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Posted by Maggie (Islamorada, Fl) on 08/08/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Anyone that is suffering from Grover's rash PLEASE try the cilantro cure. Like many of you I was misdiagnosed for months, finally after 3 dermatologists and a third biopsy it was confirmed, Grover's disease. This non-stop itching was making me crazy. My rash was on my stomach, back, neck, and partially on my arms & legs. I felt defeated having tried numerous creams, both steroid and non-steroid and 3 rounds of prednisone, nothing was working. As soon as I was off the prednisone it was back. The next recommendation from my dermatologist was Accutane, which I absolutely did not want to be on, and then I found this website and the cilantro cure. I figured I have nothing to lose. I made up my own smoothie with 1/2 bunch of cilantro, after 3 days, no change, but I didn't give up. I stayed on it and after 7 days started seeing an improvement with both the itch and bumps. Stayed on it for one month, 1 smoothie a day and my skin returned to normal. I am truly in shock that my skin is 100% back to normal after having suffered from this for 6 months, with no itch and no bumps. I am a female in my mid 50's, & was also diagnosed with low vit D, despite my sun exposure and was taking Vit. D during this time.

My smoothie, listed below was delicious:

1/2 bunch cilantro
10 leaves mint
2 handfuls of spinach
1-inch fresh ginger peeled
Equal amounts of mango juice & water to "fill line" on my smoothie cup (approx 1 cup total)
1/4 avocado
3 ice cubes

I am not a nutritionist, or doctor, just a woman that wants to share her experience and hopefully help someone else that wants relief.

Posted by Corinna (Oakland, Ca) on 08/01/2018
5 out of 5 stars

After years of misdiagnosis, a doctor finally told me the itchy rash on my chest was Grover's. She prescribed yet another cream that did nothing. I decided to seek alternative treatments and thankfully came across this site and the recommendations of cilantro. After 2 days of consuming about a half bunch of cilantro each day in a smoothie, the rash stopped itching -- a miracle in itself! Now, after 7 days of consuming 1/2 bunch of cilantro each day, the rash and lesions are almost entirely gone!

Posted by Ben (Fl) on 05/31/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I have Grover's Disease for a year year. Three doctors (DERMATOLOGISTS) who prescribed multiple medicines, steroid creams and 30 light box treatments non of which worked. My basin in the bathroom looks like a pharmacy.

After rereading your blog on Cilantro I felt I had nothing to loose but to try it. I tried it in a salad but it was so bitter that I had to throw the whole salad out. I then took a BLENDER with a BUNCH of Cilantro along with ORANGE JUICE, TWO STRAWBERRY'S AND A half of A BANANA with 3 ICE CUBES it tasted like a smoothie.


Posted by James (Co) on 04/28/2018
5 out of 5 stars

40 years with severe Grovers. It never goes away. I have over 1,000 red dots on my trunk at all times. I do everything to keep cool and wear mostly cotton clothing at all times. I was prescribed time release Doxycycline and prescription strength cortisone cream. I went to war on this. It won. Note my skin has never been clear ...ever. If anyone sees my skin they immediately and ask if I have a rash? It pretty much stayed on high alert for 40 years. I can not wear fleece and forget wool. My dermatologist says its the worst case he has ever seen. Note it has never gone away. I live in a very dry cold climate. Cortisone creams started to fail this year.

After two months since the doctor prescribed failed treatment, I saw this post on cilantro. I love cilantro. I put an entire bunch into my eggs. I once had two brunches juiced with other vegetables at a juice bar. Been doing this for 14 days. I eat at least one bunch a day.

It has cleared up about 75%. I do not itch. The red spots are going away. It is working! My wife felt my skin and could not believe what cilantro is doing to this disease. She is an RN. My father a Pathologist MD and confirmed my biopsy as Grovers twice. Even if it stays at 75% cure I will be happy. I have never been able to calm it down like this before? I think the red dots are scaring at this point and will heal. If I see it go back to a full blown Grovers outbreak while eating cilantro I will post it. But for me this has been the best thing for treatment. It is not a gasp of is working.

If you have Grovers pay attention to this post. Cilantro costs $.79 cents. Try it... can't hurt and for sure no hidden snake oil cure being sold here.

Posted by Rich (Barrington, Il) on 03/14/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hey Sarah and Robert (posts below):

You have found the cure for Grover's Disease. Your insight into using Cilantro is absolutely the cure for Grovers. I have suffered from Grovers for a number of years, especially when I have returned north from Florida to the cold country of Illinois. I took half a bunch of Cilantro and made an 4 egg omelette rather than eat rabbit food directly. In two days my Grovers has cleared up except for the scaring I have had over the years. I took a second bunch the second day and the third just for insurance.

We have to get this info out to the pubic and remove all the hacks with their BS products off the market that don't work. Maybe a website as a foundation for Grovers and charge a small fee to cover the cost of the site. I know I will tell my Dermatologist to spread the word. I can't thank you two enough for your posts.


Posted by Sarah (New Englnad) on 02/24/2018
5 out of 5 stars

Hey everyone, please please read this..... I suffered with Grovers for over 25 years and was diagnosed many years ago. I tried everything! At least I thought I did, including eliminating just about everything imaginable from my diet for long periods of time including gluten, all processed foods, and alcohol. I tried vitamin D, coconut oil, steroids, every lotion ever made...some helped a bit but nothing cured my Grovers. My Dermatologist who I see every 4 months was zero help all these years, simply prescribing a steroid that didn't work. The only silver lining was with the strict diet I became very lean. I had a horrible flair up this January (always worse in the winter, right) and when just about all hope was lost I found this thread on cilantro for grovers.

So off to the store I went and bought one bunch of fresh cilantro. I passed by it a thousand times at the grocery store and this magical leafy green never made it into my carriage. It comes tied and is about a quarter size round at the stems. I ate half a bunch a day and within 2 days I was 50% clear and in 4 days the Grovers was basically gone.

The only thing remaining were the scars from some of the real bad spots that I had for years that have now healed. I didn't dare post anything because I thought this was just to good to be true. So now its been 4 weeks and my skin feels amazing (and so do my nails which is another bonus! ) All this time I thought I had to eliminate something from my diet, but what I needed was to detox with the right food. From what I have read cilantro is a natural form of chelation, another word I learned from countless hours of searching for a cure. Maybe I had heavy metals that were at the root of this evil for years. So thanks for listening and mostly thank you to Robert from Phoenix who took the time to comment and write about cilantro.

One other note is the day I started on the cilantro I also bought a sheer Zinc (25%) sunscreen. I was amazed at how well it stopped the itch and this may have helped speed the cure as well, but no doubt the cilantro was the key! I wish all of you suffering the best of luck in finding something that cures you!

Posted by Robert (Phoenix, Arizona) on 11/27/2016
5 out of 5 stars

Eating about half a "bunch" of cilantro for three days straight cured my Grover's disease--completely.

Before I knew about cilantro, I controlled the itching by cloning a product from France (Aloplastine) by making a paste of Glycerol 20%; Talc Purified 25%; Zinc Oxide 25%.