Grover's Disease Remedies

Dietary Changes  

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Posted by Gina (Brighton, England) on 04/29/2015
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Hi, I've had grovers on and off for four years! Nothing from doc has worked for me. So decided to look at my diet and found out that wheat and glutton can cause skin problems.. I have not had wheat or glutton for 3 weeks and it has completely disappeared.. I also used Camoline lotion. Which is fab for the itching! I'm over the moon as I had it on my chest.. So I recommend to u all to just try a wheat and glutton free diet..i saw a difference in a week.There are so many alternative food to choose from now.. Good luck fellow grovers Gina

Replied by Debi
Ceres. California

Hi Gina, I was diagnosed with Grovers Disease in December after a shave biopsy. I've been using a steroid cream which seems to work temporally. I never thought about changing my diet but after reading your comment I will definitely watch my wheat and gluten intake to see if it makes a difference. This condition is very annoying as I've had it since April of 2015.

Replied by Marsha

Biopsies to definable Grover's but gluten free does not work for me if I get stressed really cold or hot it gets worse steroid cream no good, yeast rx no good cream no good what to do?

Donna C
Upstate Ny

So I have been dx with Grovers since Nov 2015. Completely all over my body, scalp included. I have been to a Naturopathic doctor who has placed me on a strict anti-inflammatory diet (no gluten, dairy, soy, sugar, ....). Not working. Drugs from the doctor, not working. I called today because of a flare-up going on. Told me to use Coconut Oil, already doing it. Also trying pure oils, like lavender, sweet almond, to keep my skin moist. The pain of the itching ...I first put on Peppermint Oil, then medicated Gold Bond lotion with Menthol. It stops the itch for a bit. I am also tanning which was recommended by the doctor (do you believe it! ), it helped at first, but ...well you know. I wish there was more medical research being put into this rare skin disease.

Replied by Sysya
Highland, Ca

The Only thing that worked for me has been accutane (you need a prescription)

Eliminating Sulfites  

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Posted by Bob (Chapel Hill, Nc) on 01/24/2013
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You might add a category for Sulfites, which may be a cause. I have had Grovers for 20 years or more. And drank wine and scotch for longer. Two years ago, I stopped drinking all alcohol beverages. I have been free from the itching and pain ever since then.

Replied by Tom
Apex, Nc

Hey man, still clear?? I have been suspecting bourbon and am eaten up with the rash now. Nothing has helped from the derm or the web. GO STATE!! Tom

Replied by Bob
Chapel Hill

Just checked mayo clinic because they know... Duh, nothing. So it's up to us to educate them! Scotch and bourbon are the problem. Due to the damage they do to the liver. My experience is cirrhosis, fatty build up in the liver, degrading it's ability to remove sulfides. So they get passed to the intestines, which convert them to sulfuric acid. Which gets absorbed in the blood, and the body expels them in the sweat glands. So Bobs theory is Grover's is not a pathogen, no fungus, no virus. It's a chemical reaction. It's exactly like the eufedex I use on sun damaged skin. So get a blood test, check GGT level. You asked if I was clear, answer yes, and no. Spent several months with my father who passed, and I was careless and drank more. And Grover's returned. And GGT levels rose. I backed off the alcohol, Grover's is now under control. Damned, the things we do to ourselves!

Replied by Vezza Rose

This makes me think it's the herbicides and pesticides that have become so prevalent. Just like, it's not the glutton, it's the glyphosate, they do not make booze the traditional way any longer and grains are sprayed with glyphosate to kill it so they can harvest without waiting on Mother Nature. But good to know, I had recently started drinking a bit and had a flare. Thank you, I will keep this in mind.

Replied by Tim
Ellitcott City, Md
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Bob - thank you, thank you, thank you!!! After 20 years of Grover's every winter it's finally gone! As soon as I read you post about wine and scotch the light bulb went off - RED WINE! After years of trying colon cleanses, vitamins, probiotics and elimination diets I realized never cut out the wine - duh. I made the mistake of lumping all alcohol into one category - "I never had a problem with the tons of beer I drank in college". So for me, it is not the sulfites, I verified this by drinking white wine for weeks now. Lesson learned for the rest of you - WRITE DOWN EVERYTHING YOU EAT OR DRINK! I thought I could just muse it over in my head and get it all. I also wouldn't rule out locations you spend a lot of time in (maybe its mold in walls or something).

Thanks again Bob.

West Hollywood, Ca

I have had GD (apparently!) for many years and many misdiagnoses! I have always been in the sun and believed this was probably the cause. After trying several meds & lotions, nothing seems to help. The big difference I'm reading here is that mine doesn't really itch. Wine (especially red) is something I started drinking within the last 10 years & now I'm wondering if that could be the culprit! Thinking I might try the coconut oil as well...

Replied by Dean

I finally found out this week after itching for 2 years that I have Grover's disease...I like drinking beer so do you think that may cause this?

