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Posted by Jeri (Lincoln, Illinois) on 11/19/2009
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Several years ago I started consuming pumpkin. I had heard that the canning process doesn't harm it the way it does other vegetables so I began taking about a half cup per day in hot water seasoned as a drink, or with butter like a vegetable. My reason for taking it was for the beta carotene antioxidant qualities and fiber. After having warn glasses for distance for almost 50 years, I started putting them on top of my head because they were bothering me. When I went for my next eye exam the dr. told me my vision had improved. It has been several years now that I do not wear my glasses except for reading. I am 67 years old. I didn't know that one's nearsightedness was reversible. The only thing I had done differently was taking the pumpkin (which has protected me from flu when everyone around me was sick when I was teaching school). One day I heard Paul Harvey on the radio talking about a supplement for macular degeneration and that some people were claiming their vision was improving. I then knew for sure it was the nutrients in the pumpkin. Plain canned pumpkin with nothing added is a great addition to a healthy diet. My favorite is pumpkin in chicken broth with liquid ammino acids to taste(similar to soy sauce) for flavoring, shredded chicken breast and brocolli. The anti-inflammatory number in that is very high!