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Posted by Jennifer (San Diego, CA) on 10/18/2014

From a 2009 article:

Decades of research has found a relation between mental health disorders and zinc. In the 1970s Dr. Carl Pfeiffer reported that taking zinc and vitamin B6 supplements were 95% successful in managing over 400 cases of schizophrenia, according to Raymond J. Pataracchia B.Sc., N.D. People with one type of schizophrenia have a condition called pyroluria. This means they have an abnormal amount of chemicals called pyrroles in their body. About half of schizophrenics have this health problem. Pfeiffer's work has since led to thousands of people with pyroluria being successfully treated with zinc and vitamin B6 at the Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London and the Earth House, near Princeton in USA.

Posted by Cure4schizophrenia (Tallahasee, Fl) on 10/15/2010

Hi, I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 18. The disease was very disabling for me, and ruined a few years of my life. The whole time I was on meds I was ALWAYS tired. I always felt terrible, and I was never "truely" well. For example, although I was on medicine, which was the "approved approach" for treatment by modern medicine, I still frequently had delusions. Although I was diagnosed at age 18, when I had my first episode. When they told me what I had, I didn't believe it and I stopped taking my medicine. I went almost a year without another episode, but finally a little less than a year later, I had another episode. This time I stayed on the meds, and again I never felt right. I always felt terrible. So later I got a job at a GNC. And at first I didn't take any of their supplements. I told my manager one day that I was always tired, and he recomended one of GNC's multivitamins because it was high in B-Complex vitamins. So I started taking it, and I started feeling a little better. I eventually read a book called "Prescription for Nutritional Healing, " which had a section in it for schizophrenia. So I read that section and made a few changes, I started taking a few more supplements. I added ginkgo biloba, fish oil (omega 3's), vitamin C, and more B-Complex. Again, it made me feel a little better, but still nothing spectacular, deffinitely nothing in the realm of "being cured. "

So later, in another attempt to get well, I went back to my book "prescription for nutritional healing, " hoping to find something that I had missed that I could start doing to make me better. Lo and behold, I see in the section for schizophrenia this - "Psychiatrists found a link between schizophrenia and pellegra, a Vitamin B3 (Niacin) defficiency disease. Using large gram amounts of niacinamide to treat patients, they get good results. "

So I though hmmmm, niacin and schizophrenia? So I google searched the words "niacin schizophrenia" in my google tool bar, and several pages came up claiming niacin cures schizophrenia. But another name seemed to be mentioned several times, a Dr. Abram Hoffer. So I searched "Abram Hoffer schizophrenia naicin. " He had a book called "Healing Schizophrenia: Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments. "

I bought the book, and in it he claimed to have a high success rate treating schizophrenics with gram doses of niacin. His book was very well written, and gave me hope even before I started on his treatment. Mind you by now I was taking a million supplements trying to cure myself. But after reading this book I added niacin and FINALLY started getting well. So well in fact that after 3 years of not doing anything, I started going to school (college) and am doing VERY well, my grades are excellent.

Here's a full list of what I'm taking and why. A GNC multivitamin, to supply a good balance of vitamins & minerals, which is necessary for proper brain function. Also it's very high in B-Complex, and it's timed release, meaning I get a steady release of b vitamins. B-Complex 50, also timed release, for a steady release of b vitamins. Niacin. 1,000 mg (1 gram) 5x per day, for a total of 5 grams per day. Fish oil for the omega 3's, which is very good for brain health. I take 2,100 mg daily in divided doses. Ginkgo Biloba, enhances blood flow to the brain. Ester-C. A supurior form of vitamin C. 1,000 mg with breakfast and dinner. Vitamin E, 400 IU for the antioxidants. Alpha Lipoic Acid, because it regenerates Vitamins C & E after they've nuetralized free radicals. Magnesium, a good brain vitamin. Biotin, since I take so much of the other B vitamins I take a lot of biotin too. Manganese, enhances the action of the B vitamins. Vitamin B12 (Methylcobalamin), best form of B12, most absorbable form. 1000 mg twice daily

Folic acid. Vitamin B6 300 mg, a lot of schizophrenics have a condition where zinc and b6 bind and are excreted in the urine, making them deficient. I think it's called pylloria. Zinc, because of pylloria. Flax Seed Oil, VERY potent in Omega's 3, 6, and 9. Great for brain health. So after 3 years of being on meds, and meds alone. I stayed on the same dose of meds. Then after 3 months of being on those supplements listed, I got so much better that I started school, am excelling in school. And had the meds I was on for 3 years reduced from... 1000 mg to 500 mg, and the other one from 60 mg to 40 mg. I highly recomend anyone who has schizophrenia checks out these 2 books, "Prescription for Nutritional Healing" and "Healing Schizophrenia: Complementary Vitamin & Drug Treatments. "

Replied by Batya

Thank you. My son is 32 years old with schizophrenia since he is 16. He is now at a point where the side effects of the medications are worse than the disease. The solution of one doctor is to put him on Leponex which is a really bad medication that requires weekly blood tests for 18 weeks.

I surely want to try natural stuff before I embark on such a dangerous mission.

Niacin, Vit C and Red Pumpkin  

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Posted by Payal (Ca) on 10/30/2018
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Cure for Schizophrenia - Hello Everyone based on extensive research and after having read tons of books and having a close relative suffer from this, where Niacin and VIT C could not be administered and patient refuses to be any schizophrenia medication. I think we have a CURE in


Please read and understand this very very carefully. Red Pumpkin is the only known source of the highest levels of all kinds of anti-oxidants and polyphenols and free radical scavengers. At least 1 cup of Red Pumpkin daily - more severe cases may need more. Why do I mention Red Pumpkin.