Replied by Ann D.
Delray Beach, Fl

It's almost 6 yrs now...and counting! First attack occurred during visit to Key West. (but I live in FL, so that should not have been the factor) My dermo thought it was "shingles" (OMG!! ). I used that cream twice and the dermo realized he was on wrong track. New diagnosis was Grover's. He said nothing cures it. I tried going lactose-free, changed laundry detergent, went glucose-free for about 2 wks, but nothing changed. Only blessing is....the itch is not the big problem as initially. Since I drink red wine daily, I'm beginning to wonder if that is the culprit???

Replied by Carol
Canton, Connecticut

Not sure the alcohol is completely the cause of Grover's disease. I have never had a drink, not even in college, and have suffered with the disease for the past fifteen years. I have spent way too much time in the sun, however. Oddly, sun exposure helps with outbreaks. This is a very frustrating disease and seems to react differently in every individual. I also tested negatively for any gluten intolerance.

Replied by Chante
South Afrika

Hi guys, I was diagnosed with GH a month ago, sweating makes it worse, Dr says its in my blood from family, my uncles also have it, I saw eating less bread and focussing on water and fresh vegs actually helps me cope, but I'm a female in menopause, imagine heat with GH, it itches like crazy in my face, the ointment I have helps but very expensive, I was with 100 % glycerine soap much better, u can try Preparation H, it does help a little bit, coconut oil makes me its more, make-up makes it worse for me...not an easy way of life, wanting to scratch your face off...

Replied by Chante
South Afrika

I think it's the yeast in the beer...bread aggravates it also, no wheat or yeast, it makes it worse

Replied by Rsw

Hi Chante,

Please look under the “Grover's Disease” section here on Earth Clinic (just click on the title of your message) and you will see people who say that eating cilantro cures Grover's Disease. If you can get some cilantro, try eating a handful for a week, and see if it doesn't help you. Best wishes!

Emu Oil  

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Posted by Charlotte (Texas) on 01/29/2017
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I have Grover's and was diagnosed in June 2016 after many months of misery. Have been on and off steroid creams, kenalog injection, prednisone(which I just finished a month of yesterday) Am currently taking a small dose of Methotrexate once weekly which I have been on since Dec. 31. I ordered some Emu oil which has helped somewhat. Ice packs help alot when the itching becomes unbearable. My scalp, back and chest are the main problem areas for me. I also use coconut oil but the emu oil seems to help more. Spent LOTS of time in the sun growing up which I am sure is the problem.

Replied by Elizabeth

I was diagnosed with Grover's last year and have a had a flare up since December that won't go away with the topical steroid that I've been using. I use emu oil for other skin issues so I've decided to give that a try. Will see if it works after a week. Wish I knew why I have this!

Food Allergy Elimination  

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Posted by Deborah (Hillsboro, Nh) on 11/18/2014
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I suffered with Grover's Disease for over 1 year. The itch was the worse I have ever experienced and the scratch scars stayed with me through 2 summers.

The lessons were biopsy by a well respected dermatologist and the diagnosis was made . The treatment went from expensive light treatments (did nothing except burn my skin) to every lotion and ointment I could try. Nothing worked. My son, every night would rather up my back with eucerin and zinc oxide, just to scratch all night anyways .

I finally went to a naturalopath that suggested I test for ALL foods. This is not a skin test. It is a test that I bought, did at home and sent out to be tested. After a few weeks the results were back and I met with Marty (naturalopath).

I had allergic responses (extreme) to eggs, yeast and cane sugar. He also had me stop gluten.

In less than 2 weeks there was no rash, no itch...nothing.

Two years later, there is still nothing. I am still careful of my diet but I can have this or that in small amounts now and am OK.

I went back to the dermatologist and told him what I had found that worked and he did not want to hear about it .

I truly think that in the medical profession is no acceptable to have any cure for any issue if it does not involve pharmaceuticals or expensive medical testing .

It makes sense to me as our bodies are made to work and work well unless something we are doing is messing it up. Things such as life style, diet, stress, physical labor, obesity. We need to believe there are answers to medical problems that would be many times best left to common sense. So much more to say but not enough room. Please seek this option out. The test cost $300 out of my pocket. (I had already invested close to $1500 on light therapy) It was well worth it and I feel healthy and my skin has healed.

My very best to you.


PL write and will write back. I would like to help. deborahswasey(at)yahoo(dot)com

Replied by Marianne

Hi, I was diagnosed with Grovers, (three positive biopsies), about 18 years ago. They did 3 tests because the Dermatologists couldnt believe I had it, it covered my entire body. I have had extended periods of remission, generally with annual flare ups in small patches (on my arms mostly). Recently my legs have started itching so bad at night, keeping me awake. There is very little bumps but the itching feels the same intensity as grovers. I do currently have a patch of Grovers bumps on my forearm. Ten years ago I was tested and diagnose with gluten allergy, and I strictly follow a gluten free diet. I have wondered if I have other food allergies. Could you tell me where you did the test? website?


