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Wearing Contact Lense in 1 Eye  

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Posted by Katrina (Carmel, Ca) on 05/06/2017
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I went to the eye doctor recently for my annual contact and glasses check up. My Dr. said, "Keep doing what you are doing! " My eyes have gotten better the last 5 yrs when most others get worse. There are 2% of the population that never needs readers, according to my eye doctor. I have been nearsighted since 7th grade. I switched from glasses to contacts right out of college.

About 5 years ago my sight, what with contacts in and doing tons of work on the computer, was blurry. I was like dang my eyes are changing but they are getting better! So, as an experiment I started to wear just 1 contact lense in my eye needing a stronger prescription - the left eye. It is just for long distance vision (not a bifocal lense). In time, I was able to see the computer just fine as well as drive! It took a few days for my eyes & brain to get used to wearing one contact lense instead of 2.

I sometimes switch the contact to the right eye for driving. I began to think that the body really is amazing and it adapts. My vision for contacts went from 275 and 250 to 225 and 200. Both eyes have gotten stronger regarding my distance vision! I do not use reading glasses anymore. Small print is very clear. My eye doctor told me it's 20/15.

My vision hasn't been at these numbers since 1987. I checked my records! Hope this helps someone else.