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Posted by Jacob (Costa Mesa, Ca) on 10/26/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I have very sensitive sinuses. I cannot, in my entire life, recall a year where I did not get to enjoy the wonders of a sinus infection. For me this means, among other things, lots and lots of very sore throats. A few years ago I was informed of an unorthodox sounding homeopathic remedy which I tried and have had tremendous success with.
What strikes me as odd is that this remedy is not at all featured on your sore throat article as a popular solution.
At the time I was working in a bar as a bouncer and between the yelling that is necessary to control a crowd and the sore throat I had even breathing had become a labored process. I asked the bartender what she did in these situations. She told me that she drank a shot of tequila and had learned to do so from one of our cooks, Luciano (Lucy for short.) I thought she was messing with me and didnt appreciate it. So I approached Lucy when she wasnt around and asked him. He told me about the tequila. He is a notorious joker, so I still didn't believe. I asked our other cook Pedro, and he also told me he would take a shot of tequila. It was just too much, so I figured I'd do it just to prove them wrong. I know that you prefer to keep your website label free, but they were pretty insistant that I use Patron, and I will explain why in a moment. Patron is very pungent, but the silver label is incredibly smooth as tequila goes, and that is pretty much the only reason to use it above other tequilas. I have used Cuervo as a cheap alternative and had similar success, the Patron is just more pleasant going down. As a rule drinking is a bad idea with a sore throat because it will dehydrate you and aggravate the condition and further your discomfort. If you can keep it to just ONE shot though the results are amazing.
That night, and every time I have had a sore throat worth treating since then, the shot of tequila worked miracles. Relief within about a minute, and by the next morning my throat felt good enough to let me yell again. I took another shot the following night and it was all cleared up by the next day. I get predictably similar results every time I repeat this remedy. I must stress that keeping yourself to just 1 or 2 shots is PARAMOUNT. A sore throat is not a good reason to go out and have a night of binge drinking. You will regret it.

I also understand that this remedy might not be practical depending on your religeon. You will, however, find that most religeons are quite tolerant of using mind affecting drugs when it is done so in a medical capacity. I myself subscribe to a religeon that prohibits me from drinking, smoking, or imbibing anything that might limit my ability to function in any way. But even I am allowed to take vicodin when disabled by headaches or tequila when rendered mute by a sore throat.