Replied by Patrick
Ny, Ny

Hi...thank you for your input. I would like to inquire as to where you purchased the test kit. Thanks very much. Patrick

Replied by Heather
Ocean Shores, Nsw Australia

What exactly is the test for all foods. My husband has grove's disease and the naturopath put him on the blood type geno diet.

Replied by Fred

Looking for help & treatment for Grover's. Any one know where I could get this food allergy test? Ordered online?

Replied by Kristen

Hello and thank you for this post! I recently was diagnosed with Grovers Disease and am a 42 year old woman. Weird thing is I had used the steam room at my gym a few days prior--which is listed on some sites as a potential cause. Still , it seems diet may be a more likely culprit. Can you tell me the at home kit you used? The brand? Thank you for sharing your experience!

Replied by Becky

I've been diagnosed with this scratching disease and am going crazy scratching myself raw. What's this test you do at home?

Replied by Michele

Debrah, Can you please give more info on the home allergy test you used? Where did you purchase it? Who was it made by? Thank you!

Replied by Amy
Mpls, Mn

Please let me know where you obtained the allergy at-home testing kit. I would love to achieve the same results you are experiencing.

Replied by Shari

Deborah - Please add my name to the growing list of Grovers Disease sufferers who would like to know more about this home food allergy test. I'm desperate!

EC: Do any of our EC frequent contributors know of a home food allergy test?

Replied by Marise M.

Thank you, thank you! I will try your suggestions.

Replied by Gia

Hi Deborah,

I also have been diagnosed with Grover's (on sight, no biopsy, though). Dermatologist said there's no cure and no clear cause, and she gave me some steroid cream that doesn't work. I went to see a naturopath and she put me for now on an autoimmune protocol diet while she awaits the food allergy test results. Did you find it difficult to give up the foods you are allergic to? Any tips would be appreciated! I am hoping for a good result....

Thanks for your post! It gives me hope!


Garlic, Grape Seed Extract  

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Posted by Sabtram (Saratoga, Ca) on 01/05/2015
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I suffered for 10+ years with Grover's disease and treated it (pretty well) with Kyolic Garlic pills (2 in the am, 2 in the pm - the Candida type). Finally my dermatologist mentioned she thought I might have a "yeast problem". I also had sebhorreic keratosis outbreaks and dandruff. I sent in a stool sample (you can get these kits from a Naturopathic Doctor or a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner) and indeed had a slight overgrowth (in my gut) of yeast. I took 2 weeks of grape seed extract pills (specific to the type of yeast I had) and haven't had an outbreak of Grover's or sebhorreic dermatitis since! And, I went off the Kyolic garlic pills. Seems hard to believe it's a coincidence, as I've been in saunas and have been sweaty many times since then. Highly recommend trying this! Good luck to you all!

Replied by Robert
Chicago, IL

Sabtram, you said "Grape Seed Extract". Did you possibly mean Grapefruit Seed Extract by chance? I have had some success with the latter. Currently breaking out again on since I quit taking it because I thought it was gone. Then poof another flare up. Taking it again now for just maybe five (5) days. I take 3 pills a day (125mg) until it subsides..hopefully. If it does the Grapefruit Seed Extract will be my management method of choice. I say management method because it never goes away entirely but on somedays I can't seem to find it anywhere on me. But somehow at least 1 to 3 little tiny blisters show up. During a flare up I'm guessing there would be several hundred on my front and too hard to count the back side. So Grapefruit Seed Extract works for me. Just would love to double check if that is what you meant. Itching to know here in Chicago. Thanks!

Replied by Pam

Did you mean grapefruit seed extract? I have heard of this for clearing yeast. Not grape seed extract. Thanks for clarifying.

Replied by Kathy

I've had this over a year and I do believe it's grape seed oil extract. It's very good for skin. I'm at the point I believe red wine is my trigger. Will stop a while and see. Just had a bad flare.

Replied by Andi

I have been diagnosed with GD from a biopsy. I have tried cortisone cream, coconut oil, baby powder, cetaphil lotion. Nothing works. I work out daily, so sweating is not going to stop. Interestingly enough, after reading all of your posts, I, too, drink red wine. Hmmmmmm. Going to try and stop for a week and see if anything gets better. I'm a healthy female in my 40's. Not itchy, just ugly and annoying! Help!

