Hyperhidrosis - Excessive Sweat Remedies


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Posted by Phillip (Illinois) on 02/14/2017
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I realized the reason magnesium doesn't work for some ppl with excessive sweat is because of the type and the amount.

Magnesium citrate is best, capsules not tablets, but tablets will do. Open the capsules don't swallow them whole.

When I take only about 400 mg, nothing happens. Still sweat all day heavily under my arms. When I take 800mg I'm dry all day, but you do have to do it everyday so yeah hope this helps.

Posted by Dee (Florida) on 05/01/2016
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I have suffered from hyperhidrosis for 35+years. Nothing helped and I tried everything. I experienced my first panic attack one month ago. After researching found out about magnesium citrate. I will make it simple. I take 1200mg of magnesium citrate (400 mg 3x a day).

I also take calcium 1000mg (500 mg 2x a day) And I also take a vitamin b complex once a day. You have to build up your tolerance for magnesium so start with 400mg per day and work your way up. For me this worked. Do your research. Magnesium deficiency and hyperhidrosis go hand in hand.

Posted by Ft (Atlanta Ga) on 09/18/2015
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For years I was plagued with excessive sweating and oily skin, especially facially, which doesn't work for a lady. I spent 100s of dollars on all kinds of toners, matifiers and mineral makeup and such to no avail. Had to resort to blotting my face of excess oil frequently. Recently I started to take oral Mg in addition to Mg spray that I was already on for fibromyalgia type body aches and recurrent tendinoses. Surprisingly enough, my excessive sweating and oily face seems to have gone poof too, along with a plethora of health issues that had me partially disabled. Who knew? It's a yay for me.

Posted by Tom (Maryland) on 04/28/2015
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Had persistent underarm sweat for a couple months - I'd change my shirt a couple times a day. Coffee made it much worse. Started taking Magnesium (500MG, Magnesium Oxide from a generic manufacturer). I'm not bone dry, but it's a lot better.

Posted by Winnie (Hampshire, Il, Us) on 04/17/2012
5 out of 5 stars

I have to say, I took the advice from one of the previous posts who said to use the magnesium citrate. I bought a magnesium powder that gets mixed with water. Truly, could not even believe the difference! First relief I've ever experienced. I only use it when it's warm. Couldn't do it all the time, as it does have a laxative effect, and it also does what the name says: it makes me calm - (in other words, ready for a nap! ) But this is the only thing that I can say has a definite effect. wouldn't be without it.

Posted by Kelly (Kingston, Ok, United States) on 08/23/2010
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Oil of Magnesium is awesome as a deodorant, can't say it would help with excessive sweating. But I am totally controls odor from perspiration much like salt crystals except I find it last much longer.

Posted by Zakr (Hydeville, VT) on 05/14/2009
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I've been taking magnesium gluconate for almost 2 weeks now, and when it would be 70 degrees out and I would try to do mild house work, it looked like someone sprayed me with a squirt gun. I don't want to say definitely that it works but the past couple days I've been really dry, maybe a little excessive sweating but I think my body is still working the magnesium in. Overall I am hoping this helps me in the long run, as I cant stand using topicals and all that. 1 pill a day is fine with me as long as its a supplement and not a chemical with bad side effects

Posted by Selena (Chula, GA) on 04/17/2009
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Excessive Sweating: I am a 35 year old woman and have had excessive underarm sweating for a couple of years now. After reading someone's post about Magnesium deficiency being the cause of excessive sweating, I decided to try it, because I also had some other symptoms of mag deficiency/inbalance. I have been taking about 200 to 300 mgs. of an ionic form of magnesium citrate for the last 2 weeks (sometimes skipping a day or two) and the faucets under my arms seem to have turned off. This has been an embarrasing problem for a while. I could be freezing and I would still have sweat rolling down my sides. I hope I haven't posted my story too quickly. So far it has been about 6 days since I noticed the sweating has subsided. The only other thing I have done differently is take liquid kelp with potassium iodide. I am sure it is the magnessium because I have tried the iodine before without any luck and I had been taking the iodine for a couple of weeks before I added the Magnesium. It took about 4 days from the first day I took the supplement to notice a difference. Much thanks to the lady who posted the comment about the magnesium connection. Also I would like to warn you about the amount you take. Magnesium has a laxative type effect. Start off with low dose then go from there. (I gave Magnesium to my children when they were younger because it helped them to not have nightmares and it stopped my daughter from sleepwalking.)

Posted by R (NY, NY) on 10/16/2008
5 out of 5 stars

Hello all, Excessive sweating is associated with magnesium deficiency. I used to sweat all the time (summer/ winter, hot/ cold) and went to all sorts of doctors to find out what's going on. Nothing helped. Then I started taking magnesium supplements once daily and it works miracles. Give it about 3-4 days to start working. Good luck!