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Pau D'arco Tea, Vitamin C  

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Posted by Ryan (Arizona)
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Very large doses of Pau D'arco tea (2 bowlfulls a day) for about a month. 5 -10 grams mixed ascorbates (acid neutralized vitamin C, aka zinc ascorbate, calcium ascorbate, magnesium ascorbate, potassium ascorbate and a very small amount of sodium ascorbate to provide sodium ions to help with absorption ) to bowel tolerance + Fresh lime juice every day. This combo suppresses CMV. I had brain fog and irritations in my mouth and GI tract. CMV is a virus in the same family as Chicken Pox and Herpes.

If you use Vitamin C, use acid neutral vitamin C or else you'll encounter problems from the acidity of the vitamin C. Sugar in your blood or intestine slows absorption, so take on an empty stomach or before exercising. Dosage is variable. Some people need 10 grams a day. Some people only need 500mg a day. Larger doses (above a gram or so) need to be divided into several smaller doses and taken with large amounts of water throughout the day.

Drinking alcohol depletes glutathione in the liver and increases the need for vitamin C.