Replied by Gardeningjunkie
Ozark's In Mo

Andi- The following px worked for me (note I am allergic to hydrocortisone among other allergies, I have allergic contact dermatitis, so unless you have been patch tested beware of what you put on your skin). I had 7 month rash that was on torso and abdomen biopsied for Grover's and came back negative, yet doctor told me I still had it because biopsy is only positive in the active stages and my pustules were scabbed over. She said I fit the classic profile and only sees 1 new case a year. Previously had been given topical steroids to put on it by other dermatologists which did nothing but make it worse. This doc prescribed a topical antibiotic- Clindamycin 1% clear lotion and in 3 days dramatic improvement in appearance and significant reduction in itching and pain (could not even lean back in a chair or while driving it hurt so much). In 2 weeks rash almost completely gone but told to use lotion 1 full month, then stopped treatment after the 1 month and rash started to reappear after 2 days (also worked in garden in heat). Now told I may need to stay on this antibiotic indefinitely, told it is ok because not much is absorbed internally.

I gave up all alcohol (2 vodka's and 2 red wine's daily) in February, desperate to try anything, but it made no difference in my rash; still will not drink again because at 66 need to give my body every chance I can to stay healthy.

Has anyone used antibiotic lotions for this rash?

Gluten Free Diet  

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Posted by Sue (St. Louis, Mo) on 12/16/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have had Grover's since I was a teenager, but never knew what it was. I am 56 now. My Dermatologist confirmed it a couple of years ago. She suggested using the cream AmLactin which helped, but it was always there. I noticed when I started having fruit smoothies 5 days a week, my skin improved. A couple of months ago I decided to go on a no wheat diet in hopes of helping with inflammation problems. I have fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis and have a lot of pain and stiffness. Well, my pain and stiffness is 60 percent better and the grovers disease seems to be gone for the first time in my life! Oh, and I lost about 7 pounds and feel better than I have in a long time. If I cheat and eat wheat, I am in pain for a couple of days. It is definitely worth a try!

Replied by Ibhipru
St George, Utah
4 out of 5 stars

This is in response to the post implicating wheat as the possible culprit to Grover's Disease. I had undiagnosed grover's sysmptoms for years when my wife and decided to go gluten free. The aggrivating itching and red bumps on my stomach, chest and back cleared up to a great degree. I was formally diagnosed with Grover's recently. I also recently fell off the wagon and consumed wheat at the direction of my Dr who was testing me for a skin problem related to Celiac Disease (Dermatitis Perfitaformis). Almost immediately my Grover's errupted. I have also recently veered from my diet and consumed wheat products with a corresponding flare in my Grovers. I really believe Grover's may be affected by wheat or even all gluten flours.

Grover's Disease Remedies  

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Posted by Vezza (Ohio) on 04/29/2015

Hi, Have posted a couple of things and thought I should introduce myself.

I received my diagnosis of Grovers from biopsy, on 4/28/15, yesterday.

What, rare skin disease! I still processing. But, it is my humble opinion that this can be cured and is only a symptom. The cause will show the cure.

I am already eating an amazingly clean diet and have elinimated food like products from my diet. I was doing this to just get healthy after a 10 year stint of first getting my disability and hip replacement then taking care of my Mom. If I only knew know what I knew then. But that is another story.

I started my quest because Mom wasn't getting better, and didn't the answers came to late for me to fix her mental collapse. But I have learned a ton and will be sharing.

Today I'm talking to a Chiroproator/Acupuncturists/Naturalpath and we are going to work out what's going on as soon as we fix the cervical spine. Not sure it isn't the problem completely. You clog of the flow of the bodily systems and stuff is going to go sideways. My neck has been bad for decades due to an injury and it's time to fix it and I believe my neck and this rare disease are connected along with my other issues. I had a cascade effect with my health lately all traced back to moving a piano a few feet. It's on rollers! Stupid, I know, but I learned from this idiocy, big time.

I'll keep you posted and let you know how my journey for a cure goes and where it takes me.

Replied by Rob
Virginia Beach, Va
1 posts

Hi, I'm a 47 year old male who was recently diagnosed with Grover's disease. I have had flare ups off and on for over 3 years, but this latest one is by far the worst. Prior to being diagnosed with Grover's, I was prescribed prednisone by my GP. It seemed to help but did not completely disappear. My dermatologist diagnosed Grover's by biopsy, and prescribed hydrocortisone for the itch.

I recently stumbled across an article about an ingredient in Turmeric called Curcumin that seems to help in the treatment of Multiple Myeloma. While researching Curcumin I've found that it has powerful anti-inflammatory properties similar to prednisone, along with powerful antioxidants. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with using Curcumin in the treatment Grover's disease.


Replied by Sherry

i was just prescribed clebatasol 30 mg for Grover's Disease. Has anyone had any success with this?

