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Posted by Korinna (Haleyville, Alabama) on 02/25/2015
5 out of 5 stars

We got mites from a dog we picked up. I used mostly bleach and a little hot water. I had the bleach as strong as I could stand it and sprayed it all over my body and let sit for five mins then washed it off. Word of advice - don't scratch while bleach is on you. It burns really bad if you do. Not bad if you don't scratch; it has a light sting to it but the next day I was seeing results. My daughter had it from head to toe and I sprayed her down let it sit on her skin for about five mins then had her get a shower. Same thing I saw results the next day. We did that for three days and it's gone.

Posted by Jon (Indianapolis) on 08/20/2014
5 out of 5 stars

Just an update. The rash is totally gone now. It's more than 2 weeks later. I didn't go nuts and have my entire apartment and car sanitized. I think that's just overreacting to the maddening itching. Spraying the affected area (plus I took one or two diluted bleach baths) did the trick.

Away from human contact, scabies mites die within 3 days; so it would probably be cheaper to just rent a motel for a couple nights then return to your home. Go to Starbucks with your sanitized suitcase in the car, stay there 12 hrs, then stay in a motel for the night, the next day, and another night if you want to be sure.

When you get home, all the mites will be dead, and you didn't have to sanitize every inch of your home.

But all the above is overkill anyway...that's my point.

Posted by Angela (Eastpointe, Mi) on 06/18/2013
5 out of 5 stars

Scabies is the WORST thing to have ever happen to me! I tried the PERM & no results after a couple of days so I went to Google for some help and I found this site. I just want to say THANK U THANK U THANK U!!!!! I started taking the bathes with bleach & peroxide on a Sunday I started seeing results the very next day! These little suckers started working overtime due to me messing with their new found environment (my body) but I hung in there and got creative. After my bath I sprayed myself with bleach water and apply tea tree oil all over. In the morning I would get in the shower spray my body with peroxide, rub citrus dish detergent all over my body let it sit for a couple of minutes, rinse then wash as normal with Dial body wash (antibacteria) I even washed my hair with the dish detergent and dipped head in my bath water. Wash everything or throw away! I even started spraying my body with alcohol after my showers and applied the tea tree oils. Spray ur bed every time u planned on laying down with bleach water & putting plastic to cover ur mattresses is highly recommended! Wash everything and clean everything! I sprayed my floors and walls with bleach water for the first to days then I started every other day. I also wore latex gloves to keep down on wiping everything I touched. Don't forget ur car! I cleaned and sprayed my truck with a Ortho beg spray from Home Depot ever night and don't forget the seat belts. It's a extreme pain, but it works! Listerine or any mouthwash works as well. DON'T GIVE UP! I've been doing this for a wk now and my old spots are clearing up and new spots are becoming a sweet memory!

Posted by Stillme (Fairfax, Va) on 11/14/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Hello everyone, I am so so so thankful that I found this website! 3 doctors told me not to worry, it would be gone in a few weeks... Did the cream 2x, 3 doses of ivermectin... I am doing 2 more ivermectin.. And I am still not 100%. HOWEVER THE GOOD NEWS!!!!!!! I think the bleach and water is working! Finally! I don't feel that creepy crawly feeling after doing the bleach last night, and tonight after the gym I am doing the borax and peroxide bath, followed by the bleach. Of course, I am washing sheets towels every day, and washing clothing... And the clothing I can't wash - ie coat, a blazer for work, gets put in the dryer for 30 min on high when I get home.

Don't forget shoes... I have been spraying them inside and out with bedbug and flea spray.

Sofa and desk chair covered with plastic, and also I wipe all of my toiletries with alcohol - razor, tweezer, and also wipe off pencils and lipsticks...

Hairbrushes - put in a pillowcase and put in the dryer for 30 min on high, to be certain.

I'll keep everyone posted on my journey with this. God bless, and I hope everyone keeps up and gets through this awful thing.

Posted by Sn (Fort Worth, Texas) on 03/08/2012
5 out of 5 stars

This does work! Bleach and water is the cure. After soaking in a bath mixed with bleach and peroxide for 10-15 min and watch it loosen "whatever was coming off" to the surface was absolutely amazing. It gives your skin a slight tingly feeling almost like little buggies are running along your skin, then little air bubbles are released. Not sure exactly what was happening but I can tell you whatever was being terminated by the bleach wasn't on my skin anymore.

