vinegar gargle, and have been drinking it constantly for about 2 hours. So far, my voice is getting better! Hopefully it will restore completely!!! I cant cancel the jobs so this is my only hope!

Posted by Kelsey (Nevada City, CA) on 01/10/2009
4 out of 5 stars

I'm in the musical at my high school, and have to sing in a 3 part harmony. I was so concerned, because the play opens in about 2 weeks, and I have a pretty nasty cold; it's been going on for a few days now. I'm pretty stuffed up, but my hugest concern is the sore throat I've got. I'm having dryish and mucusish coughs as well as a croak when I talk and sing. I'm not concerned now however, because I just tried the cayenne pepper / orange juice remedy, and I can feel it working.

So far, I've taken 1/4 a teaspoon of cayenne pepper over 2 glasses of orange juice, in one hour, and I do feel better. It should be noted that I'm not cured, probably because I waited so long to start doing something about it, but I do honestly believe that within a few more days of regularly drinking cayenne and OJ, that I'll be just fine right in time for the musical.

While I was drinking it, there was a slight spiciness, maybe even a bit of a burning sensation, but definitely nothing no one can't handle. I have a very low tolerance for pain and spicy foods.

If you have a sore throat, PLEASE do try cayenne pepper, I feel so much better after just doing it once and briefly, it's amazing!

Posted by Christine (Cleveland, Ohio) on 06/30/2008
4 out of 5 stars

I went ahead and tried the cayenne and water (three shakes of cayenne into a cup of water). It definitely numbed the area, but about 20 minutes later the pain came back so I figured, oh well, guess it didn't work for me. But I woke up the next morning and the sore throat was totally gone. Don't know if it's a coincidence (I'd only had a sore throat for three days), but you can be sure the next sore throat I get I'll be trying the cayenne again!