Replied by Deborah

As a qualified nutritionist, Yes I believe curcumin to be a very effective anti inflammatory and could help in Grovers disease. But there needs to be a 'multi pronged' approach to healing it, by both addressing one's inner health condition and in turn the skin's condition. Steroids are not the way to recover. A simple incredible possible remedy is eating fresh coriander leaves (and the roots). Half to One bunch a day for 3 days to see results. Eat it as a salad with olive oil and apple cider vinegar, pepper and a little sea salt. The folate acid and bioflavonoids plus many minerals in it help 'chelate' metals and toxins in one's system and aid the liver in excreting it. Also every day, 1-2 probiotic tablets and yogurt if possible, 1x D3,1000mg Vitamin C and zinc.1 Nettle tea very good for the blood PH & 1 Chamomile tea per day.Cooked Oats or soaked muesli with grated apple and cinnamon soothes and nourishes one's system (unless celiac) On the itch and lesions, gently apply coconut oil (with clean hands! ), or 1 drop oregano oil in a little coconut oil. Or put an oat based lotion or better still a pultase, on all of the affected area. - make by putting raw oats in a clean stocking or muslin and tying off. Dampen in warm water and apply the oat milk. Very soothing. Also many sufferers say they've had great relief from diaper cream if you're in a rush! . A Paleo diet is the most effective as it reduces acidity and blood sugar, otherwise avoid all processed carbs, fried and sweet food at least for a little while to help it clear up. Oh and yes 1st thing in the morning after cleaning teeth, have half a lemon in a mug or cup of hot water. Or instead 2 tsp apple cider vinegar in hot water. Rinse out mouth with water after ( for teeth) Ok.... in good faith and fingers crossed this will work!! Xxx

Posted by Chris (Honolulu, US) on 09/27/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I have been a firefighter for 14 years and have had Grover's ever since. I have tried everything for Grover's Disease. To keep it at bay eat healthy natural foods, avoid excessive heat and stress, cut back on alcohol and caffeine. The underlying problem is within the skin, so foods and supplements good for your skin help fight Grover's. Consider a good hair, skin, and nail vitamin. If you have a flair up use a good mild cleansing soap. If the itch is really bad use ice packs, also rubbing alcohol kills the itch and cleans the area. Again, maintaining a healthy lifestyle works best. Sincerely, Chris

Replied by Barb

Your advice was helpful and made sense.

Replied by Gary

Chris, so No Caffeine? first time I have heard that. I drink 2 to 3 cups a day.. add in cream and sugar... I had seen on TV reports where 3 cups a day was good for you.. Seems to be so many posts and so many things to try it's mind blowing.

Grover's Disease Triggers  

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Posted by Mmcmkj (Roseville, Ca) on 03/19/2018
5 out of 5 stars

I've had a Grover's Disease on and off for 3 years - it was always really mild and went away after a week or two. I've had a horrible outbreak since October 2017 - Its been 5+ months of the most horrible itching from my feet to my neck. I can't sleep and I have bruises all over my body from itching. My dermatologist put me on topical steroids combined with Sarna, both did very little to provide relief. I know from reading lots of posts that many of you have had to endure this disease for years and I am so sorry for you.

This weekend I noticed that I got worse after drinking red wine; I started searching to see if anyone else had the same problem and I found this site. I can't tell you how happy I am that it validated my findings! Wine and anything else with sulfites are now banished from my diet. I also love the advice on eating Cilantro to help/cure the symptoms. Luckily I LOVE Cilantro so I can't wait to go to the store tonight and buy bunches of Cilantro!

I'm very hopeful and I'll report back in a few day on if this remedy works for me or not ......fingers crossed!

Posted by Gary (Danville, Kentucky) on 12/13/2017

Not sure if any are reading these posts now its' Dec 2017. I was diagnosed with Grovers in the late 1990's. I'm a single male in my now late 40's. Seems hard to pin point what the cause is. I didnt have the issue until after going on a cruise to the Bahamas in the 90's not sure if that had anything to do with it., the Sun, intense heat, being fair skinned getting burnt etc.. but regardless went to my family doc, went through the ringer of things including at one point they thought it was Aids... that freaked me out and I'm like How is that possible...? but all test came back negative. and was eventually told I had Grovers. I went to a dermo for years.. never got any long term cure.

for me.. mine seems to pop up the worse in Nov to Dec in the cold months so through winter I have a major issue with it. it seems to always be there, but in the cold months it's much worse and I break out on my upper and lower back and same for chest stomach area. Try being single with this going on and trying to date.. ugh... Rare that I go without a shirt, in the spring an summer my symptoms are not as I am trying to figure it out.. cold months, heat in the house drying out skin? I was told by the dermo to use lotion after getting out of the shower. pat dry and lotion up.. I have done that for years.

Skip to now.. I can't afford to see a dermo, haven't been since 2008. I don't have health insurance, cant afford it and my job doesn't offer any. So I go to the health dept. they can only do so much but for the past 4 or 5 years. I have been prescribed and using a topical cream (Trimcinolone Acetonide cream 0.1%) and also they will do about a 3 month prescription of Doxycycline Mono 100mg twice daily. neither have made the Grovers go away but make life somewhat tolerable.