Schizophrenia is a very very complex brain disorder. In most of the advanced countries like United States, doctors who treat patients for schizophrenia need to put them through a variety of tests - blood tests to check levels of various minerals, vitamins, copper, check for methylation, oxidative stress and polyuria and many many more. So when allopathic medicines are prescribed, patients are usually prescribed anti-psychotics and they are given at least 2-3 different medications to address various conditions. Soon the medicines do not work and need to be replaced by another set of newer medicines. If the patient tries to switch to orthomolecular treatment, even then he needs to be on 10-12 different vitamins eg Niacin, B vitamin family B12, B6, B9.B1.B2, Folic acid, Vit C, Magnesium, Zinc, Calcium, Selenium and the list goes on.

In many cases patients either forget to take this bunch of medicines or their families and caregivers are quick frankly fed up. It is very very difficult and tiring and burdensome for families to cope with scizophrenia, its effects, the patients moods, aggression, behavior and non-productive ness for an entire lifetime.

RED PUMPKIN - and all of you can google this on nutrtion and you and other websites. Red Pumpkin has the exact correct proportion of all the possible vitamins needed for schizophrenia or any other mental illness CURES. It has all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants VIT A, C, E and polyphenols including beta crypto xanthin which after considerable research is available in plenty in RED PUMPKIN and not in any other vegetable except small amounts in cucumber and water melon.


I highly recommend Dr Abraham Hoffer's remedies on Niacin, VIT C

In addition please use daily doses of RED PUMPKIN - somehow the high anti-oxidants and polyphenols scavenge the BRAIN of free radicals, reduce the oxidative stress and get the dopamine and other neuro transmitter levels to normal.

You should see changes within 24-48 hours.

Please spread this message to everyone else you know and also please post your feedback.

Thanks and God Bless.

Replied by Teena
Melbourne, Australia
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Hello Payal, I am pleased but not surprised that you have had success with red pumpkin, this site link has had success with home made tincture of fava bean/Broad bean, against Parkinson's, although she limits dosage to minimum improvement and fermented papaya/pawpaw

The fermentation method would benefit from an airlock to avoid significant wastage, however, that is a small detail, she has taken control of her health, using fava and papaya, and has seen results.

Replied by Elaine
Santa Clarita, Ca

Where can you buy Red Pumpkin? I searched the internet & found no information.



Red Pumpkin or Pumpkin that is yellowish or red inside - belongs to curcubate family. It is available in all stores. The Halloween Pumpkin is orange in color from outside. I meant or referred to Pumpkin - any Pumpkin variety that is yellowish or orangish from the inside because that is a good indication that it is high in polyphenols or beta carotene. I apologize that I used the word RED - no I meant the regular pumpkin we use which is orange or yellowish hue once its is cut open.

Replied by Payal

Hello Everyone,

Just needed to clarify - when I mentioned RED PUMPKIN - I meant the regular Pumpkin that is used in USA or anywhere else, but when it is cut open the pulp or vegetable inside is yellow or orange or deep orange in color. This indicates that it is high in Polyphenols and Beta Carotene.

My research seems to indicate that the very high levels of beta carotene, polyphenols and beta crypto xanthins somehow kind of give a soap wash to the brain and get the neurotransmitters working again.

Another factor I noticed is that Red Pumpkin is high in Copper - Copper toxicity, copper bio Unavailability, any copper issues are linked to Schizophrenia. Somehow the Red Pumpkin seems to magically resolve it and make the patient normal. Its' as though NATURE has provided a tablet in RED PUMPKIN with all the right nutrients in order to treat brain issues.

Please administer and provide feedback - spread the word as well. Thanks.

Replied by Pradeep

Schizophrenia - pls help - where are we going wrong with Niacin and VIT C

A cousin of mine based in India has been on schizophrenia medication Benzyzine last 25 years and made a miraculous recovery. Now last 18 months she has reduced her medication on her own and is on 1/4 so the symptoms have returned in a passive manner - she does no work and is not productive. I read all of Dr Hoffer's books and we tried introducing small particles around 10-20 gms in her food and drink (she catches any higher quantity). Niacin B3 did not help - he complains of rise in BP; Niacinamide did not help - she was unable to sleep - We are now trying Inositol Hexaniacinate.

With VIT C she complains of high BP

Where are we going wrong? I am seeing a LOT of Copper related issues in schizophrenia.

The above subject has grey hair and hence it looks like he has both copper toxicity and copper biounavailabilty and imbalance

Niacin B3 is NOT working and I know it will work but we are not doing something right

Could someone please help? thanks in advance

Replied by Kt

I have a Nutrition Almanac that declares all B vitamins should be taken together. A large dose of any one is reported to be therapeutically valueless or may cause a deficiency of the others. You might try a B Complex formula and magnesium.

The NA also reports individuals who consume excessive carbohydrates (refined starches and sugar) are likely to develop a vitamin B deficiency. Avoid whole grain bread and/or any wheat products and the last meal of the day should be at 5 PM, not eating anything after 6. A little warm milk before bed with a 250 mg. tab of magnesium may help sleep.


Replied by Waltz


Try taking 200 mg of B6 along with B complex. Niacin or inositol hexaniacinate dose can be as high as 8-12 grams a day in some cases. What dose is the patient taking currently? Also take magnesium supplements at around 800 mg a day.