Mold and Black Mold Exposure

Apple Cider Vinegar  

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Posted by M (Galveston, Tx) on 06/23/2010
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Thanks to everyone for the info, and mostly for the good humor. When I get days as bad as today, I stay home from work, as I lose all sense of humor and feel like I want to belt somebody. My mother used to drink ACV (straight!) for various infections, and after reading all your testimonials, I decided maybe I'd try some for my respiratory problem. I am getting desperate, as no OTC or prescribed medications are helping. I've had a chronic, violent cough which sometimes results in vomiting, and almost always in loss of urinary control, caused from living in a toxic mold-infested apartment after Hurricane Ike (and this was one I moved to in order to get out of one that flooded). In short, I have been coughing since January of 2009. The doctors don't seem to want to think of my problem in terms of the mold exposure - not sure why they are resistant to that - so they've tried (unsuccessfully, but expensively) treating me with asthma and allergy medications. Today I got some N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) from the health food store, and am hoping that will give me some relief. Sleep would be nice, too. After reading many of your comments, I thought I should report that drinking ACV immediately caused me to BECOME congested, where I hadn't been before. It could be that it's not the thing to take for a mold infection (some hint of that on the mold forum, which I read AFTER I drank the ACV!). Thanks, better breathing, and best wishes to all.

Posted by Michele (Sebewaing, Mi) on 05/08/2010
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I have been using a 1/2 tsp. daily of Bragg's ACV in my neti bottle to irrigate my sinuses for the last 6 months. I have known allergies to mold. Since nothing on your site cautioned people with this allergy NOT to use it, I thought it was safe. I am now dealing with the worst sinus infection/reaction I have EVER had in my life. My nose has completely shut down and I cannot breathe. It is scary and I cannot sleep. I cannot breathe out of my mouth for any length of time because when I swallow or it gets too dry I wake up. I have not slept for weeks and finally called the allergy doctor. The first thing they said was to STOP USING VINEGAR. I am very angry that there were no cautions about this either on your website or Braggs. I have also written to them. This ruins things for me every looking for alternative ways of dealing with chronic problems and doesn't say much for your information.