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Posted by Anders (S.f. Ca) on 06/22/2015
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Unfortunately, it is not just government or corporate titans at fault. It is much the public at large and consumers everywhere that are to blame.

Many are unaware or not that interested in gaining more knowledge about the foods that we eat and the products that we buy. For many of us, the assumption has been that if the food item is available at a market or in a restaurant, it must be safe to eat. But that may no longer be the case.

Posted by Roman (Chicago, IL) on 12/12/2007
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This is under' the cold remedies cure catgory. Anytime I feel the slightest hint of a cold coming-on, I eat something that has MSG. flavored potato chips,and drink a glass of red wine,or a glass of orange juice. Monosodium-glutamate is also found in canned soup,not all of them use it,you need to read the label. This sounds funny-but it really works. When there was a rash of cold and flu outbreak at my workplace, I made this suggestion, but no-one took me seriously. But I never got sick.

Posted by Joyce (Joelton, Tn.) on 11/10/2007
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... Most hospitals don't cook any more (just as schools also) but have the food catered and brought into the hospital. Our schools' meals are more atrocious than hospsitals' meals, by far. I would have laughed when I read that schools had petitioned the federal government and got an ok on counting the catsup packet served along with fries as a vegetable, if it hadn't been so pathetic and such potential of damaging our children. I have visited several elementary, middle & high schools over the past few years and seldom saw anything that wasn't grease-laden, sugar laden and most likely also MSG laden. Now with all the hype on the obesity epidemic in our kids (as well as our adultsl) they will probably also be laden with both MSG and aspartame. I agree with Ted that most of our obesity can be attributed to damage from MSG. We will probably see Alzheimer's moving on down into childhood then, as used to be called adult onset diabetes mellitus has, because I believe neurologist Russell L. Blaylock knows what he's talking about when he says that the most deadly form of MSG is any hydrolyzed plant (corn, soy, etc) protein because it kills off both calcium and sodium transport cells of the brain and central nervous system. It seems that separately, they only kill off one type of neuron.

Posted by JOYCE (Joelton, Tn.) on 10/10/2007
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On eczema, I believe removing the cause is the best cure. The causative factor is usually soap. No matter what kind - if it's soap, don't use it. One of our psychiatrists came in with a classic case of exzema (in his forties). I took one look at him and remarked, "that looks itchy, is it?" He said yes. When I caught him without an audience, I asked him if he ever tried leaving off soap for his eczema. He said he had and it got better at first, then got worse.

This almost threw me off track, until I thought to ask him what he used instead of soap. He replied that he didn't remember the name of it but it was some kind of medicated cream. I then suggested that he try leaving off soap again and not using any thing instead. He was surprised when told to just use a thick, wash cloth and water when bathing, nothing else, but agreed to give it a try. Several days later when he was next on call, he came in with the smoothest complexion and very happy with it.

People who forgo the use of soap also find that they have less body odor and attract fewer insect bites.

Again, on headaches, remove the cause, instead of looking for a cure. Aspartame (Nutrisweet) is well known for causing headaches. So is Monosodiumglutamate. If you want to find some other things they can cause, type in Excitotoxins, and hit search. For those who think MSG is only found in stir-fried (Chinese foods), make a list of the names MSG is hidden under in the ingredients list, then go into your kitchen and see how many of your foods have one or more of them listed in the ingredients.

Classic example is the 15% chicken broth that may be contained in a well-known brand of raw chicken that you must take home and cook...The MSG isn't mentioned because they didn't add MSG - they added chicken broth which contained the MSG.....Learn to protect yourself and your loved ones by learning these legal loop-holes. Oh, yes, you will also learn that that they are named excitotoxins because they excite the neural cells (Brain & Central nervous system) to death.

If you also research meta-bolic syndrome X (now called insulin resistance) by orthodox medicine) you will also find that excitotoxins are the same things that cause insulin resistance which ends up as full fledged Diabetes Mellitus,Type 2 which used to be called DM, adult onset, but was renamed to DM type 1 for juvenile onset and type 2 for adult onset, because children (even toddlers, are now developing type 2. So be your own health defender by learning all the names the excitotoxins are hidden under, stop buying these products, and write the supplier telling them why you aren't buying their product. You will only have to make one list because the excitotoxins are the same ones that makes us kick out excess insulin, proceed through insulin resistance, then to full fledged DM, type 2 and all of its complications.