Like the earlier post say, it probably is a little bad for your skin, since it does dry it out quite a bit, but using a lotion afterwards solved that.

I've only done it one night, but I can say it's working because my husband and I have been fighting it for countless months and this is the most effective new treatment we've found. I woke up this morning (AFTER THE VERY FIRST NIGHT OF SOAKING) with not one new bite. At least as of lunch when I'm posting this from my desk.

The true key is a reduction in the number of live mites in your environment.

4/1 water/bleach EVERYTHING. It is diluted enough as to not leave spots on fabric. When I say everything I mean everything, all the time, always. If you can imagine. Everytime you think about it spray something with the solution or wipe it with a disinfectant. One of at all times was carrying the bottle as we went about our nightly routine spraying and cleaning everything we touched. You will begin to realize why you haven't been able to get rid of it.

You have to keep with it, it is awful. You come home from one job, just to start another one.

Steps to follow if you can't come up with something else you think if better:

1) fill bath with hottest water you can stand, add 1 cup of bleach and 1/2 peroixde. SIT, RELAX, FEEL THE FIZZLE. 10-15 min

2) This step is optional, but if you worry about the drying effects on your skin I would considered adding this.

Take a shower with oatmeal soap, tea tree oil soap, aveeno, etc. Something you find that soothes your skin. This will help the skin heal from the bleach you just sat in. The peroxide does this while sitting in the bath. At this point I was not itch, except for my very top of my shoulders that I would not get in the bath tub cause I live in a small apartment with a small tub.

3) Air dry. While I was still wet and standing in the bathroom I sprayed my skin with the bleach/water solution to be left on over night. I think air drying keeps it off the towels. the little buggers are scurrying and dying so giving them a way off your bleached body is letting them live to fight another day.

4) I went to bed naked but I understand that's not for everybody. That way there was no where they could hide. I treated my bedding, mattress, box spring, and my body. Everywhere they crawled was treated.

When you wake up you will feel the difference and be way less itchy if you still itch at all.

I also wanted to add that before I ran the bath I sprayed by bed with the solution because I knew I was going directly to bed. It was really wet, but it dries by the time the whole bathing routine is done. Surprisingly, it didn't leave that much of a smell of bleach. At least not enough to make you not keep doing it. They are most active at night so if you can survive the night without getting any new bites you know you are killing them off.

You are winning!

Treating your house is what takes the most out of you. You have to vaccum everyday. Also spray your car and work environment if you can. But definately your car's interior with the solution. If you can help it sit on hard furniture that can be wiped down when you get up. We don't sit on the couch, we got 2 plastic chairs. TREAT YOUR FURNITURE WITH THE SOLUTION QUITE HEAVILY. Since you probably sat in the same spot everyday for months before and while you were infected before you started EFFECTIVILY treating.

Good Luck!

Posted by Joey Bug (Newark, De) on 01/31/2012
5 out of 5 stars

Best remedy yet!! I was covered from head to toe with this horrible disease. I tried two seperate all Natural programs on the internet. One with no help and the other one I just couldn't handle the smell of sulfur. It is 3 weeks later and I still smell sulfur in my clothes and towels. I then started my Permithen 5%. Two episodes a week apart with some results but not enough to make me happy or actually sleep through the nite. I then found this site after reading from another blog site that one doctor said the true way to kill the Scabies is bleach and water. The doctor said that bleach penetrates the skin and the chlorine kills the mites on contact.

I read some of these comments and decided what do I have to lose. It's been two days and I am pretty Damn happy with the results. Two days and dried up Probably 75% of the mites, just be careful it can burn a little but well worth it. I will stick with the Bleach and Water. Good Luck!

Posted by Ksk (Jacksonville, Fl) on 01/25/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I did all of the hygiene ideas recommended--washed all my clothes and linens in hot water with anti- bacterial soap, threw my bedspread in the trash, etc. And I did 2 rounds of the medicine my doctor gave me-- Permethrin.

