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Posted by Lita209 (Sanford, Fl, Usa) on 08/31/2011
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I just wanted to share this with the Earth Clinic community. Sometimes I read post that make me think; I wonder if it is the placebo effect that make them feel better. But this one I know it is true it happened to me and I am very excited! Months ago I bought a juicer (not the expensive kind, just a $100 one at Target) and started juicing. I started noticing problems with my eyesight (I wear lenses) and I thought, uhm, all these years I have never stopped seing with my lenses even when the prescription got a little bit stronger. I couldn't see with my lenses. So I told my daughter, I wonder if my eyesight got better with the vegetables and she laughted. I took them off and still couldn't see.

Well last week I finally went for an eye exam and from -3. 00 I went to -2. 00 on my lenses and -1. 50 on my glasses. So I know it was the juicing! I had stopped juicing for about a month and I am now going to start again, even though now I am afraid my new prescription won't last. It makes me wonder if we can revert all the way to 20/20???