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Oil Pulling  

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Posted by Tony (Michigan) on 05/10/2015
5 out of 5 stars

Several years ago ( after turning 40 ), my eye sight started to fail miserably. I also had been diagnosed with periodontal disease that had all but loosened all of my teeth to the point of being able to move them with my tongue. While browsing Earth clinic, I came across a post that someone had mentioned Oil pulling in. After further investigation, I went to my local grocer and found "cold pressed " sunflower oil. I started every morning on an empty stomach, swishing the oil through and around my teeth and gums for 20 minutes. After a couple of weeks my teeth felt like someone had put a string around them and tugged on it. I could no longer move them. They were so solid in my mouth and there were no more stains. I was wearing bi-focal glasses to read because my eyes had gotten so bad. I couldn't read my bible or anything else without them. After only a few months, I had forgotten my glasses and discovered that they were no longer needed. I have continued to oil pull for the last 6 years and have nothing but positive results. Please do yourself a favor and try it. A friend of mine who had psoriasis since she was an infant tried it and it went away until she stopped and it came back again. Thank you for all of your posts.