However, I honestly think the bleach cleanser (bleach and water) I tried one night was the actual cure. It stopped the itching immediately and after applying it directly to my skin for a couple of nights, the mites are gone. This has only gone on for a week for me. My heart goes out to those of you who have been dealing with it so long. I'm a health care professional and have been around scabies-infected people for years but never got it until now. I was infected with scabies from having sex with a man who does not have the symptoms. He must just be carrying it. Anyway, I don't care if the bleach is bad for your skin as long as I'm cured. This has been a nightmare. Good luck everybody.

Posted by Critters Be Gone! (Los Angeles, Ca) on 08/25/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hey everyone - the bleach and water work 100%... Not sure how good it is, but I am definitely seeing sign of improvement. I did permetherin 3 times and it didn't do much. I did Ivectermin/Stromectol and it helped.

Here is my cure:

Bed bug spray EVERYTHING -- it has permetherin in it. If you have it in your scalp use CVS 1% Lice shampoo.

Shower every night as hot as you can stand it, dry off and spray with water and bleach solution.

Spray the bed with bug spray, get in bed. Leave Window open to circulate air, fumes I am sure are not good for you.

Wake up, shower and scrub gently with a KITCHEN (yes, I said KITCHEN scrub pad to remove dead skin, and dead Scabies and whatever they leave behind), spray again. Spray everything with bug spray and bleach/water solution - wash everything daily.

After a few days you should see sign of improvement.

This has ruined my summer 2011; I have been in despair... So down over it. Cost $$$ and I have had it since the beginning of May... it's now August.

I have red marks all over my chest and upper legs, and some inside my arms. But it gets better.

God knows what all these chemicals are doing to my body, but I was desperate, I am hoping I am through the worst of it now.

Don't give up!

Posted by Rongalap (Alexandria, Va) on 06/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I sprayed a 4/1 mixture of water/bleach on my scabies patches, and for good measure, I covered the worst areas with Saran Wrap which I left on all night. I figured it would suffacate the little buggers. A little tape kept the wrap in place. Next morning there was a noticeable improvement in the appearance and decrease in itching. Second morning was even better. I am about to do the routine for the third time tonite. This will be a Godsend if it gets rid of these critters from Hell. I also spray the bleach solution on my legs and body 2-3 times during the day. Sure hope some of you find a little relief with this approach.

Posted by Kelley (Sandy Springs, Ga) on 04/09/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I want to Thank this forum for finally getting my home back. My husband and I are complete rid of Scabies because of this forum.. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You. Here is our story and what we did to finally rid our bodies and home from these relentless critters.

We tried the prescription creams and even took the pills that doctors prescribed and scrubbed my house and washed the linens every day, only to have recurrances every 4-5 days. After 3 failed attempts doing it the doctors way finally I headed to the internet and found this website. I read all the different posts for what others were using and having success. I guess you can say I gathered a mix of treatments. Here is what we did to finally rid our bodies and home.

1) Wrap the mattress and box springs in plastic

2) Wrap the couch in plastic

3) Steam Clean the Carpets -- We added 1/4 cup Chlorine free bleach, 3 Tblsp Dr Bonners Castile Peppermint soap and Zep Carpet Cleaner to mix with our water. Not only did this actually do a better job on our carpets then the cleaner itself ever did, but our carpets were minty fresh.

4) Take the bed linens off the bed every morning and straight to the washing machine. Add borax with your detergent. Then to the dryer until completely dry, I ran mine for 2 cycles. Spray the plastic on the bed with 50/50 Cholorine free bleach and Water, let air dry.

5) If you have pets, bathe them with the Peppermint soap made into shampoo. Use a nit/flea comb to remove any eggs that they are carrying. No the scabies don't infect them, but they do provide them with rides all over your house.

6) Remove daily clothing in the bathroom and place them directly into a plastic bag to transport clothing and towels to the washing machine.

7)Bathe twice a day, make the water as hot as you can take. Add Tblsp of each -Dr Bonners castile Citrus, Tea Tree and Peppermint oil soaps to the Bath water and soak. Then wash with one of the castile oil soaps which ever one you choose for the day and shower off. Towel dry and spray entire body with a 50/50 mix of the chlorine free bleach and Water. Place towel in the plastic bag with the clothing you were wearing and off to the laundry.

