Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies

Activated Charcoal  

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Posted by Nita (Geraldton, Western Australia) on 11/22/2011
5 out of 5 stars

Hello, Yep got the excessive sweating problem but can't take ACV as have low pressure. At present rubbing salt under armpits.. Slight reduction in amount and smell. Will try charcoal tablets and keep you posted.

Have kidney disease so need to watch what goes and on the body. I got my husband to use charcoal tablets for food poisoning the other day... Amazing results. Pain and diarrhea stopped within 30mins. Brilliant stuff.

Posted by Jeanne (Atl, Georgia) on 06/10/2008
5 out of 5 stars

I had a large container of activated charcoal sitting in my cupboard the last 2 years that I rarely touch. I decided to give it a shot for body odor after reading about it on Earth Clinic. Yes, it works! You need to give it 2 days to get into your system before you notice the difference, then you need to maintain a dosage every day.

I do have a few side effects to note: Activated charcoal is best taken on an empty stomach, but I do not suggest taking it first thing in the morning. I drank my heaping tablespoon in 8 oz of water 2 days ago, then oil pulled. I ended up gagging up acid after 2 minutes of oil pulling. Yuck. This was interesting because I read that charcoal is actually a remedy for Acid Reflux! Well, then I changed to taking my charcoal in the middle of the day, before lunch. That seems to work. However, it does give me a slight stomach ache. You might also try taking it at night, several hours after dinner.

One benefit to the charcoal besides not having to use deodorant or baking soda (that irritates my skin, I must admit) is that I seem to sweat less when I have this in my system. It may be a remedy for excessive sweaters, I don't know... worth a shot. And it is a general detoxer, so that's a good thing in this hot and humid weather. Question for regular users of charcoal. Do you take it every day or is it something you need to stop every so often? Thanks!