Chronic Virus Remedies


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Posted by Lalainlalaland (Los Angeles, Ca, Usa) on 06/26/2011
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I know a highly regarded naturopath in the USA. He advocates the use of lemons for allergies, colds, flus, all types of viruses.

This are his instructions:

Take a teaspoon full of pure, fresh lemon juice every half hour for two hours, in other words, four times.

Don't drink any liquids for 10-15 mins before or after a dose of lemon. Don't eat either.

I have tried this many times and yes, it works very well! Try to avoid your teeth as lemon can also effect tooth enamel.

If the condition is very severe, do this for three hours, or six times.

This naturopath felt it was better than taking lemon as 'lemonade', that is lemon juice and water as it dilutes the lemon, and by taking it over a couple of hours-- it, to quote him, 'does not give the little buggers time to regroup".

You will find that lemon juice does give you energy as the poster above mentions.

One last thing: I have been using a squeeze of lemon juice instead of deodorant for several years and am thrilled not be putting chemicals under my arms. The juice works incredibly well! I told and a friend, she tried it and liked it so well, she went out and put a lemon tree in her backyard!

It is a good thing we have TWO lemon trees in my back yard--as we use lemons on everything--they are God's gift to us--and even come in a bright, attractive packaging! :)

Good luck, hope this helps someone!

Posted by Sandra (Glasgow, Scotland, Uk) on 05/29/2011
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THANK YOU TRACI! Thank you. I had had a virus for nearly 2 weeks - I had been housebound most of that time as I had VERY little energy. I was getting worn down by not getting any better, (I was actually getting worse), and rather than go to the doctor and be prescribed antibiotics,

I googled 'natural remedies for a virus' and up popped this page. I read through some cures but was too wary of trying some suggestions and then I came across 'Lemons', as I had some in my home, I thought I had nothing to lose by trying. Nothing to 'lose'? My oh my, what I didn't know was I had EVERYTHING to gain. I took a whole lemon, halved it in two and squeezed, by hand, all the juice into 8oz of warm water and I drank every drop - I used a straw as that made it easier for me. Now, WHILST I was literally drinking the lemon water I could feel a difference - seriously! - but the best was yet to come, within half an hour I had SO much energy and felt SO much better. I also read about the pH balance of our bodies and mine was out of sync - lemons, although acid have an alkalyzing effect on our systems - I had too much acid which leads to not enough oxygen in your system and the lemon, RAPIDLY corrected the imbalance. That was 4 days ago and since then I have taken the lemon drink every day AND I am going to continue doing so. It's ONLY a lemon, try it and be amazed!

Thank you Earth Clinic for your forum, I was at my wits' end and now I am tiptop. Coincidence? I don't believe in such things, it simply was the lemon.

Posted by Traci (Quincy, MA) on 05/08/2008
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I had horrible flu like symptoms that lingered for over a week. Figured I would try eating whole lemons as they have natural antibiotic properties. The day after I started eating them I felt the virus lifting from me! Maybe a coincidence, but I am giving the lemons credit on this one! Good to feel human again.