Posted by Bev (Elroy, WI) on 09/05/2007
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to respond to the woman with the terrible boils. I suffer from horrific cystic acne. I discovered that if I eliminate all forms of hidden MSG [do an internet search to find all that it is in] that my skin is perfectly clear. I am so sensitive that I cannot even touch anything with citric acid or natural flavor which is a form of hidden MSG and is in most shampoos, liquid hand soap, prepared foods, pop etc. I convinced my husband to eliminate all hidden MSG and his headaches, ezcema and skin rash went away. Now when he has any exposure the itchy, weepy skin rash comes back and today it is back with a vengence. He had mustard on Sunday and it flared. By Monday evening it was drying up and he licked the spoon of the ice cream he served our children and during the night it erupted so bad he could hardly sleep.

A good rememdy for all these skin things is a 125 watt clear infrared bulb. Not only will this clear up the skin but is great for any aches and it healed my son of acute asthma. Asthma requires a one hour treatment 1-2 times daily or more. The more you use it the quicker it heals. The only draw back is having to stay stationary so long. My husband hasn't had time to sit under it the past two days so he is still in bad shape. He started on the vinegar and honey last night to see if a change in body pH will help.

Posted by Sara (Ochlocknee, Georgia) on 08/15/2007
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I found that msg caused my legs to become nearly paralyzed after eating something with msg. Also I had chest pains. I have done a lot of reading about msg and found all the dangers. I was noticing for a year or more that after I would eat a meal that my legs not only became nearly paralyzed but they would begin tingling, stinging and burning or being cold. I had read that rosemary was an antedote and have used it after eating and found that in 15 or 20 minutes that there was some improvement. I am glad to read that there are other alternatives too. It makes me so angry to learn that our food chain is so inundated with msg.

Posted by Joanne (Tallahassee, FL, USA) on 05/05/2007
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Like PD, I dicovered a connection between Chinese food and my migraines. It was MSG. I've had migraines from Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, and an ever growing list of prepared foods to the point where I don't eat them much anymore (better for my body anyway). I found the best way to avoid them is try to avoid MSG, but it's very difficult, so I also take magnesium (400 mgs) a day. It seems to help keep them down, although lately I've been getting a lot of them but I think it was dietary because I was eating junk. *L* I'm going to try the ACV and see if that helps.. But if Chinese food triggers you, it just might be MSG.. good luck!

Posted by KNOWLEDGE IS POWER (Perth, Australia) on 04/06/2007
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Have heard two comments now regarding Oxygen Therapy or Hyperbaric Therapy. I am about to give this therapy a go. Also just wanted to say that I think this website is a fantastic forum and agree that the use of Splenda and Aspartame are huge culprits of outbreaks. I haven't had an outbreak for approx 4 weeks now, however I had a chinese dish today for lunch (around 1.30pm) and found out it contained MSG after eating it. I am now experiencing the tingling and itching sensations (now 11.05pm) which are my warning bells going off, so I've taken 2 l-lysine tablets. Not sure what exctly is in MSG but I'm about to search the net for some answers! Will be embarking on the Oxygen Therapy and low carb/high protein diets as protein contains natural l-lysine. Will keep u posted on how it pans out!!

Posted by Hiral (Chicago, IL) on 01/07/2007
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MSG causes dizzyness and lightheadedness after eating chinese or japanese food. I must agree that MSG is really harmful. Growing up I mostly ate daily cooked Indian food as I am Indian. More recently I have started to eat "out" more and the first thing I noticed after I had this really good tasting fried rice at a Japanese place was that I felt lightheadedness, somewhat dizzy and unable to concentrate. I didn't think much of it until it happened again on another day after eating the same food. A friend of mine told me that it could be MSG. I was curious and I looked it up and it turns out many Asians from the Indian subcontinent or Southeast Asia are definitely reactive to it. When I first had the fried rice, I was unable to determine why it tasted to good. It was definitely not sugar and not salt, it was something different. It just made me want to eat more and more of the rice. I avoid all prepared foods unless I know the ingredients. All Doritos and other bags of chips contain some form of MSG. It is ridiculous how many different foods have it. I now only eat at places that claim to add no MSG but that doesn't mean anything since if the sauces they use already have it then they technically haven't added it themselves. Anyway, it is something you should avoid. All the Indo-chinese restaurants that serve "manchurian bhagis" are nothing more then a brown sauce full of MSG. Why do you think it tastes so good and you can't stop eating it?