Food Poisoning - Editor's Choice

Over the years, Earth Clinic readers have sent us many reports about their treatments for Food Poisoning. The editors at Earth Clinic consider the below posts to be some of the most helpful and informative and have named them 'Editor's Choice'. We hope that you will find this useful.

Activated Charcoal, Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Angel709 (Saint Louis, Mo) on 06/23/2017
5 out of 5 stars

I'm just resounding all the wonderful information already given. My 13-year old daughter was minutes away from a road trip when she was attacked with what appeared to be food poisoning. I had it last year, so the moans and groans were all too familiar and I just knew, we would both be disappointed all weekend. It was five minutes on the road and she asked to go back home. I brought her back home and looked up other pages until I found this one. Thankfully, I have both ACV and activated charcoal in my home. Sadly, I didn't know about this remedy last year when I lost 5 lbs overnight and felt like I was the star of the Exorcist movie.

Anyway, I gave her a cap full of vinegar diluted in about 5oz of water. Her moans began to subside within 7 minutes. I came back to read more reviews and went back to her with the activated charcoal capsule. I decided to only give her 1 considering her size and I didn't want to over task her body. Plus, I understood how she could hardly bear to think of putting something in her mouth when her cramps were so severe. So, I told her about this website, as she moaned and groaned in the bathroom. The quicker you take it, the faster you can feel better. Once she got the charcoal in her system she began almost craving the ACV, so I really do think they work well together. Summing up the story, not only did the entire ordeal take her less than 2 hours to feel almost 100%, but she felt well enough to go on her trip. She was eating regular food when I dropped her off (which I wouldn't necessarily suggest), but she felt just that well and confident. This literally happened a few hours ago today, but I'm sure we halted a horrific attack that could have lasted days, and only lasted a couple of hours from start to finish.

I am thankful for every great comment on this site! It literally gave me a sense of calm to respond to her and eradicate this event...nothing short of miraculous. I gave her a few capsules and a bottle of ACV just for good measure.

Colloidal Silver  

Posted by Andy (Bad Axe Mi.) on 05/06/2017
5 out of 5 stars

Worst case of Food poisoning I ever had in my 60 some years. I ate some baby spinach mix that was 4 days old and didn't wash it, silly me. The cramps were terrible, I could hardly breathe without pain. I have been making and taking colloidal silver for 20 years, so the first thing I tried was a swig (aprox 1/2 oz) colloidal silver at 15ppm, no help. Then I tried a couple spoons of cider vinegar in water, about 20 mins after I stopped the dry heaves, I would feel better for 2hrs, get a bit of sleep and wake up with nasty cramps. Tried this 3 times but every time the cramps came back worse. In desperation I made a batch of colloidal silver at 50ppm, I only use this rate for eyedrops and wounds, too strong for daily use, you might turn blue. Two swigs and 20mins later the pain was gone, I was feeling good enough to eat some yogurt and it felt good to eat again.

In my life, one of the most valuable things I've learned is the prudent use of colloidal silver. I started using it because I had Impetigo and although CS didn't cure it, the frequency and intensity of the infection was significantly reduced. I was a smoker when I started taking it, I had a lot of upper respiratory infections, skin infections and always caught whatever was going around. I haven't had the flu in years, seldom catch colds, can't remember when a skin cut got infected. If everyone took this the world would be a better place, the medical profession considers colloidal silver to be quackery and of course it won't cure all infections but the benefits outweigh the risks, sometimes I think they're the quacks.(Present company excepted).

Apple Cider Vinegar  

Posted by Kelsey (Westminster, Md) on 02/10/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Re: Food Poisoning - We all know that gurgling, acidic, unsettling feeling in our stomachs that is quickly followed by the thought "Oh no, I'm about to be sick". Then comes the nausea and stomach cramping. I read the reviews here and went to the nearest store and bought organic Apple Cider Vinegar immediately.

I added 2 teaspoons to about 4 ounces of cold water and sipped on the concoction over the course of 15 minutes. Within 15 minutes of finishing my drink, I immediately felt better! The hot, sweaty feeling went away, my nausea was stopped in its tracks and my stomach settled pretty quickly. Within an hour I was hungry again and was able to eat a light lunch with no problem. This stuff WORKS!

Posted by Michelle (Canada) on 05/05/2015
5 out of 5 stars

You all saved me last night. As I was laying in bed, clenched in fetal position - a position I've been in for a day and a half after food poisoning - I realized I couldn't take the stomach cramps any longer. I read on many sites that I needed to go to the doctor in case I have infected my intestines due to my food poisoning experience. I was so bloated that when I stood (even standing strait up was a challenge) in front of the mirror from the side, I looked pregnant, for the record, I am not. I thought I was going to have to go to emergency because the cramps were beyond tolerable. Then I found this site. Since I already had organic apple cider vinegar handy for my sinus issues that come and go, I thought why not give it a shot, what do I have to lose. About an hour after taking 2 teaspoons strait from the bottle, no water added, the cramps subsided. I was so grateful for this site at 4:00am this morning. I took a couple more teaspoons a couple hours later. What's better...! It also helped to get the bowels going. Thank you to all!! I'm starting to feel like myself again.

