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Posted by Patty (Los Angeles, CA) on 08/06/2014
5 out of 5 stars

I had tested positive for HPV 5 years ago. I visited a naturopath after reading some of the posts here. I was given green tea/camphor oil vaginal inserts. By next pap test I was clear and have been negative for a year and half now. Call your local naturopath and see if they have experience treating HPV....that's what I did.

Posted by Joanne (Sebastopol, Ca) on 12/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had high risk HPV and a questionable pap smear. My naturopath put me on Dalton Aloe pills (2X/day), green tea extract (2X/day), folic acid and zinc. She also prescribed some other herbs, etc. But this is all I did. I just got back my results after 6 months and all was normal!

Posted by Monica (Los Angeles, Ca) on 01/04/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I was diagnosed with High risk HPV. I had a class III pap smear/CIV, which is 1 step before cervical cancer. The gynecologist said that I no other option, but to get a Leep procedure done. This procedure actually cuts off a part of your cervix that has the abnormal cells. In my case it was more than 1/4 of my cervix that would need to be removed. I was told that the only issue for me after the surgery would be if I wanted to have a baby I would possibly have a high risk pregnancy with a risk of going into early delivery because of a weak and shortened cervix. For me, this was unacceptable.

I asked my doctor to find an alternative treatment to this invasive surgery and his response was, "you have no other options. You must have this surgery. If you wait any longer it will turn into cancer. You don't have the option to go have think about it. You have to have the surgery. " He scheduled me to come in to have the surgery within a few days. However, intuitively I knew better.

I started doing research about alternative options to treat my condition. I found a naturopath in my area who treated HPV, both cancerous and non cancerous strains. Her method was to perform an Escarotic. I went in 2 times a week for 6 weeks. She applied a mixture of herbs to my cervix which over time destroyed the abnormal cells and allowed for new normal cells to grow. She also had me on a regimen of high doses of Vitamin C, Folic Acid, Vitamin A, Green Tea Tablets, an Anti HPV Tincture (mixture of various herbs), and Dim which regulates hormones naturally and encourages healthy cells growth. I was also taking liquid oxygen in my water to alkalize my blood, which creates a cancer resistant environment in the body. We waited a bit over 2 months after the treatment to do a re pap. Thankfully it came back normal. And is still normal 1 year later. I have gone every 3 months for the past year and have had 100% normal pap smears. I still take the vitamin regimen, but at a lower dosage. I hope this information helps others with the similar condition and know that surgery is not the only option. Wishing you love and health.