Unfortunately the Antibiotic (Doxy) if taken for long periods have caused yeast infections which in turn make you have to take something for that and yes men can get yeast infections just like women its just not as common and its not pleasant either. So I don't take the Doxy as prescribed but the health dept cant do anymore then they have other than refer me to a Dermatologist which would be an out of pocket expense.. having to pay for prescriptions out of pocket is bad enough with no insurance. I'm just tired of the condition.

My diet is the same all year long so I can't see why in the cold months if flares up in the worse way. I don't smoke, I don't drink... if I do its just very rare on a special occasion... like New Years or something.. but I dont drink Wine at all... I have made notes on all the posts and may try some of the things you all have tried to see if I can get some more permanent relief.. just to have the rash to be gone and less itching / irritation (i do my best not to scratch) would be a life changer... last person I dated said it looked like I had Chicken Pox... Major Ego Boost.... lol.. Not...

The one thing that helps is knowing I'm not alone and there are more people out there than I thought that was dealing with this. Most seem to not know about nor never heard of Grovers but I suppose if you don't have it you would. Best of luck to you all in your quest for a cure or relief. I have wondered if you can be treated for Chicken Pox would the same medicine used for that work for Grovers??

Replied by Wayne

Hey Gary,

I have had GD since I turned 42... so for 27 years. I tried a lot of creams recommended by the skin specialists, but they were largely ineffective. Last winter I tried UV treatment at the local hospital. After a few weeks it really helped and right through summer I sat in the sun with just shorts on. The rash almost disappeared and at the end of summer 2017, I could not see it. Then in December I caught the flu and immediately the rash reappeared on my stomach and chest and a bit on my lower back. I always use a cream after showering after my workouts (5 days a week) and the rash has become less visible again. I am thinking of buying a UV lamp to use at home rather than go to the hospital and stand in the UV rays for 5 minutes, 3 times a week. The UV must be UVB Narrow Band TL01. I think it might be better than creams. I also agree with the people on this site, it could be food related - so it is better to find the cause rather than treat the symptoms. It is worth a try.

Replied by Jim
Champaign, Ilinois

Gary, I read your post and could not have described life better than you just did. I am an orthopedic surgeon and have wonderful access to any and all aspects of our medical care system and that has not helped me at all. The dermatologists, God bless them, have not been helpful. This problem leaves now single guy like me feeling hopeless when it comes to dating. I continue to read and try to learn about it and try new remedies. That is where I'm at.

Replied by Ben

PLEASE see BEN's post. I have tried MANY prescriptions with medical directions, non helped. My Cilantro smoothie WORKS. Please TRY.

Grover's Disease Remedies  

Posted by Lynn Ann (New York Ny) on 06/05/2013

My Grover's disease is so bad it is unbearable. I am a 55 year old woman and this started a couple of years ago - about at the onset of menopause. The disease was diagnosed by biopsy. I am considering undergoing light therapy treatment. Is there any wholistic treatment for this? I have used steroid creams & Atarax but it just will not go away. I really need help. I am itching like crazy and the rash is all over my chest, stomach and my upper & lower back. I can hardly bear it.

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Dear Lynn, sick people tend to complain about the problems, question the remedies and do nothing. I used to do that when I was sick, suffering from a plethora of degenerative illnesses going downhill getting worse. At some point you have to start working on the solution. You have to begin to take care of yourself because that is what all life on earth does that is living naturally. The first thing you need to do is chant the mantra "just the best not the rest". Believe it or not, the root cause of all illnesses is eating cooked improperly processed food from big agra so stop eating that. Eat a combination of the best vegetables, best fruits, best oils and best proteins. Go to the grocery store and buy some organic baby leaves and some organic strawberries, raspberries, black and blueberries, add some water and grind them up in the blender. Take 1 cup every hour. Take either 15 grams of rapadura or raw honey every hour. Take 15 grams of coconut oil and 15 grams of flax oil together in divided doses daily.

For protein take either 60 grams nondenatured microfiltered whey proteing isolate or 16 eggs from pastured hens, eaten raw and not grinded up in the blender or stirred with a fork. The yolks should be firm and orange, not yellow and soft, in divided doses daily. Take 10 grams or more of red miso daily. You can also take the superfoods hawaiin spirulina, japanese or south korean chlorella, raw organic cocoa powder, nondefatted dessicated liver, absorbable colostrum, raw fermented skate and cod liver oils.

Naturopath doctors, who are the super heroes of the 21st century, have discovered the body requires around 150 nutrients taken in small doses several times a day with lots of water. This is what I take every day and I have not been to the doctor in 6 years.

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Hi Lynn Ann, That sounds miserable! I have not experienced this, but have a few thoughts about what I would try if I were in your shoes. I noticed on earth clinic's Grover's Disease page that some have found relief with iodoral. Since iodine deficiency can cause all sorts of problems, it would be something to look into. Since it seems menopause related, possibly, Evening Primrose Oil, internally, might be helpful. 1300mg gel caps daily. They help many with menopause symptoms. Apple Cider Vinegar and Blackstrap molasses help so many people with so many things, adding those to you diet wouldn't hurt and might help. 1-2 T. Of each daily. Lots of water and less sugar are also helpful to many ailments.