Posted by Livia (The Woodlands, Tx) on 11/18/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I read somewhere that apple cider vinegar was good for food poisoning. I think it was in a book by Dr. Jarvis. Anyway, one night, after a meal featuring undercooked lamb at an upscale restaurant, I found myself in a painful ordeal in a public toilet not far from that restaurant, and as soon as I knew there was NOTHING left inside of me to come out unexpectedly, despite the fact that I was still cramping and miserable, I had dh drive me home and bring me some vinegar and water in a glass. I asked for half and half, though I don't recall what Dr. Jarvis said about amounts. I sipped teeny tiny sips, one every 2 minutes or so, barely enough to wet my tongue (it was very nasty tasting, lol).

Within fifteen minutes, the awful, endless cramping and dashes to the bathroom stopped. I kept sipping every five minutes or so for another forty five minutes, and was still fine, went peacefully to bed, no more problems that night, no problems the next day... It was all over. Since then I've only had one other opportunity to use ACV on suspected food poisoning, though it was a much milder incident. I felt better within minutes, as before.

Posted by Mbs560 (Redwood City, Ca) on 01/14/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I had just returned from a long journey to Thailand and of all the exotic foods I ate along the way it was the last meal on the flight home that did me in. Feeling extremely nauseous with pangs of cramping I thought I could make my way through the next day using the old stand by acidolphilus yogurt cure. Not feeling any better after spending half the day vacilating between nausea, hunger and pain I searched the internet for a home remedy. Having heard Apple Cider Vinegar was an age-old use for just about everything including stain removal, I hopped in my car (still in my PJ's) and took a dixie cup full of vinegar, mixed it with half a cup of berry juice and downed the vile tasting swill. Even though I felt like vomitting right there in the store, I agree with a previous reader who said he could literally feeling it working. It felt as though all the bad bacteria were being "sizzled" in acid. It took about 45 minutes or so...but the cramping went away and I started to feel less nauseous. Unbelievable!!

Posted by Drew (Gold Coast, Queensland Australia) on 04/29/2009
5 out of 5 stars

My friend called to say her sister was vomiting and may have food poisoning, she also said that ACV was a way to help fix it but it was late and the pharmacy was closed and she had no money, she was at the hospital, waiting to be seen by a doctor and I was dubious about ACV but I found your site and thought it must work so I raced down to the hospital and took her some ACV and she felt better within minutes of drinking 2 table spoons ACV diluted with cold water, it is best to get it into your stomach as fast as you can to prevent the bacteria from multiplying, that's what the acetic acid does. the bacterium produce poison that your body detects and forces out of your body by causing vomiting. thanks for confirming the value of traditional home remedies. I theorized that the acid was stopping bacteria from breeding which would help get rid of the bugs, I found a study that confirms that acetic acid retards the growth of some strains of bacteria but not all, here's the link:

Posted by Frank (San Francisco, CA) on 06/12/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I got really bad food poisoning on a Friday evening, didn't sleep much that night with stomach cramps and felt bloated and as if I have a huge rock on my stomach. I could only sit or barely stand a couple hours after I ate the bad food. The pain and discomfort, which I won't go into details, lasted for about three days. I was exhausted and had little energy to get around. Just before I was about to call my Doctor to get antibiotics, I went online to read about food poisoning, came across this site remedies, read them, and decided to give ACV a try. I had nothing to lose and it is a very inexpensive trial. I took two gulps of the ACV. I know most of the testimonies suggest one tablespoon full, but I figure I was in a lot of pain, so went for it. The first gulp was like taking a shot of tequila; it burned some but it also felt good at the same time. Then waited a few seconds and took the second gulp; that one went smooth. I did feel the effect of the acid working its way into my stomach and intestines. I then had a different sensation in addition to my pain. Ten minutes later, I drank some water since I took more than recommended dose, and went about my routine. I can't figure out the exact time it took to stop all my pain, but I think it may have been about ten minutes or so total. The pain was gone. My intestines were a bit sore since I have been in pain for about three days. Next morning I woke up feeling well. I took two tablespoons full just to be sure I have killed the bacteria. I now feel very alert, with energy, so excited I discovered this website. I have been sharing my experience with everyone I know and care about. One more note, since ACV did the trick, I wonder what else I could use it for, so I decided to use it as a mouthwash after I brushed my teeth. It left my teeth and gums cleaned.

Thank you to whomever came up with this remedy. I am back to normal again.