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Posted by Kss (Tucson, Az) on 06/27/2011
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Hi, just now read the post on msg and reports of heart rhythm abnormalities. I respectfully disagree regarding msg's potency. All animals and all humans -- including those of Asian descent -- react to MSG with a variety of adverse physiological symptoms ranging from mild to severe. MSG is a potent neurotoxin. Even in the smallest amounts, it can -- among other things --affect heart rhythm, which is a neurological/electrolytic hiccup in the heart. It is also added to most "natural" and organic prepared foods, and nearly all "natural" pet foods. Check out the Truth in Labeling site for a long list of symptoms and pseudonyms.

Posted by byebye (Colorado Springs, Colorado) on 07/18/2009
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Since I was a child I have had reactions to excitotoxins. Worse in the last 7 years. For a couple of years I was covered with a hot stinging hot rash on my neck and around my eyes, feeling terrible. The allergist said none of my tests showed to much of any one food to be the cause. Than one day my bother said, quit the sugarless drinks, and flavored chips. I did and I got 50% better. I than read the excitotoxin books and now only get reactions though still miserable when I eat out or overlook some ingredient. (at least once or twice a week).

The doctors have mainly given me cortisone to put on my skin. Now I just found out that I have a blood clot in my eye. I know it has something to do with excitotoxins or my overuse of cortisone. I always gain alot of weight during my reaction times. Is it the toxins or the corts causing that. Someone knows but any research out there is buried. $$ I saw an author interviewed on late night comedy channel and he nailed it when he said that our society has gone over the edge in that only corporate $$ values rule.

Question, what to do, I do not want any syndrome, I just want to be healthy.