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Posted by Ted (Bangkok, Thailand) on 10/27/2008 384 posts
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Tequila is long known to help sore throat in some cases, but it won't stop recurrence of sore throat. The reason for sore throat is virus or bacteria. So even a beer with plenty of tabasco sauce or halbenero pepper sauce may actually kill the sore throat too. Even a lemon juice with tabasco sauce or hot sauce also worked just as well without the alcohol. In certain cases very sore throat infection runs deep into the throat, the alcohol reaches the pathogens quicker killing them. But it can't be used frequently and I used only in extreme circumstances when alcohol is actually added. The reason is that alcohol also destroys the immune system in the process and takes days to recover because it cause the body to be metabolically acidosis. The other issue is alcohol has a tendency to be addictive to some people and then they start rationalizing for their continued use. I have found people who use alcohol added sore throat remedy will have a high recurrence rate compared to a lemon, baking soda or hydrogen peroxide, for the simple reason that alcohol also harms healthy cells and hence it lower's the body's immune system.