To help your immediate problem with itching, you could try oatmeal baths or epsom salt baths. You could also put Apple Cider Vinegar (with the mother) in a spray bottle and spray it on. It might sting. Try a small spot first. Or dilute 1:1 with water.

I recently made a lotion that is for anti-itch. It works really well for some tick bites that are not being helped by anything else. Here is the recipe:

Natural Anti-Itch Cream:
1 teaspoon fine sea salt
1 teaspoon baking soda
2 teaspoons bentonite clay
1 tablespoon (approx. ) witch hazel

How to Make:

Mix sea salt, baking soda, and bentonite clay in a small bowl or jar (nothing metal with the bentonite clay). Slowly add witch hazel. Stirring constantly, until it reaches a creamy consistency. Add essential oils if using.

I added a few drops each of: peppermint, lavender, frankincense, tea tree and patchouli essential oils.

Hope you find some relief soon! Let us know what works for you!



Itching is helped with large doses of Vitamin C. I have taken up to 20 grams of Vitamin C to cure it and it works really well. Since Vitamin C is also one of the best anti-allergics, so I think it treats the itching by removing allergies.

Replied by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va, Usa

16 eggs? Per day? Wow. Maybe you can answer my question about eggs: If I eat a raw egg, laid by my hen, it's very fresh and I'm not concerned about bacteria--I know it was clean before I cracked it because I'm the one doing the cleaning. But, how long can I hold an egg before being concerned about contamination? I know that hens can lay eggs over a week and then sit on them to hatch, so they don't automatically go bad without refrigeration. So, at what point do I say it's better not to eat it raw?

Replied by Mama To Many
Middle, Tennessee, Usa

Hi again... after I posted, I thought of a few more things that might be worth a try...

Turmeric - this is great for inflammation. It is also anti-tumor. 1 t. 2-3 x a day. You could take 4 00 capsules to make 1 t. Or you could mix the powder with milk. (Some people like it that way... I don't! I mixed it with honey to get my 4 year old to take it.

Vitamin C - another thing that helps many diseases. Doctoryourself. com has lots of stories and talks about how to dose it.

Coconut Oil- read about how many things this helps here on earthclinic. You could do oil pulling or just take it internally. (1-3 T. A day... Start with 1 or 2 t. a day and work your way up.)

Let us know what helps you! ~ Mama to Many

Replied by Mike Giller
Denver, Colorado

Dear TrudyG,

1. google eating eggs from pastured hens raw.
2. Eggs from pastured hens are not contaminated. The shell seals them, preventing them from being contaminated from the outside.
3. The egg can be stored at room temperature for 1 month.
4. Heating and grinding up in the blender and stirring with a fork denatures some of the beneficial properties.
5. When a racoon steals a duck egg, he doesn't cook it. The duck has been eating greens not grains.
6. A famous naturopath doctor got a call from a relative of a sick old dying woman who was given 2 days to live by a doctor. She asked what could she do and the naturopath said at this late stage maybe eating eggs from pastured hens raw. In 2 days, she ate 6 dozen and eventually made a full recovery.
7. All the nutrients are in the egg except sugar because the egg turns into an animal.
8. The reason I said eggs was because they are the most convenient. They are not the most cost effective for protein. The most cost effective is nondenatured microfiltered whey protien isolate and red miso.
9. Every day tissues are being replaced these tissues are made up of the oils 3 6 9 and a protein called glutamate. When people don't get enough of these oils and protein, their organs become smaller and weaker. The 3 foods highest in glutamate are red miso, nondenatured microfiltered whey protein isolate, and eggs from pastured hens eaten raw. I take both red miso and nondenatured microfiltered whey protien isolate and flax oil because they are cost effective. The flax oil needs to be taken with coconut oil because the polyunsaturated oils need saturated oils to function properly. Eggs contain some very important substances that are not in the miso or the whey. For purposes of cost effectiveness, take 4 eggs a day and then take the miso and the whey and the flax oil and the coconut oil.

Replied by Trudyg
Waynesboro, Va, Usa

So what's the easiest way--just toss them back? I only have a couple of hens, so don't get 6 eggs/day. May need more chickens. Will this help my insomnia? I'm the terrible insomniac on this forum for whom nothing works. Thanks so much for your input.

Replied by Sandy

My suggestion is to take D-Lenolate (olive leaf extract) and bathe the areas with Olive Leaf soap.

Replied by Tinabobeena
New York, Ny

I don't think there is a cure per se - though I am not a doctor. I was told it just has to run its course (this of course after I got it checked out and the doctor told me it was Grover's Disease). Best remedy for the itching: Sarna lotion. It helped tremendously!! Be prepared - Grover's Disease can last for months, but does eventually go away on its own.

