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Cayenne Pepper  

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Posted by Kathy (Arizona, US) on 10/21/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I started having itching the last two weeks of the month. I am a 48 yr old female. Two days ago I started taking cayenne pepper capsules cause I take them during the week of my period - it has stopped the horribly long and very heavy periods I was getting, I went from 10 days to 4 or 5. But I didn't expect it to take away the itch and dryness!

Posted by Di (Northern California, U S A) on 12/03/2007
5 out of 5 stars

Four years ago, at age 46, I developed a feminine itch, which eventually became localized on the left labia. Night time discomfort and itching was the worse. The itching and scratching, often unknowingly during sleep, triggered, 2 whomping bacterial infections. An array of medical tests ruled out any life changing issues, to my relief. Both my GYN & family medical doctor, 3 different times--suggested I use estrogen cream to balance hormone levels. Frantically, I used estrogen cream for 2 years, to no relief. An eruption of a cyst in this area, added to my concern.

Then I sought advice from a respected herbalist who helped me to cleanse and detoxify my body over the last 2 years. She defiantly set me on a track of a better balanced system, and a noticeable difference in how I feel and function. Through a process of illumination, she and I narrowed this problem down to a sluggish lymphatic system. We set our focus and efforts in that area. However, the itch was still prevalent.

3 weeks ago, I ran across cayenne pepper in my spice cupboard, and remembered one of its many healing properties is on the circulatory system. Immediately I began a regimen of Ĺ tsp. 2 - 3 times a day, with meals, in an ounce of hot water. Yes, it does burn a bit going down, but that's a small drawback to the positive impact on what it has done. Also to note, I've nearly stopped my sugar, alcohol, and caffeine intake prior to, and during this time. The itch is nearly gone, and/or is under control at this time. Also, I attempted to re-introduce a small amount of caffeine back into my diet recently and the itch became more prevalent. Obvious there may be a connection between caffeine and this problem. I DO believe that the cayenne has had a positive effect on nearly stopping my annoying problem.

In addition to the itching, the skin in this area has been traumatized by the overuse of cortisone creams, and excessive scratching. Thickening, thinning, tenderness, and welts in the area, are my experiences. An "eczema" like skin condition has been near constant. The mixture of Zinc Oxide (Desitin) and Ichthamol, over the counter at the pharmacy, has done more to repair the skin condition. A bit messy, but worth the nuisance.

Note that I'm an a very healthy 50 year old woman, very active and excellent personal care habits, (with the exception of my one favorite morning cup of caffeinated beverage). The use of cayenne for this personal problem has worked for me. My advice for anyone who may be experiencing the perplexing problem is to: Seek medical professional advice, beware of personal eating and exercise habits that may lend to sluggish lymphatic system, research all the information available on this topic, and be open minded. Make conscience choices after investigating all options. My research shows there are many woman out there of all ages on the internet experiencing the same symptoms and frustrations. May sharing my story have a positive impact on others searching for answers to similar issues.