Frostbite Remedies

Coconut Oil, Cayenne, Turmeric  

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Posted by Pam (Wildlands, Wyoming) on 01/10/2010
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My husband has frostbite on the last 3 toes of both feet. The pinkie toe is more affected than the others, but they are all starting to blister and are a reddish color with a slight violet hue. We have tried foot massage with coconut oil to increase circulation and also cayenne and tumeric internally but it is still very painfull. Does anyone know of anything else that can be done to heal frostbite?

EC: From Wikipedia:

* Stage 1

First degree frostbite causes skin to appear yellow or white. There may also be slight burning sensations. This stage of frostbite is relatively mild and can be reversed by the gradual warming of the affected area.

* Stage 2

Second degree frostbite develops after continued exposure. This stage is characterized by the disappearance of pain and the reddening and swelling of the skin. Treatment in this stage may result in blisters and it may also peel the skin.

* Stage 3

Third degree frostbite results in waxy and hard skin. It is at this stage that the skin dies and edema may occur as a result of the lack of blood.

If third degree frostbite is not treated immediately then the damage and the frostbite becomes permanent, nerve damage will occur due to oxygen deprivation. Frostbitten areas will turn discolored, purplish at first, and soon turn black. After a while nerve damage becomes so great that feeling is lost in the frostbitten areas. Blisters will also occur.