Stomach Cancer Remedies


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Posted by Sucheta (New York) on 05/20/2015
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Try sprouted Methi (raw or juiced) for live B-17.

Posted by Mary (Troy, N.Y.) on 08/21/2008
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My dad used apricot seeds and b17 for cancer. Dx with stage 4 stomach cancer to the liver he was not given much hope. Although he did have 5 chemo treatments I believe it was the b17 that put his cancer in remission. He is now cancer free even though the doctors said he never would be.

He takes 20 apricot seeds a day and 3 500mg tablets of the b17 pill form. He also takes 2 tbs of goji juice and eats a little pineapple everyday. The goji juice for the zinc and pineapple for the enyzme that you need with b17.