8) vacuum carpets every day.

9) each day spray every room in your house from floor to ceiling (everything- walls, doors, cabinets, floor.. Etc. ) with a 50/50 mix of chlorine free bleach and water.

In 10 days and we were completely free of scabies from our bodies and home. I say 10 days because we were clear of any outbreaks in 5 days, but we kept up the cleaning regiment for another 5 days just to make sure we didn't have another recurrance in the usual 4-5 days when we were following the doctor prescribed methods.

You have to be completely ready to stay with the routine, if you decide that you are tired and don't follow through with the cleaning regiment, I promise you will be sorry. Just plan on starting over as though it is day one all over again. Trust me you can't win the battle if you aren't fighting.

Once again Thank you everyone for posting your remedies, I hope passing along our success story will help someone else. Please pay attention to your body because the chlorine free bleach and soaps are not for everyone and I wouldn't want anyone to have an adverse reaction if you have allergies or sensitive skin to any of the ingredients used, then don't use them, create a mix of your own that works for you.

Posted by Cathrine (Perth, Western Australia, Australia) on 04/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had my first bleach bath last night and no more crawling feelings today. The scabies were mainly on my scalp and chest. I dipped my hair in the bath for a couple of minutes as I was laying there. Then I aired dried and an hour later I had a shower. I had secondary scabies after not treating my scalp the first time (benzyl benzoate) I have tried everything. It looks like the bleach works. I will need to continue baths every 2 or 3 days as I will need to keep up with the new batches of eggs that hatch until the population is down. Fingers crossed

Posted by Aaron (Boise, Id) on 02/02/2011
5 out of 5 stars

I had been suffering from scabies for over a year. I have had four doses of Perm, and three doses of ivermectum (one dose a week for three weeks) I did this all reluctantly and have about 75% success with the ivermectum. These things are resiliant as hell, don't underestimate their ablility to survive, they've been around longer as a species then we have. I did every home remedy known (neem soap, neem leaf, oral neem, tea tree, coconut oil, borax, etc. etc. ). I cleaned everything religiously, never wore the same thing twice no matter how tempting. Steamed all my clothing and bedding before wash with an industrial steamer. I will tell you right now the girl who posted here has nailed it right on the head. I found a post about three months back by a girl who said bleach was the cure. I did a 1 to 3 ratio of household clorox bleach to water in a spray bottle and sprayed myself down and left it on over night.

Bleach is the cure. It may be dangerous but totally worth it. It took three times of doing this with spot treating with bleach and a blow dryer but I am now scabie free. Mostly it's important to know that your dog having a parasite is much different and honestly you cannot relate. Heating a spot that has brand-new bumps with a blow dryer to just past the point of being uncomfortable will kill them. Doubling that with the bleach, you're basically good to go.

Posted by Ceeboe (Columbia, Mo) on 08/08/2010
5 out of 5 stars

Well bleach and water worked 4 me too, but I also used antibacterial soap with aloe and very hot hot water and soaked for about 20 minutes. The hot water open the pores of the skin, the bleach kills the nest, and the aloe cures the skin from itching. When you get out the tub you must air dry.

Posted by Fmabg (Oneonta, NY) on 05/20/2009
5 out of 5 stars

think i may have found a way. i have been suffering for almost 18 months now and have tried the creams and soaps. i haven't takin the pill yet casue my doc won't let me. sayes it may be too toxic. so what i did was took a soda bottle and messured out to equal sections on the bottle and marked them. then i took bleach and filled it up to the 2nd line and the rest with water, or a 1 part bleach and 4 parts water. then i sprayed my whole body from top to bottom. the first night i didn;t feel anything in the lostest time. secound night was great too. i woke up in the morning and noticed 3 new spots on my arms and a couple on my legs. i mixed the bleach again and then did it the night after. its been two weeks now and haven;t have a singls bite yet. i did do it a couple more times a total of six times in a 3 week period. aside from washing my cloths and bedding as much as possable. i also sparyed my mattress with the bleach/water once a week. i really think i might be rid of them and hopefully for good. seeing as i have no idea were they came from i hope to never run into them again.