Replied by Shae
Los Angeles, California

I've had Grover's Disease for many years, and was FINALLY diagnosed a couple of years ago. I had a second biopsy just to make sure and confirm. The ONLY thing that has worked (medication-wise) has been Accutane. I'm not thrilled about having to take it again, (this will be the second time), but, I'm miserable. I'm interested in finding a doctor that specializes in Grover's. Anyone know of one in the US??? Thanks.

Replied by Michelle
Los Angeles, US

I have to disagree.... In SOME cases grover's can go away on its own. I have suffered for 25 years. Almost always in some sort of break out somewhere on my body. The only relief for me has been acutane. Don't love going on it but it stopped it completely while taking it. After two months off it erupted in full force. I would like to try a natural remedy and I have in the past, but nothing really worked. I'm still searching.

Replied by Melanie
Minnesota, Usa

I have had success with hydrogen peroxide. At the sign of an outbreak I use towelettes soaked in hp. I have spray bottles too. It will usually knock it down after a week or so. That way I can avoid a course of antibiotics. I also take lukewarm showers twice a day.

Replied by Maggie
Plattsburgh, Ny

Turmeric is worth a try but in order for turmeric to do its job it needs to be accompanied with black pepper (piperade).

I have Grovers too and I've been taking turmeric in its raw form as well as organic ground for 3 years (only just had it diagnosed) but it hasn't helped my Grover's. I have only just started with coconut oil with neem oil mixed in with it. I'm trying to see if that will help as I don't want to put that cream on anymore.


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Posted by Donangelo (Bend, Or) on 06/30/2014
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I contracted Grover's Disease 10 years ago when I lay in bed for 3 months following a head-on collision that broke my bones in 27 places. Several months ago I discovered that coating the area with Hibiclens, a strong and inexpensive antibiotic available without a prescription, for a couple minutes when I take my morning shower, almost completely eliminates the pustules, at least by 80%. Aloe vera or coconut oil also help a little. I am currently applying the Hibiclens only every other day, and I have not experimented to see if I stay cleared up if I stop the Hibiclens.


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Posted by Linwood (Fort Bragg) on 07/06/2015
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I have found that an ice pack applied to the area where the itching is occurring during a Grover's disease outbreak is extremely effective to bring almost immediate relief.

Replied by Kjb
Florida Keys
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I would dampen a wash cloth, put it in a plastic zip lock bag then the freezer. It was the only way to fall asleep.

Juicing, Coriander  

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Posted by Jackie (Uk) on 05/20/2018
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Hi I'm a 55 year old female, diagnosed with Grover's rash 10 years ago. I have times when it flares up very badly but mostly it's just lurking around mainly on my chest and stomach. I juice every day and recently added large amounts of coriander to my green juices. The rash has just about disappeared. If anyone else would like to try it, it's worth a shot.


Replied by Ron
Arlington, Tx

I cured my grover's 100% by eating fresh chopped cilantro in my salads for just a week. I still eat a little in some of my salads, just in case.

Kelp Paste, Hot Showers  

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Posted by Avvidor (Pembroke Pines Fl.33027) on 12/29/2013
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Grover's Disease: I am a 78 yr old female diagnosed by biopsy....... been told that my case is severe includes back, legs and both arms. Itching is outrageous...any ideas are greatly appreciated.....even tried kelp paste and very hot showers/..nothing has been effective....derms have sent me to specialist..// at jmh..have been told there is no will go away......hope to hear from someone.....

Replied by Mama To Many
Tennessee, Usa

Dear Avvidor,

What have you tried other than kelp paste and hot showers? I noticed several things on the Earth Clinic page that have helped...Iododral and B-complex. I am wondering if you have tried these.

Carrot juice also comes to mind as something I would try. The high vitamin A is good for skin and it is a good detox for the body. But it can be an investment if you don't have a juicer or one you could borrow. Drinking a quart a day of carrot is doable, though you might start with less to make sure it doesn't bother you. (Like a cup a day and work up to a quart a day.) I have had a quart a day for a couple of weeks with no adverse affects.

Do keep us posted...I hope you are feeling better soon.

~Mama to Many~

Replied by Mmsg
Somewhere, Europe

Avvidor, in my experience, the real Coconut Oil drastically reduces itching from any cause.

Replied by Mike 62
Denver, Colorado

Avvidore: Watch raw food videos. The80/10/10ers have recovered from everything. You can also take the best all in one formula according to Mike Adams from natural news, a 30 herb blend, mostly wild harvested from deep in the amazon jungle. A Finnish company checked the electromagnetism with a tesla scope and the energies were so high they had to recalibrate their instrument. The preperation is called sparygic. The caps are called liquizons. The owner's girl friend happens to be Olivia Newton John. She takes 3 tsp. Daily.