Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies


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Posted by Jennfelo (Portland, Oregon, Usa) on 06/10/2013
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I've been taking magnesium citrate, the fizzy power, for 3 weeks moving from a teaspoon to a tablespoon a day pretty quickly. It has not resolved the faucets under my arms. I notice improvement with sweating only when I'm not being social, nervous or excited. For example, I usually get to work with sweat already working a nice wet circle into my clothing. I can get to work dry now which is great, but unfortunately as soon as I begin any interaction with people on the phone or in the office, pit circles graduate. So it's a NAY for me... but could offer hope to others.

Posted by M (Tamworth, Staffs, UK) on 09/07/2010
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I thought it was the sweat staining not the deodorant :-/

Its been 3 weeks since I wrote on here. Ive taken 'Magnesium' 3x100mg a day, this doesnt seem to of done anything. After taking them for about a week I started taking 'Sage Leaf' aswell, as I read this was good for stopping sweating, I started with the bottles recommendation of 2x285mg twice a day. I did this for about 2 weeks, nothing changed. So I looked online and found out there is 1000mg to a sage leaf, so I upped my dose to 7x285mg in the morning till my pills ran out (4 days worth). Did a work out yesterday and I was still having sweat run down my face. So im considering not buying anymore. Dont want to waste money on something that isnt working. Im still taking 'Magnesium', im not sure whether to up that dose, to see if that works, im not sure the amount safe to take. Think I read on here before someone was taking 500mg a day. Im only taking 300ml. But like I said I was going to try and get to the root of the problem, so ive been and bought my 'Yeast busters' for my 'Candida' been taking them 3 days now. I will update on whether that makes any difference to my sweating.

Posted by Darian Carpenter (Berkley, MA) on 06/08/2009
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I already tried the apple cider, that didnt work. I have been on the magnesium supplements - 500mg twice a day and not much help. i would have it in the morning with a bottle of water and then at night with water. It helped very little. Can someone tell me what im might be doing wrong or if this means i have a serious condition.