Genital HPV Remedies

Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin C, Garlic  

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Posted by Sarai (Jackson, Ca) on 07/29/2010
5 out of 5 stars

I just read your story about the hpv. I too was diagnosed with it a few years ago, high risk. I started to take two 500mg of vitamin C a day, and every once in a while I would insert half a vitamin c pill up into my cervix area. I then read about the hydrogen peroxide, and began to douche with it, mixed with water. And I prayed, and prayed for this to go away. About two weeks ago I had a pap smear done, my result came back, NORMAL. I'm not sure if it was a combination of things, or if it was the vitamin C or peroxide, but I'm all clear of it now. . . . . Thank god.

Posted by Z (Miami, Fl) on 07/06/2010
5 out of 5 stars

In 2007 I learned I had LSIL/HPV in my cervix. My doctor said to wait and see if it will go away. I got tested a few months later in early 2008 and the results came back the same. I then had two painful colposcopy where they took a small biospy of my cervix. After the doctor gave me the results ( the same LSIL/HPV) he suggested I scheduole a LEEP procedure. I was devastated. I was upset that this is the only way out for me. Ironically the night before I was suppose to have my LEEP I came on this website and read about taking vitamins. I was already taking vitamins but decided to do research (in the middle of the night) on which vitamins are helpful. The next morning I cancelled my LEEP, prayed and headed to the pharmacy.

I started taking a pharmacy brand multi-vitamin, folic acid, b-12, and vitamin c. I put half of a vitamin C as far as it can go in my vagina ( to try to reach the cervix). I did the vitamin C once/twice every few months. In July 2009 I went to the gyn. And got tested. It came back normal, but I still had HPV. I decided to increase the amount of vitamins and today July 2010 I called my pap is NORMAL- NO abnormal cells, NO HPV!!! It was a long journey but I knew there had to be other healthy pain free ways. I dont know if this will work for every women who is going through what I went through but I do encourage you to look into other options before doing a procedure like the LEEP etc.


Posted by S (Wmca, Nevada) on 01/13/2009
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with HPV three years ago. I had numerous paps and a colposcopy. When they all came back positive low grade abnormal cells I had the option of leep procedure or let nature run its course. And I opted to let nature run its course. I took a multi-vitamin, vitamin C 100mg, and a garlic soft gel everyday. After 6 months my next pap came back ASCUS and then the two I have had since then have came back clear.