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Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus  

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Posted by Wanted: A Healthy Vajay (St.louis, Mo) on 10/26/2010
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The past few years I have struggled with what I thought was recurring sinusitis and with lifelong asthma, I was living on anti-biotics and high doses of steroid inhalers, but never getting better. I kept getting yeast infections and would get meds called in from the doc, which was always embarrassing having to call about once a month! During this period, I have also became lactose intolerant, which is most definitely NOT helping my already depleted "vaginal ecosystem". After visiting an ENT and getting scoped and an MRI, we come to find out all the sinus infections were due to severe allergies! So I stopped the anti-biotics and went full force on allergy injections once a month and take cetrizine (antihistamine) religiously everyday for the past six months. I have not have one sinus infection since-- yay! But on the down side, I thought I was having a yeast infection from hell, went to the doctor to find out it was BV!! I had been researching yeast infections prior to the doctor's visit and asked the doc if I could get some lactobacillus suppositories to help rebuild my ecosystem. She just prescribed me flagyl. I was skeptical and asked if this was going to be a recurring problem, but she said it shouldn't be.

I researched BV online and found otherwise. Also after reading the insert on the antibiotics, I found the side effects and warnings are that it may cause C-dif and other problems related to wiping out all the bad bacteria- What the heck?? How could doctors SERIOUSLY be treating people with bacterial related infections with this crap?? You would think with all the research and technology we have, aside from the dozens of testimonies women have written online, they would have figured it out by now!! (I also have mild c-dif, which I also presume is from lack of lactose and anti-biotics destroying my good bacteria. ) My mom, an RN for over 20 years suggested an apple cider vinegar douche, but I had been told by doctors for years douches are a no-no. Anyway, I took a round of antibiotics and it went away for a couple of weeks. Now the BV is back with vengeance, preventing me from having sex with my boyfriend---the pain and discomfort are unbearable with bleeding after sex, and constantly smelling like a nasty gym bag!!! I have been looking online for natural remedies--could only find those websites trying to sell A BOOK FOR $30-60--- again, ARE YOU SERIOUS??!

When I found this site, it was an AH-HA moment for me. I am so glad women are finding the lacto capsules with folic acid, B vitamins and H202 douches are effective. I am going out right now to buy some and keep my fingers crossed! I am also interested to hear that women have found avoiding sugar and gluten beneficial. I also suffer from endometriosis and have been trying to follow the "endometriosis diet" to keep it under wraps. It seems there are general guidelines for overall health that come from a simple diet and natural supplements along with regular exercise, sleep, and stress management that our healthcare providers do not emphasize enough and instead skip over to prescribe harmful pharmaceuticals--some are even being manufactured in China!! God knows what is actually in our medications these days.

Posted by Melhope (Woburn, Ma, United States) on 07/11/2010
1 out of 5 stars

Ok so I have been doing the combo of H2O2, Acidophils pills and vagina insert and Folic acid for 3 days now. The first I did the H202 douche the smell went away but I had slight spotting. The smell came back yesterday and today I did the douche again and put plain yogurt in my vagina last night. Well, the smell is still slightly there and I got some more spotting!! I'm so frustrated because it seems like so many women are getting good results from this!! Does anyone think that my non hormonal IUD could be affecting the treatment? OR am I not waiting long enough?

Posted by Lola (Daytona, Fl) on 10/20/2009
1 out of 5 stars

Hi ladies, I tried the folic acid, acidophilus, H2o2 douche combo- and I an still very infected. I first tried it 2 or three months ago and i'm still using this combo daily. I was very disappointed. I am 40 yrs old and have had BV for almost 2 years!! this suxx. The most this combo does for me is keep my itchy burning symptoms at bay. I have no odor but I do have discharge. I have seen a great difference in switching to acidophilus from probiotics but nothing - not even drinking lots of water- keep it away.

Here's a question: Has anyone tried Don Quai or St. Johns Wort - since BV may be caused by a hormonal imbalance?