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Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Acidophilus  

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Posted by Netsirk (Dallas, Texas, Usa) on 06/09/2013
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HELP!! I did the H2O2 twice and I became super itchy and burning! The first time went well and now I'm having terrible discomfort. I also inserted probiotics into my vagina. allergy? Going to call the doctor in the morning. ):

Posted by Jessea (Bristol, Wi) on 09/02/2009
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I have been suffering with BV since Febuary of this year. There was a long chain of events that caused it, and I've been on the Metronizdale (sp) antibiotic probably 5 or 6 times! And just like the storied I've read here, it would always come back within a couple weeks, sometimes worse than the time before! I was so happy when I found this site! I started out with the loading dose of 1600mg of Folic acid and 2 of the 1 billion acidopholis. I also did the H202 douche. I started this yesterday. I took 1200mg of the folic acid and 2 acidopholis last night and also inserted one of the acidpholis pill (not the capsule) into my vagina, and now I'm experiencing yellow discharge, and found much of the grit coming out with I douched this morning. I'm quite alarmed by it. I'm afraid I will get a urinary tract infection. Does anyone know if I can try to continue this remedy without this step? Or should I be using the capsule instead of the pill? Also, how long should it take for you to feel any results? I'm not quite sure if this working for me yet, so I'm going to continue the remedy without inserting acidpholis until I hear back from someone. Does anyone have any advise??