Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies

Liquid Chlorophyll and Sage Fluid Extract  

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on 04/23/2012
5 out of 5 stars

After coming on the site to find an herbal remedy for being so overly heated with excessive sweating, I opted to try the chlorophyll and sage and it works like a charm!!!! I was hesitant to believe it would work. I literally would take a shower put on all sorts of different types of deodorants and yet by the time I got to work I would be flooded with a puddle of sweat under my arms. Beyond embarassing. I was already putting chlorophyll into my water but I had fallen off. I went online and bought a 2 for 1 package of sage extract. What I do to help and will make this my routine here forward is in the morning I get a big glass of water, add 28 drops of the sage extract (as noted on the bottle) and then I add about an ounce of cholorophyll and drink it down (often with a squeeze of lemon juice in it as well). One other thing that seems to be helping as well is I put a small reserve amount of the water mixture and dip a napkin it and put the wet mixture under my arms like deodorant. I was not told to do it but thought I would try since sage apparently reduces sweating by 30-40 %. I have only been doing this for three days and IT WORKS!!!!!! I will assume I was deplete in certain nutrients/minerals. It honestly worked the same day I tried it but now after 3 days it continues to help! So give it a try and ASAP!

Posted by Enrique (Los Angeles, California) on 07/16/2007
5 out of 5 stars

I have excessive sweating, it randomly happened about a year ago on my under arms and hands. Doctor First prescribed drysol, smelled like alcohol and i would apply it over night and would wear gloves to sleep. That stopped working so I was given motion sickness patches which really dried out my mouth but worked really well except i had to change it out every3 days. I bought liquid chlorophyll and sage fluid extract. a spoon full of the chlorophyll and 1ML (eye dropper with measurement) into a glass of orange juice a day and my hands and under arms are dry. its summer so i do sweat, but my hands are dry and my underarms. I also drink a glass of apple cider vinegar a day for over all health, but this may also be helping.